Parks and Recreation + TV Tropes | Kubrick Stare

“Tilt head down, Look up beneath eyebrows. Named for the film director Stanley Kubrick, who made at least eight movies where a major character has this facial expression. When some other show or film uses it, it’s frequently a homage to Kubrick.”


Parks and Recreation + TV Tropes | Happily Married

“Against all the odds, in defiance of the laws of drama, spitting in the face of the "Awful Wedded Life”, there is…the Happily Married couple. This is a couple, Alpha or Beta, who are in love and not “wangsting” it up dysfunctionally all the time. They avoid “Poor Communication Kills”, won’t jump to conclusions, and treat each other with love and respect. In short, whatever troubles they have are minor and don’t lead to the misanthropy of “No Accounting for Taste” or “The Masochism Tango”. These couples benefit from The Power of Love.“