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What are some popular female poc fcs atm?

By popular, I’m thinking you mean commonly used so I’m going to list a few of the POC FCs that I see pretty often on my dash. This is not meant to be a complete list of every WOC FC so if you need anymore names, just ask :)

If any of my information is wrong, please tell me


Lupita Nyong’o | Mexican-Kenyan | 31

Kat Graham | Americo-Liberian/Russian | 25

Zoe Saldana | Puerto Rican/Dominican | 36

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Tracee Ellis Ross gifs

  • Name: Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Best Known For: Girlfriends
  • Can play: Business woman, any professional career, a mom
  • All gifs are made by me (so please don’t repost this hunt)
  • Will be updated as I make more
  • Gif count: 30
  • Gifs are always behind a read more

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As you can see, my photoshopping skills are at a minimum but it gets the point across. I’ve just hit 100 followers and I wanted to thank everyone. Only problem is, if I made a follow forever, I’d probably just put everyone I follow because I love this community to pieces. So I decided to make a masterlist of POC that will be updated regularly. Representation is extremely important and I’d like to help anyone looking for a face claim. Thank you all for following me and I hope this list helps!

Name, Gender, Age Range, Ethnicity and Plus Sized are listed

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Favorite Faces; Angel Coulby

General Information:

Angel was born in London, England on August 30th, 1980. She is 5’4 (1.62 CM) with brown eyes and brown hair. She is a British actress/singer. Her heritage/ethnicity is unknown but she is multiracial. 

Angel is mostly known for her role as Gwen (BBC Merlin), Jessie (Dancing on the Edge) and Laura Roebuck (The Tunnel). 

Have Some Links;

Angel’s Twitter

Gif Hunts: X / X / X / X / X / X / X 

please report any broken links here

Camille Winbush Gifs

  • Name: Camille Winbush
  • Best Known For: The Bernie Mac Show, Secret Life of the American Teenager
  • Can play: High School or College student
  • All gifs are made by me (so please don’t repost this hunt)
  • Will be updated as I come across more SLOTAT episodes
  • Gif count: 100+
  • Gifs are always behind a read more

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The geek, but with a physique that can rival any action star; Aldis Hodge can play both sides of the game. With nerdy gifs and a hot bod, I don’t understand how he isn’t used more often. He’s got a wicked sense of humor that really shows, but also a darker more quiet side to him. He’s great for a character who is friends with everyone, who plays well with others, and has a great balance of brain and brawn. 

Known For: Leverage, Friday Night lights

Age: 22-26 (26)

Attributes: Brown hair, brown eyes, 1.85m

Gifs: [x]