#Breaking Good Companion for 1x06

Observations: “For the first time, Walt’s crimes lead Hank to his doorstep, thanks to the investigation into stolen chemistry gear from the high school. There’s also an amazing poker-face-off between Hank and Walt that demonstrates Walt’s secret loathing for his brother-in-law. This foreshadows how little he comes to think of Hank’s sleuthing abilities, and shows how much the megalomaniacal Walt relishes beating Hank, whom he considers a blowhard as well as a threat to his relationship with his son.”
Jeremy Stahl for Slate

The Cultural Revolution: Rewriting a Nation
  • The Cultural Revolution: Rewriting a Nation
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class

Today’s episode concludes our four-part series on China under the rule of Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong. It moves from where we left off last time (with most of Mao’s enemies, real and suspected, purged from the government) until his death and the Revolution’s aftermath. We also deal with some Western misconceptions of how the Revolution played out and how the CCP responded.

Here’s a link to our notes and research.

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Throwing Shade #60: Clown Sex & Hustlers

Would you have sex in clown makeup for $50? No, that’s not the plot of Dolphin Tale 2; it’s an actual bet Bryan made with Erin. Plus, did you know Caesar and Nero were bottoms? All that and more on this episode of Throwing Shade!

Breaking Good Companion: 1x06 - Crazy Handful of Nothin’ rewatch
This week A.Ron and Jim discuss the birth of Heisenberg, the introduction of the menacing Tuco, Jesse and Walt’s relationship evolving, more questionable ethical and moral compromises, the “likability” of Walt, Skyler, and Hank, keep track of Jr’s Breakfast-ometer, and much more. Here’s my collection of links and notes for deep dive enjoyment: 

Mentioned on podcast:

  • Writer: This is the first of 11 episodes written by George Mastras, including “Grilled,” “I.F.T.,” “Kafkaesque,” “Crawl Space,” and “To’hajillee.” He wrote, directed and won several awards for Season 5’s “Dead Freight.” Prior to Breaking Bad he had only written on two shows, The Dresden Files and The Evidence. Other than Vince Gilligan, who wrote 13 eps, only Peter Gould has matched the output of Mastras (also with 11 eps). For more on George, check out this fantastic two-part interview (Part 1, Part 2) and his web site.
  • Director: This is a one-and-done episode for Bronwen Hughes. Previous to BrBa, she directed for The L Word and Kids in the Hall. She later worked on HBO’s Hung and several USA Network shows, including the upcoming Stalker.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to a quote from the film Cool Hand Luke (1967). In the context of the episode, its a referece to Walt’s poker bluff, as well as his bluff with Tuco.
  • Heisenberg: We see the birth of Walt’s pseudonym, “Heisenberg,” a reference to Werner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist. Like Walt himself, Heisenberg was a school teacher who was diagnosed with cancer. Today, Heisenberg is mostly known for his uncertainty principle. Here’s a great thread on Quora about why the Villigan chose this name for Walt’s alias. Bonus trivia: The real Heisenberg died of cancer. 
  • Life out of balance: Again, they compare the time-lapse shots in this episode to that of the film, Koyaanisqatsi (1982), and the comparison here is spot on. Meaning “life out of balance.” Koyaanisqatsi is the first in a wonderful triology of films that you should check out if you haven’t seen them. Bonus: Check this fantastic supercut of all the time-lapse sequences from the series, some of which are reused in the Ozymandias trailer for Season 5B.
  • Representin’ the ABQ: They mention that Breaking Bad “feels like a love letter to Albuquerque,” in the way it’s shot and how beautiful it can look. Vince has explained the choice of setting was financially motivated, but, “Albuquerque—light and dark, yin and yang—was, in hindsight, the only conceivable location for Breaking Bad. It teems with all the personality and flavor our postmodern western could ever need. I think of dark blue skies dotted with cotton-ball clouds hanging over an endless desert plain. I try to picture what our show would be without those skies, and I can’t.” More Vince on ABQ here.
  • The MythBusters Breaking Bad Special aired in 2013 and sought to test two myths, one focusing on this episode: Will a chunk of solid mercury fulminate explode if thrown on the ground, and will the blast kill/injure bystanders and break the windows without injuring the thrower? Answer: Not even close. Maybe if Walt threw the whole bag of fulminate, it would get an explosion on that scale, but then he would’ve killed everyone on that floor, including H-berg himself. A fun episode. View it here.

