EPISODE 12 - Maddie Lee

Here is the twelfth episode of Swoonstep, a podcast where amazing ladies talk about music and their musician crushes. This week, Swoonstep officially goes international, and we’re joined by Canadian babe Maddie Lee to talk about Korean hip-hop reality TV show Show Me the Money and k-hip hop more generally. There are a surprising amount of parallels to be found, especially regarding women and sexism in hip-hop spaces. Our guest gives us the first of many “Ask a Canadian” Drake updates, and we talk about her favorite boy band growing up, 98 Degrees. We talk about a song called “Jackson Pollock D*ck,” and we get into Jeff Timmons new career. It gets wild, y’all.

Maddie is a tiny Canadian from Toronto but lives in Montreal now. She writes primarily about Korean pop, hip-hop, and R&B for The Singles Jukebox, The Toast, and at My First Love Story. You can also catch her on her personal Tumblr and Twitter, where she talks race, posts selfies, eats food, and cracks jokes. She is fun, gorgeous, giggly, thoughtful, and just generally wonderful to listen to. 

Shoot us a message if you’re a gal (or non-cis man) who wants to talk about music and the musicians that make you swoon hard, and thanks for listening!

#60 - I See The Future, And It's Full Of Marvel Movies
  • #60 - I See The Future, And It's Full Of Marvel Movies
  • Grouch
  • WPD Podcast

WPD PODCAST: #60 - I See The Future, And It’s Full Of Marvel Movies

Grouch and John sit down and talk shit about Spiderman and his weak ass foes, the upcoming Marvel and DC movie lineup, and search their stoned memories for clairvoyant premonitions and lucid dreams.


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Unlike Valentine’s Day, this is most certainly not a holiday concocted for strictly commercial purposes. No way. To celebrate, catch up on the First Draft Podcast archives! Intimate, in-depth conversations with some of the coolest voices in Young Adult and Middle Grade lit right now.

  • Sumayyah Daud, cyberpunk YA debut BEGIN AGAIN
  • Robin Talley, historical YA debut LIES WE TELL OURSELVES
  • Caroline Tung Richmond, alternative history THE ONLY THING TO FEAR
  • Lindsay Smith, supernatural spy thrillers SEKRET and SKANDAL
  • Cristin Terrill, time-travel thriller ALL OUR YESTERDAYS
  • Ellen Oh, Korean fantasy the PROPHECY series and founder of #WeNeedDiverseBooks
  • Claire Legrand, MG spookies THE CAVENDISH HOME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS and THE YEAR OF SHADOWS, and YA Nutcracker retelling WINTERSPELL
  • Kara Taylor (Thomas), murder-mystery series PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL
  • Michelle Schusterman, MG contemp series I HEART BAND, forthcoming MGs THE KAT SINCLAIR FILES and MAUDEVILLE
  • Heidi Schulz, MG debut HOOK’S REVENGE and its forthcoming sequel, HOOK’S REVENGE: THE PIRATE CODE
  • Gretchen McNeil, YA mystery/horror/suspense novels GET EVEN and its forthcoming sequel GET DIRTY, TEN, POSSESS, and 3:59
  • Rachel Fershleiser, Tumblr’s supreme book czar, co-author of SIX WORD MEMOIRS
  • Meagan Spooner, sci-fi thriller LARK ASCENDING of the SKYLARK series and co-author of THESE BROKEN STARS and the STARBOUND trilogy

Listen to the interviews here on Tumblr, or download them at iTunes or Stitcher! If you like it, think about rating or reviewing the podcast there, too!

Click here to learn more about the personal journey behind the project. I love podcasts - like, maybe too much - and contributing an audio project of my own has been incredible. I hope you enjoy!

This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features Jack Whitten and was taped in front of a live audience at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. 

MCASD just opened the first Whitten retrospective. Titled "Jack Whitten: Five Decades of Painting," and curated by MCASD’s Kathryn Kanjo, the exhibition features 60 canvases from the early 1960s through this year. The show reveals how, at a time when so many artists shrugged off painting, Whitten intensified his interest in the medium by marrying acrylic and canvas to conceptual strategies in an effort to address key issues in art and American society. After it closes in San Diego on January 4, 2015, it will travel to the Walker Art Center and the Wexner Center for the Arts. 

This is the second time Whitten has been on The MAN Podcast. Last year he talked with host Tyler Green on the occasion of an exhibition at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University. 

