Sometimes I get really weak in my knees, and then when I get weak in my knees I fall head over heels. And like every other like you know cheesy cliché. Sometimes I get swept off of my feet, and then I have this thing…this thing where my heart it skips a beat. And there’s…so I really have one thing to say. What is medically wrong with me?

Grace Helbig (describing falling in love/quoting Chester’s “God Damn You’re Beautiful” aka the time she got too deep in Chester See’s Not Too Deep episode) (X)(X)(X) (via itsdannanotbanana)

EDIT: It was 7:40am (I was half asleep and sick) when I was listening to the podcast, and I couldn’t come up with the title of Chester’s song. I noticed this while I was in class and nearly cursed out loud in the lecture. Sorry for the confusion.

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All four little intro clips from Spotify with English subtitles!

Ylvis says welcome [Norway]
Ylvis about Trucker’s Hitch [Norway]
Ylvis greets Sweden
Ylvis greets Demark

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I made a speed painting/podcast. If you like listening to a guy with a heavy accent ramble his way through, and an intelligent dude with his shit together, it might be your thing.

It’s mostly going to be on art/animation industry related and such. It’s kinda terrible right now, being the first episode, introduction and such. But it will hopefully be better the more times I do this.

This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast — our 150th show! — features curator and historian Nenette Luarca-Shoaf and artist Sonya Clark.

Luarca-Shoaf is one of the curators of "Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River," which opens at the Amon Carter Museum on October 2. Bingham was the first great American artist to take the newly opened trans-Appalachian West as his subject. A Missourian, Bingham paintings of waterways, typically presumed to be those in his native state but in reality images that filled in for the river culture that dominated trade and the movement of people through the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi River valleys, represent America’s first major visual grappling with the enormity and variety of our continent. ”Navigating the West” examines how Bingham both created his art and some of America’s first ideas about the West. The show will travel to the St. Louis Art Museum and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The catalogue is published by Yale University Press. Luarca-Shoaf is one of the half-dozen or so curators and conservators who worked on the exhibition. 

This is Bingham’s Boatmen on the Missouri (1846) from the collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. It will be included in the Amon Carter Museum exhibition. Click on the image to expand it to 1,200px wide.

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This week, it’s a 2-for-1! We talk to some of the people that helped in making Train’s new album—Bulletproof Picasso—and we sit down with Pat’s ‘Wonder What You’re Doing’ duet partner, Marsha Ambrosius, and find out how she ended up working with the biggest singers in the world. Plus, we’ll hear lots of new music from Train. It’s a making of/behind the scenes episode of the Patcast! 

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Six Feats Under Presents: Breakfast Cult Complete

Character art by Gnome— left to right, Mordechai (Medibot), Edgar (Ambisagrus), Chet “The Toaster” (Ironicus), Manah (Gnome) and Aubrey (Clove)

Read the Breakfast Cult Primer!

Be sure to check out the Breakfast Cult Kickstarter!

Breakfast Cult Chat: Setting and Maintaining Tone

Ettin, Gnome, and Clove, some of the developers of the FATE game Breakfast Cult, join Ironicus, Ambisagrus, and Medibot to discuss maintaining tone in games, from lighthearted to darkly serious.

Part 1: Detention

Ettin, Gnome, and Clove, some of the developers of the FATE game Breakfast Cult, join Ironicus, Medibot, and Ambisagrus— in detention. Someone among their classmates broke into the forbidden underground archives, and stole something powerful and dangerous— if they can’t find out who, they’ll miss the big game, and be consumed by some cyclopean horror!

Part 2: Intro to Botany; Investigative Journalism

The team splits up to search for clues, following the enormous roots that continue to spread across campus— research indicates the culprit is an interplanetary organism with a penchant for “upgrading”. Conflicting characters collide, with explosive results.

Part 3: Teamwork Seminar; Physical Education

The team has a hard time covering up their escape from the principal, who is quick to notice (for example) the burning greenhouse. All hints, cryptocurrencies, and doors,even those which open into another dimensions, lead back to the grossest little man on campus— what was his name, again..?

Part 4: Final Bell

With a distinct lack of subtlety, Jorts’ foul plans (and a good number of his plant-zombie clones and creations) are tackled straight into another dimension, and pruned for good. As the smoke clears, it becomes apparent that perhaps more attention should have been paid to another student’s ambitions.

Bonus: Download 35 minutes of tabletalk!

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In this episode, we explain to you what this podcast is about. Callie discusses her philosophy regarding gender disclosure whilst dating, while Sarah explores the the cultural significance behind Deepika Padukone’s recent “cleavage controversy” and schools Desi bros. PLUS, we announce our very first guest appearing on next week’s show!

References for Sarah’s segment:

Deepika Padukone’s tweets

Sonam Kapoor’s comments

Munni Badnaam Hui

Sheila Ki Jawani

Helen’s famous cabaret and item numbers

Tumhi Mere Mandir/You Are My Mandir (Temple)

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna from ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ (the film with the evil Indian guy from Indiana Jones, Amrish Puri)

If you are unfamiliar with Bollywood, I believe these songs would be a good place to start!

Hey you with the eyes, there’s a brand new episode of the only movie podcast on this planet: Travis Bickle on the Riviera. This week it’s out Norman Lear Crossover Event episode with the Wait What comics podcast. Hosts Graeme McMillan & Jeff Lester join Sean Witzke to talk about movies. For the first part: we discuss Carrie, Funny Face, The Trip to Italy, Sin City 2, and Debbie Does Dallas. For the second part we discuss our favorite comics movies and how the Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary is the worst. Come listen and be amazed as Sean barely defends one of his all time favorite films, Jeff reveals something primal about vintage pornography, and Graeme doesn’t talk all that much! CHECK IT OUT!

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In which Rachel and Miles return triumphant, the X-Men get a second ongoing series, we hit peak Moira MacTaggert, R-A-H-N-E is definitely pronounced “rain,” Sam Guthrie is the nicest henchman, Claremont is hit-and-miss on cultural diversity, and Bobby da Costa is the teenageriest teenager of them all.


  • Nova Roma
  • The New Mutants and The New Mutants
  • Marvel Graphic Novels
  • Greenberg the Vampire
  • call-backs
  • Karma
  • Wolfsbane
  • Sunspot
  • Cannonball
  • Mirage
  • Whitewashing in superhero comics
  • The mercurial Guthrie family
  • Xi’an the Obscure
  • The Dr. Claw Effect (and why Dr. Doom and Arcade are exceptions)
  • Donald Pierce
  • Eras of New Mutants
  • Lila Cheney
  • The Hellions

Next Week: The X-Men do Barbarella

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