This is, to me, a hilarious genre of i-gent self-portraiture. It usually involves a not too well-hidden attempt to announce to the world that the i-gent in question has a nice watch and drives a nice car; call it the ‘Panerai and a Porsche’ if you will. Well, here’s my submission today.

Watch: Seiko SKX-007 diver modded w/ early unmarked MKii dial and sword hands (I traded for this on PMWF back in 2002 I think)

Watch Strap: red white and blue NATO, ebay $10

Car: 1992 Toyota Celica…ahhhh….that’s the sweet spot, right at about 3000 RPMs and 57 mph.  


Good Morning!

Here’s my Pam homage. I bought it back in 2002 for about $150 off the PMWF sales board. It has real threaded screw lugs, and a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

I don’t think you can find deals quite like that anymore for these with genuine Swiss Unitas-6497 mechanical movements in them, but if you search ebay, you can regularly find them in the ~$200 range. As a cheaper alternative, you can always go with a Parnis one with a Chinese-made Seagull version of the Unitas-6497 for about $80. I’ve no experience with the Seagull 6496, but I do have a Parnis w/ a sterile Rolex Explorer dial that has a Seagull version of the Swiss ETA 2824-2 in it, and it runs great. The hardware on that watch is stellar—very solidly constructed. Seagull has long and storied horological tradition in China, and they make some incredible automatic and mechanical watches at many different price points. The ones used in the Parnis are sure to be their lower grade movements, but they seem to be quite reliable.

Daily Sartorial Tip #28: How to buy the perfect dress watch.
1. Uncluttered, minimalist dial without any superfluous complications i.e. chronograph or tourbillon. A moonphase, calendar or subsidiary seconds dial is fine (as above).
2. Dial colour should be either white, black or slate grey (I personally prefer the pristine look of white).
3. Black or dark brown leather strap (metal bracelets are not considered to be as formal).
4. Diameter of watch face shouldn’t be bigger than 42mm and height (or thickness) should not be exceed 14mm (it should be slim enough to fit comfortably under your shirt cuff).

WIWT: 38mm Rodina small seconds automatic dress watch on chocolate brown calf leather strap.

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Rocking bracelets the Pitti Uomo way.

WIWT: Rainbow bead bracelet by flea market in India | Custom-made olive green skull bracelet by Fetish Online | 1963 ‘Tribute to Chinese Air Force’ hand-wound chronograph timepiece by Tianjin Seagull on French NATO strap.

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