The image above is Whitten’s Dead Reckoning (1980), one of the ‘squeegee’ canvases that Green and Whitten discuss on this week’s program.

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Off The Record: Stage Diving Into A Landfill Of Crosley Record Players


Off The Record, a podcast hosted by Jesse Cannon and Zack Zarrillo, is back this week with a new episode titled Stage Diving Into A Landfill Of Crosley Record Players.

Jesse and Zack discuss Urban Outfitters being a massive player in the vinyl retail game and what that means for music, Joyce Manor’s stagedivegate2014, and also a bunch of listener questions that range from promotion to record labels. 

Please take a listen if you’re interested and make sure to check out the Off The Record website for show notes on the episode and for more information on how to keep up to date with us. Listen to the twenty second episode below! 

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Posted on: September 10th, 2014 by Archivist 

Economic realities and their theories define our world regardless of where we live. After a while, they deserve reexamination to see if they measure up to our needs, interests and values. This week Ellen visits with Prof. Cynthia Kaufman about her book Getting Past Capitalism and looks at some of its systemic failings and limitations. Similarly, students around the world are demanding reexamination of the prevailing economics canon hoping to institute a broader, more politically responsible view of economic theory.  Co-host Walt McRee talks with an organizer of the “Rethinking Money NY” conference taking place this weekend at Columbia.


Watch on gerardwayinfo.tumblr.com

New Podcast: “Gerard Way on My Chemical Romance & His Solo Album | Andy Greenwald Podcast 7/24/14”

Nothing Soundscast: Malcom Lacey Edition

We (Tyler and Kyle) had a chat with Malcom Lacey of Arrange to talk about his new album Blood Dust, exhaustion with music production, and how weird Channing Tatum looks.

It features two snippets from “The Family Inheritance,” a track off Blood Dust.

If you’re curious about how you can get on skype and yap with us about your music, email nothingsounds@gmail.com with “podcast” in the title.

Thanks for listening.

- Kyle Minton

Watch on channelfrederator.frederator.com

Get in the mood for some Game Grumps Animated: The Afterlife! 

So, I went to America.

Over the course of four days, I saw one TNA Impact taping and then all three nights of CHIKARA’s King of Trios. This episode is a collection of post-show recordings with Danielle Matheson, Chris Sims, Kyle Starks and Gavin Jasper. One of them was done in a Waffle House.

Easily the greatest weekend of my life. Thank you to everyone that made it so very special.

You can stream the show on Libsyn, or press play on that handy little button. We’re now on iTunes, so if you want to go through and subscribe/review, that’d be lovely. We’re also on Stitcher!

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Follow Kyle online, @starr226 on Twitter, or robotmountain on Tumblr. Check out his website for a ton of free-to-read comics, and buy things from his store.

Chris is @theisb on Twitter, and the Senior Writer at ComicsAlliance. Check out his comics work at Comixology.

Gavin is @Gavin4L on Twitter, and can also be found at 4thletter.net and Den of Geek.

In between episodes, check out Have A Nice Day on Tumblr, where I’ll be posting videos, pictures and quotes to do with the week’s episode.

You can follow me on Twitter, @KingImpulse, which is my personal account where I tweet about wrestling, pop music and comic books.

When I’m not podcasting, I’m a regular columnist for WhatCulture’s WWE section of the site.

If you’ve got an idea for a show, or have something you’d like to talk about on the show, just reach out and we’ll chat. You can email me anytime.

An ALL NEW audio news from archaeologica is now available! The headlines this week are:

  • Underwater search seeks signs of ice-age sites in British Columbia
  • Paleolithic site in Armenia suggests human ability to innovate is universal trait
  • New trove of geoglyphs documented in Kazakhstan
  • Ordnance clearing work in Poland finds older weapons, too, from medieval knights

Listen to the episode, RIGHT HERE!

Image courtesy of CBC

  • Episode 172 - Double Dragon
  • We Hate Movies
  • We Hate Movies
Episode 172 - Double Dragon

In this week’s episode, the gang calls an audible in order to tackle the wretched video game adaptation, Double Dragon! Why in the world would you put Scott Wolf in this role? What is with that fat monster? And is Robert Patrick’s villain a racist? PLUS: The mystery of which Bruce Steve was thinking of. 

Double Dragon stars Scott Wolf, Mark Dacascos, Robert Patrick, Alyssa Milano and Julia Nickson; directed by James Yukich.