A while back a bundle of folks were hanging out on Katie and Shaggy’s podcast , myself included. It was great fun! But I realize how poor I am at self promoting… heh not to mention startling myself when I remembered that it was a live online show… woo!

Also hanging out were Leslie Doyle, Jakface, Andrew Murray and Adam Hines who are all well put together individuals who knew how to say words and stuff! 

The Lady Juliana
  • The Lady Juliana
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When listener Connie requested an episode on the Lady Juliana, I didn’t expect it to be an odd parallel to our recent episode on Les Filles du Roi. But, that’s precisely what it is.

The plan known as Les Filles du Roi was an effort to provide more women to French colonies in what became Canada, essentially by exporting them. The women aboard the Lady Juliana served essentially the same purpose … except, while Les Filles du Roi generally made the journey willingly, the women aboard the Lady Juliana were convicted criminals. Their involuntary voyage was made because they’d been sentenced to transportation to Australia, mostly for extremely minor crimes.

Here’s a link to our notes and research.

Pod #182

Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flier, “Democratic Unconventions”

Recorded on August 2, 2014 at Largo, Los Angeles

Amelia Earhart: Autumn Reeser

Agent Amy Johnson: Janet Varney

Aspasia: Maggie Lawson

Plato: Craig Cackowski

Sophocles: Paul F. Tompkins

Hypatia: Melanie Lynskey

Herr Stroman: Enrico Colantoni


photo by Liezl Estipona


This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast — our 150th show! — features curator and historian Nenette Luarca-Shoaf and artist Sonya Clark.

Luarca-Shoaf is one of the curators of "Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River," which opens at the Amon Carter Museum on October 2. Bingham was the first great American artist to take the newly opened trans-Appalachian West as his subject. A Missourian, Bingham paintings of waterways, typically presumed to be those in his native state but in reality images that filled in for the river culture that dominated trade and the movement of people through the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi River valleys, represent America’s first major visual grappling with the enormity and variety of our continent. ”Navigating the West” examines how Bingham both created his art and some of America’s first ideas about the West. The show will travel to the St. Louis Art Museum and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The catalogue is published by Yale University Press. Luarca-Shoaf is one of the half-dozen or so curators and conservators who worked on the exhibition. 

This is Bingham’s Raftsmen Playing Cards (1847, with detail below) from the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum. It will be included in the Amon Carter Museum exhibition. Click on the images to expand them.

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Here are four portraits (the blue one is a self-portrait) I did for the Brewvie Nights Podcast. Brewvie nights started as a way for my friend Andy and I to keep in touch when we started college - but over the past few moths we have started developing the idea into a podcast. So if you’re into listening to 4 guys drink beer and talk about a movie while you commute to work give us a listen! Episode 2 just came out <3

26 - The Zone Zapper
  • 26 - The Zone Zapper
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26 - The Zone Zapper (With Dan, Max and Titas)

Hello, weary adventurer! Come with me, Dan, Max and Titas on a trip to Mobius so we can see how much of a pillock Sonic the Hedgehog really is. The last book we read by these authors, we came to the conclusion that they’ve never played a Sonic game. The new one, well…

Over the course of this book we discuss moral relativism, game mechanics as expressed through text, and who you can really call an ally in this messed up world. Also at one point my internet cuts out and everybody starts talking about this hot mess.

The intro and outro music is Sport Acapulco by Man and Birdmen, and the cover art for this episode was created by Titas himself. If you want to support the podcast you can help us out on Patreon and get access to a lot of great perks. If you would like to attend the live show, details are available right here! 

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How can doctors-in-training honor the voices of their patients, especially children’s voices?

Trisha, a first-year medical student who aspires to become a pediatric oncologist, discusses her mission to give children with cancer the opportunity to be heard. She describes a project she developed inviting children to tell the stories of their illness, which she compiled into her book, “Chronicling Childhood Cancer: A Collection of Personal Stories by Children and Teens with Cancer,” that was published this month in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Episode 6: The Toku Ladies Take Power Morphicon

This Morphicon recap episode takes a look at the great time had by TheSecondBatgirl and PockySquirrel as they attended Morphicon 4 in Pasadena. From interviewing Bandai Toy reps and celebrating Tricera-gate victory, to critiquing the problems of the con, to the long awaited Hector David Jr. and His Pizza story, we cover it all and have a great time doing it.

(There may be some audio leveling problems with this file. We’ve done everything we can do fix it to no avail, so we apologize for the inconvenience.)

Download Link: http://tokuladiespodcast.libsyn.com/episode-6-toku-ladies-take-power-morphicon

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