Every year, scientists are learning more and more about the human microbiome, the collection of microorganisms and bacteria that live in and on our bodies. But what about our “macrobiomes” – the microorganism communities that live in our environments? In this SciCafe, geneticist Chris Mason talks about his desire to get the gene sequence of every thing and place he sees, and the ways in which we can use the information we get from our bodies as well as our environments.

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Learn more about Chris Mason’s research in the Wall Street Journal story, Big Data and Bacteria: Mapping the New York Subway’s DNA

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LFRP - Looking for Role Play Podcast

Attention all role players and those with a general interest in online communities, video games, art, acting, public speaking, character design, and fantasy environments!

A podcast designed just for you continues its run at broadcasting to the masses of role players, gamers, and online community members at large.

This podcast is for anyone interested in the concept of role play, regardless of your experience level or writing ability.

Join Turwinkle the Gnome Mage, Tarcanus Frostbourne (Purveyor of Pink Cakes and Portals) and Dravvie on an adventure through Azeroth, the Interwebs, and beyond!

Episode 30: Warlocks

Join Turwinkle, Tarcanus and Dravvie as they seek to conquer all topics related to role play, writing and the creative arts!

This week, they talk all about warlocks! From Fel magic and warlock culture to effectively creating characters with hidden characteristics that few (if people) others know about and beyond, our hosts have you covered. Where does Fel come from? What’s the difference between a warlock and a mage or priest? Discover this and much more on this week’s episode.

Please be sure to send in your comments, questions, concerns and show topic ideas and subscribe to us wherever you get your podcast and Internet radio feeds!

Show Notes

Interview of the Week: Teirvel Strombane of the Defilers of Arathor

Audio Submissions: Kravoc the Deadshot

Guild Spots: N/A

Listener Questions: qiennaolethos

Written Submissions: Caileanmor

Artist Feature: Stay tuned for more information!

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TinyCast 59 - Gunvolt Funnel Cake
  • TinyCast 59 - Gunvolt Funnel Cake
  • Tiny Cartridge
  • TinyCast

TinyCast 59! It’s a lil’ episode with just Eric and JC this week, as Fran and Christian were at GDC when we recorded, presumably building towers upon towers of virtual reality headsets upon their heads.

We had some nice stuff to talk about, though, including Gunvolt 2, Shovel Knight DLC, and a Very Special Episode recounting a few of our favorite Tiny memories, as we observe our ten thousandth damn post.

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Half Life 3 and Fallout 4 THIS YEAR? - Dude Soup Podcast #5

Mad About God - I Don't Have It All Figured Out Yet / Perpetually Skeptical
  • Mad About God - I Don't Have It All Figured Out Yet / Perpetually Skeptical
  • J.S. Park
  • Mad About God

Hello dear friends! This is an audio preview of my book Mad About God: When We Over-Spiritualize Pain and Turn Tragedy Into a Lesson, about persevering through pain and suffering.

Preface 1 - I Don’t Have It All Figured Out, and That’s Okay
Preface 2 - Perpetually Skeptical: Screaming Through The Red Sea

Preface 1 is about our crazy need to connect pain with a lesson.
Preface 2 is about the constant, uncomfortable doubts about the existence and goodness of God.

Stream above or download directly here. The book is both in paperback and ebook.

Love y’all and be blessed! — J.S.

New Course Offerings in Linguistics
  • New Course Offerings in Linguistics
  • l’École de SpecGram, Paris (Read by Les Strabismus.)
  • Speculative Grammarian Podcast

A new short podcast is available for your enjoyment — NEW: Degree in Linguodontics / The Paris campus of l’École de SpecGram is pleased to announce the introduction of a new degree program in Linguodontics. — XML Feed

Christian Vegan Podcast

If I created a ‘Christian Vegan’ podcast that covers a variety of topics that talk about the christian response to animal exploitation, would anyone listen to it? I would talk about animal rights issues in light of the Christian tradition, about the ways in which different theologies influence our view of animals/creation, about how our understanding of the agape meal and the eucharist can play a significant role in understanding how we should interact with animals, about theodicy and animal exploitation, and about intersectionality and how animal issues are not isolated. I have so many ideas that include interviews and book reviews to encourage people to join the conversation about Christianity and Animal Rights, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time putting it together if no one would listen to it.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Human Conversation with @erinmcgathy & Wanye Federman!
Erin is back in her podcasting prime and beloved comedian Wayne Federman joins the podcast community in this very very very sweet, funny, random, delightful, tasteful, heart-warming show. It will be impossible not to love it.
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Episode No. 174 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Robert Barry and curator James Merle Thomas.

In the mid-to-late 1960s, when American artists were in the vanguard of reconsidering what art could be after abstract expressionism, minimalism and pop, my first guest made art out of radio waves and the return of inert gases into the atmosphere. Today Robert Barry is widely recognized as one of the titans of American conceptual art.

The Hunter College Art Galleries is presenting "Robert Barry: All the Things I Know… 1962 to the present," a survey of Barry’s work at its 205 Hudson Street Gallery. The show, organized by Max Weintraub, Sarah Watson and Annie Wischmeyer, is on view through April 4. The show is accompanied by a catalogue only available at Hunter. Also, the Montclair Art Museum is exhibiting Barry’s "Diptych: Window-Wallpiece for the Montclair Art Museum" through December 27. The work was originally installed in 2005-06.

Barry has been the subject of exhibitions all over the world, including at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, The Consortium in Dijon, the Kunsthalle Nurnberg and more.

On the second segment, James Merle Thomas details an exhibition he curated for Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center titled "Loose in Some Real Tropics: Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Stoned Moon’ Projects, 1969-70," which  examines work Rauschenberg did while an official guest of NASA, the American space agency, at the launch of Apollo 11. That’s the spaceflight that landed the first humans on the moon. Learn more about the project at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s website.

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