Additional 1x06 notes & goodies:

  • Editor: This is the first of 27 episodes to be edited by Skip Macdonald, the shows other primary editor with Kelley Dixon. Skip won an Emmy this year for his work on 5x16, “Felina.” Most recently Skip has been editing Fargo on FX.
  • Breaking Bad Observations for 1x06. Aria Mohtadi’s in-depth visual analysis cleverly dissects clues, and provides a comprehensive look at callbacks and parallels that reference the pilot throughout the show’s run. Always an enjoyable read. 
  • The Science of Breaking Bad: John Preece talks about mercury fulminate and the chemistry of explosions.
  • You can find a ton of fan art, gifs, callbacks, locations and factoids in the Chronicles’ rewatch project for 1x06 from last year. I’ll be reblogging some of my faves separately.

More info:

– Companion by Shayne Bowman, Heisenberg Chronicles

Yesterday I had a great chat with "New Thought, New Song" A Podcast. about the craft of songwriting and creativity! I’m always listening to different podcasts when I’m going places or when I’m running. It’s such a great way to find inspiration and tips, so it’s so much fun when I get to contribute with my own little thoughts myself. You can listen to the podcast here and let me know what you think!  :)

Have you heard this week’s audio news from archaeologica yet? Listen here for these latest archaeology headlines:

  • New sites in Spain show spread of early Copper Age
  • Shipwreck from the Franklin Expedition finally found
  • New Viking fortress discovered in Denmark
  • Siberian find is complete suit of bone armor

Listen to the episode RIGHT HERE!

Image courtesy of Scientific American Magazine

Colin Matthew, founding editor of the ODNB
  • Colin Matthew, founding editor of the ODNB
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography podcast: Colin Matthew, founding editor of the ODNB

The extent of Matthew’s writing and editing was prodigious, and was the result of self-discipline and remarkable powers of concentration. Whatever else he did, he wrote every morning from seven until eight, and was very efficient in his use of time. His rooms, particularly his Christ Church room, which was once Gladstone’s, looked utterly chaotic to the outsider, but had a clear internal order for Matthew. He was careful, however, not to let his work dominate him. He and his family, who gave him intense happiness and satisfaction, always went to Scotland in August, and he and his wife nearly always took a little break abroad after Christmas. He was a good fisherman (though he eventually gave it up in deference to his daughter’s anti-fishing views) and became an enthusiastic photographer. There was nothing to make anyone suspect ill health. He complained of shortness of breath only a few days before his death: he was, in fact, on his way to the doctor when, on 29 October 1999, outside St Hugh’s College, he had the heart attack from which he died later that day at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

The story of Colin Matthew is one of over 200 episodes available from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography’s podcast archive. New episodes are released every second Wednesday.

Greed Redux
  • Greed Redux
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Would you like more money? Sure, we all would. In this encore presentation,  Robert and Julie dive into the world of Scrooge McDuck, King Midas and look at how greed is expressed in the brain.

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kevindrakewriter replied to your post: Sometimes I play with the notion of doing podcasting again, have a couple of ideas running on my mind for a podcast, I dunno….

What would your podcast be about? Movies? Other Podcasts?

It would have different themes


I use to have a music focused podcast, this would be more of a different theme per episode, from science, comics, film, writing, basically anything that goes on my radar. Most probably needing a guest per episode, have a few Ideas. Don’t really know if anyone would be interested at all in something like that.

It would be an interesting exercise tho.


This episode opens with some talk about my stomach, and the fact that bacteria does not care if it’s only been three days since you’ve used your coffeemaker. The rest of the show is devoted to comedy, its parallels to hip-hop, and a wide-ranging conversation with comedian Janelle James. Among the many things they touch on:

Driving four hours to do five minutes of comedy in the middle of Illinois.

The best organic food is somewhere outside of Provo, Utah.
A general appreciation of Iowa’s medium-sized cities.

Darla, and why she needs to STFU.
The gender balance of hecklers.

Being in the middle of a comedy bill.