DO YOU LIKE NIGHTVALE? Let’s be real, you’re on Tumblr - you probably do. BUT: Do you want MOAR creepy spooky scifi/speculative/weird fiction in your life?

Look no further, ye hungering masses! Start listening to MY favorite podcast, THE DRABBLECAST. New (or old) short (or not-so-short) stories every week or so to tickle your brainmeats!

They commission original fiction while also digging into the classics (Lovecraft, anyone? Would you like a side of PKD with that?) and it’s all fucking amazing. They also take special care to spotlight the kickass lady/PoC/queer/all-combos-of-the-above authors who get “accidentally left out” when must-read lists are drafted. The image above is episode art for one of my favorite stories they’ve done, Hollow as the World by Ferrett Steinmetz. 

"Wow Ox," I hear you thinking, because I am psychic, “Very amaze! Such excite! Many subscribe! But why now?” WELL, FRIEND. Let me tell you. This is my favorite podcast. So you can imagine my MORTIFICATION when they announced that due to a lower-than-average subscriber outlook in the coming months, they are hard-up for monies!

This is a project that strives to pay authors and artists and actors fairly for their creative contributions - so fewer monies is bad for all those people, and it’s bad for you as a nerd who likes things, and most importantly it MAKES ME MAKE THE FROWNY FACE.



Subscribe on iTunes. Go donate. Buy a merch. Do the thing. You get more sweet-ass secret episodes just for you each month, and it keeps the lights on in their secret underground bunker.

One more episode that I love: Power Armor: A Love Story by John Joseph Adams. With all the links in this post, I’ve just handed you around six hours of sweet, sweet listening. CONSIDER TOSSING SOME FILTHY LUCRE THEIR WAY IF YOU ARE ABLE. Or like, reblog this if you yourself are deficient in the filthy lucre department.


#Breaking Good Companion for 1x04

Observations: “The attempt to contextualize Jesse isn’t as interesting as the portrait of his parents; how many upwardly-mobile suburbanites have had to resort to applying some kind of agreed-upon strategy to deal with their druggie children? Watching Jesse at the kitchen table getting dressed down by his folks was less a filling-in of his backstory than a facet of this episode’s theme: the humiliation of having your life plans and self-image obliterated by other people who know what’s best for you.” Donna Bowman’s review of 1x04

Syphilis Through The Ages
  • Syphilis Through The Ages
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind

It’s difficult to overstate the impact of syphilis on the Western world, and it remains a threat to this day despite effective antibiotic treatments. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie explore the history of the illness and its cultural effects, from powdered wigs and false noses to surgical advances and vampire myths.

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#Breaking Good Companion for 1x04

Fun factoid: Creator Vince Gilligan got his start in television with the series The X-Files, which featured a character The Smoking Man (William B. Davis). The title of episode 1x04, “Cancer Man,” was also the disparaging nickname that Fox Mulder had given to the Cigarette-Smoking Man on that series. Bonus fact: Morley’s are a fictional brand of cigarette seen in many films and TV shows — they’ve been puffed on by such icons as Jack Bauer in 24, Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Chandler in Friends. But most famously, they are the poison of choice for Cigarette-Smoking Man. A Morley cig is glimpsed in Breaking Bad’s pilot, being flicked out of the RV window by thug Emilio.
– from The Five Best X-Files In-Jokes In Breaking Bad

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Xbox One and PS4 HACKED? - Inside Gaming Podcast!

Episode 4 has landed full of news, first impressions of Barakamon, and opinions of various anime studios.  Gainax takes the spotlight as Carrie clamps on to Diebuster, Yen blasts off to the Otaku Planet with Otaku No Video, and Tim pops a horner over FLCL.

Yes, that is a picture of me in a Hello Kitty kigu.  
Expect a bonus episode next week all about Comiket and Japanese culture!
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The Modern Art Notes Podcast’s Labor Day weekend clip show features segments with artists John Divola and Kelly Richardson

Next month the Los Angeles-based Divola returns to New York with an exhibition titled “Clive Wearing’s Dilemma.” It will open at Wallspace gallery on September 5 and will run through October 25. The show features a body of work that was included in the recent three-venue retrospective of Divola’s work in southern California. That exhibition revealed Divola to be one of the most significant artists of his generation.

Richardson and host Tyler Green talked on the occasion of a mid-career survey of her work, which was then at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo. Richardson’s “Mariner 9,” a spectacular installation that imagines the surface of Mars, is now on view at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, England, and “Legion,” a version of the retrospective that touched down in the U.S. is at the Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver in British Columbia through September 7.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is an independent production of Modern Art Notes Media. The program is edited by Wilson Butterworth. The MAN Podcast is released under this Creative Commons license. 

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Anti-rape nail polish isn't the answer, men send threats to woman who says video games are violent towards women
  • Anti-rape nail polish isn't the answer, men send threats to woman who says video games are violent towards women
  • Citizen Radio

Allison and Jamie tell Josh Barro to calm down over his leg room complaints, explainanti-rape nail polish isn’t the answer (and how women are developing products to actually help women), why you should never listen to Bill Kristol, and this school in Illinois is wrong for telling teachers not to talk about Mike Brown. Finally, they yell at ESPN for their stupid Michael Sam coverage.

Special guests: CNN hosts Tad Everyman and Pix Harley, and ESPN hosts Todd Basketball and Chuck Nashville

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SfB Podcast Episode 012: Joseph D. Rowland of Pallbearer and Chris Alfieri of Vattnet Viskar


Special guest Joseph D. Rowland (bass/vocals) of Pallbearer talks to SfB about almost literally everything but the band’s outstanding new release, Foundations of Burden. Around the midway point it was decided that calling Chris Alfieri (guitar) of Vattnet Viskar would be a fantastic idea because why the hell not?

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Joseph D. Rowland (Pallbearer, Boston)

Chris Alfieri (Vattnet Viskar


Erik Highter (@EZSnappin)

Jonathan K Dick (@Jonathan_K_Dick)


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After a short summer break, the Critical podcast returns in full force with the sounds of Foreign Concept. With his Make Meals EP due to drop any moment, we think its best he showcases it exclusively on this months episode. Listen out for some very important label news as well as a few forthcoming Critical dubs never heard anywhere else before! Keep it Critical people!! Foreign Concept online: Critical online: