pocketparket said:

4, 20, & 35 (radiata meme)!

Hello, friend of Hayley!

04. Which boss battle was the hardest? The most annoying?

The Ethereal Queen feels like the most obvious answer, haha. The fights against Natalie at Fort Helencia can also be pretty scary, because depending on your level she can either Volty Blast you to death or leave you with little HP to spare.

For most annoying, well, I guess that would be Gobblehope. Damn disappearing dirtbag.

20. Non-human character?

Many of them, haha. Gil, Rika, Mikey, JJ and Gobrey to name a few.

35. What race would you be?

Well I wouldn’t mind being a human because guilds but then again I would because well the whole war.

Who wouldn’t wanna be a Dark Elf tho. C:


pocketparket said:

hi!! i read the epic of jack and found that genius's personality changes a tad, at least compared to the game. as a fellow fan of him, which angle/characterization do you prefer? .o.

I already read it and the Song of Ridley, at least until it ran out of English translations. 


I love Genius’s expressions in the manga.

pocketparket said:

CUUUUUUTE!!! (also the more i read about ira the more he reminds me of germany i cant handle this,,,,))


Same! And that improves Germany for me. I was “oh well” about him, but now I picture him more like Gamagoori, more honest and awesome. As a side effect of loving Iramako, I love Germany more XD