For the first time in my life, I wore an Indian outfit to class (actually in college in Southeastern U.S.) without using the rationalization of a special occasion or religious observance. So far to the extent of my knowledge, I have encountered some sidelong glances but no other negative backlash or harassment! And yes, I feel so comfortable and beautiful. I don’t know why I didn’t start this practice earlier…

Why am I doing this? I find it nothing short of a crime that I am unable to enjoy the fashion of my vibrant culture because of a need to conform to Western society’s culture-shaming rules and regulations. I know I will probably be mocked a few times, but I can assure you that I feel as invincible as a queen.

If any of my Desi sisters want to join me for this, please let me know and we can get excited and plan outfits together :) We have such beautiful things stockpiled at home…we should wear them with pride!

a wish list for quiet girls

Tell me what you want:

Because we drink alcohol on rooftops
and thank God that we exist,
clinking bottles—
would you like to fly?

Tell me what you want:

Because you cry yourself to sleep,
and we take the same medicine.
Your loneliness shines
through the cracks in your smile.

Tell me what you want:

Because time slows down
with your head on my shoulder.
I don’t believe in forever,
so let’s stay asleep.

Tell me what you want:

Because I won’t ask you to smile,
but if I can help you through the day
then tell me what you want.

PSA about #blackout


This week has given me a new awakening and even though Day has mentioned it, I now see the amount of anti-blackness on this site.

This whole blackout day was started by x, and was circulating around black tumblr because it was for black tumblr. Now somewhere down the lines, people outside of black tumblr caught it and led to , once again, the derailing and hate on something pertaining to black people. Now some of you followers who are reading this might catch some feelings, and if so, then I’m talking about you. A dog that is hit yelps. You are free to leave.

However, I need to address this. Blackout day is simply a day for black people to see ourselves in a tag. You know how when you have a party and invite the people you want to see. Yeah, simple right. The ones who organized this event said nothing about prohibiting anyone else from posting their selfies.

I repeat, the ones who organized this event said nothing about prohibiting anyone else from posting their selfies

All we ask if for that you to not use #blackout. The same way we keep asking you not to say the n-word.

If you feel some type of way because of what we are doing, shame on you. Shame on you. This is not affecting you in any way, shape, or form. March 6 will come to pass and you will feel stupid being caught up over some damn pictures. Think about that. You are mad because black people are posting selfies. Not propagating the overthrow of America. Not spreading out personal information, not doxxing people (whom y’all ask for us to do for you)

I don’t expect much from white people because I know where I stand with them, but to you non-black people, your “I’m not white” shield is not going to protect you. If you’re anti-blackness shows, I’m coming for you. I am extremely disappointed.

You throw that we have Black History Month, and yes we do. But how did we get that? Do you think that the white man just gave us that as a gift? Black people fight, we endure, we speak out. We are not passive. We wanted to make a day for selfies and so we did. Tumblr has been around for almost a decade. Everyone else had plenty of time to do something like this. For y’all to want to make a alternate selfie day now proves my idea that people ride in the shadows of black people. From the civil rights movements to present day, I feel that our efforts has only been used as a free-rider for others.

You white and non-black people use the word stupid. “this is stupid, “I don’t see the point”. You speak like a third grader whose friends all went on a field trip and your ass got left behind because you were behaving like a little shit. It’s stupid because you’re not a part of it. You don’t see the point because you’re not a part of it.

 Do you think that some life forms in another galaxy are pressed because they heard that us humans have an earth-day and they dont?

Do handicap parking spots make you angry we you’re an able bodied person?

Do advertisement for glasses make you angry when you have 20/20 vision?

Do people eating from burger king make you angry because you like McDonald?

Do people whose birthday is on a day that’s not yours make you angry because their celebrating their own birth?

You want to make a whiteout day or human day (which is redundant since that would just be a regular day ), whatever. Just know that everything you got, you got from us. You can only do something if a black person has done it first.

So yeah, now I do see what Day said how the amount of anti-blackness increased after Ferguson. This shouldn’t even be an issue.


Alright fellow non black POC who are not black enough for the the blackout tag and not white enough for the whiteout tag we seem to be stuck in a bind here. Where will we post our self mastabtory pictures on March 6th? How we will we make a statement on that will probably not be seen outside of tumblr so really do nothing in the long run? How we will let THE man know we will not take it anymore even though those in charge probably don’t even know what a tumblr is or how a selfie promotes a certains races month?

I propose we use the tag brownout and let everyone know WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE AINT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE

"I can’t even spend an inordinate amount of time on people arguing that characters “should just be the way they’ve always been,” when they were created during a time when Black people couldn’t even sit where they wanted on a bus. Missed me with that shit. Or the argument that the characters must be White even while lacking any cultural significance to back that claim. Nothing about Peter Parker, growing up in Brooklyn as a high school student on a field trip, states that he must remain White."

- williamevanswrites 

Dear God this man can write. Read his post on diversity and comics titled 


It’s perfectly okay to be white, heterosexual or male. And even all three!

But with that comes the responsibility to acknowledge that you are the most privileged people in many countries, including the United States. And you contribute greatly to the oppression of POC, women, lgtbq members and many more groups. Remember the power you have and use it for the right reasons.

I'm so tired of this.

Do a fucking #yellowout, and #brownout,
Choose a day,
Fuck it, choose a whole fucking week if you want.
Black people will most likely support y’all and remain solid with other POC. For real for real.
But doing either of those movements because you think we don’t see you is, or you want to derail us is,
1. Dumb because it won’t do anything.
And 2. Hurtful because we’d back y’all up if you wanted to have your day.
All POC are important.
It’s like saying that because we have black history month y’all get your own months.
***May is Asian-pacific heritage month
And September 15-October 15 is Hispanic history month.***

Please remember that you can post pictures, but not in the #blackout tags and if you want to, wait to post them in the #brownout or #yellowout tags. To everyone who says it won’t hurt us. Your skin color is beautiful, your culture, magnificent, but THIS IS ABOUT US. WE DONT COME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY TO REMIND EVERYONE THAT WE WERE BORN.

I really just need everyone to calm down and take a step back.
You want a day to stand in solidarity, make one. Tag us so we can support you. And if you don’t have anything nice or empowering to say shut your mouth and sit the hell down. Please respect that and we will respect you.