Book!Cersei is isolated. No one understands her, maybe not even Jaime. SHE’S COMPLETELY ALONE. She loses Tywin, Jaime, Joffrey, Myrcella and even Tyrion, she has no one, and she doesn’t ever acknowledge that THIS IS TERRIFYING TO HER. GOT!Cersei is slowly becoming isolated. She has important fleeting moments with Margaery, with Olenna, with Oberyn, with Tywin, SO MANY with Tyrion, with Brienne, with Joffrey, and earlier, all the way to the beginning, with Catelyn, and it’s giving us a dynamic Cersei, one who is seeing glimpses of the harsh realities within herself. And she is horrified because THIS IS WEAKNESS. Striking the son you love THIS MONSTER WHO YOU’VE SWORN IS AN EXTENSION OF YOURSELF, it’s weakness, it’s HITTING YOURSELF, it’s admitting your flaws. I love these moments with GOT!Cersei and other characters not just because it gives us shows us dynamics we never saw with Book!Cersei, but because underlying all of these moments is this desperation, this reaching out for help. She conflates all her vulnerabilites, all her flaws into this THIS WEAKNESS, that she’s been taught to abhor, and for these few seconds she’s able to at least see it, know that it’s hurting her, that her pain is valid. Cersei would NEVER ask for help (and the one time she did JAIME DIDN’T CARE! I DON’T CARE!). She is STRONG, stronger than everyone else. Right? Right? But we know this is all a mask, her abuse has changed her, made her hard, made her bitter, made her an abuser. But she’s survived, and she hangs on to that, not to the pain of that strength. She holds on to the dream. The dream is beautiful. She’s on the throne, she has beautiful children who are hers, a lover who is literally part of herself. The reality is she’s always looking on the throne, always looking beyond to whatever young thing will come to take her place, to whatever man will FORCE HIS PAIN ON HER. She’s AFRAID. She HATES that she’s afraid. She hides all her fears with alcohol and abuses others because the reality is too brutal (also she’s never been a nice person, so put these all together and you have a mess, A MESS). And before she completely breaks down, here she is lashing out, telling half truths, admitting the reality BUT JUST NOT ENOUGH to make any progress. And this is only going to make her eventual isolation and imprisonment worse. There were all these chances to find a connection beyond the Lannister sphere. To have SOMEONE, ANYONE, acknowledge her pain, and no one ever did. Everywhere they hurt little girls. EVERYWHERE THEY HURT LITTLE GIRLS. And nowhere in Westeros is there anyone who will help them.



So in the last 20 minutes I’ve seen this clip a dozen times because CERSEI YOU ARE NOT BEING SLY. You’re trying and failing (also, is that… Cleos Frey? asldfkjal;sdfhsdf). It’s so painfully obvious that Littlefinger, Varys and Pycelle respond with their own oh shit. THEY. ARE. SO. GOOD. LENA IS SO GOOD. She plays strength and anger magnificently but it’s in these seconds where she makes you see just how much she misses Jaime. The fact that she can’t show it (and at the same time totally does) is heartbreaking. So much so that even Tyrion adds his words to Cersei’s because if there is one thing they will ever agree upon is loving Jaime. Tyrion hates her and vice versa  but he gets that most of all. That is truly fascinating to me - how much Tyrion and Cersei are alike and how they vehemently deny it, the fact that Jaime is their neutral territory is for lack of better words: askl;fhaskldjfhask;dfhskdlf. And to know this season is basically a Tyrion and Cersei tug of war DELIGHTS MY SOUL because Peter and Lena are going to KILL IT.

"... once his family turns his back on him."
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  • the end of asos and most of affc this is the opposite of what happens.
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i noticed
  • Cersei chapters are usually followed by or preceeded with Jaime’s and Brienne’s chapters
  • Jaime isn’t as proactive as Cersei and Brienne are. He’s good at making plans that work, but he’s doing that for Cersei’s and Tommen’s sake not his own. Even sending Brienne on the mission to find Sansa wasn’t all for himself, it was to give her a sword worthy of the knight she is.
  • Jaime constantly thinks of them and what they do, are doing, why they’re doing it, and if he can’t help them, he gets out of the way. He goes back and forth from being angry at them to being impressed, and they’re the strongest voice (next to Tyrion’s) he hears when making decisions.
  • Cersei who is paranoid and mostly drunk, indulging in every terrible and evil thought she has.
  • Brienne who is clearheaded and on a genuinely good mission.
  • Both women fight the only way they know how.
  • I love comparing and contrasting them, because they feel so much, all the time, and even though they’re polar opposites, the core of all the shit they go through is brought on by the fucked up patriarchy of Westeros.
  • Jaime is not quite between them, more like standing out looking in. The sword. The actual knight. The one thing Brienne and Cersei want to be without getting shit for it. They’re the two most important people in Jaime’s life. They’re the ones he admires and loves and needs and wants, one who is destruction, one reconstruction, building his character and ripping it apart and putting it together in one complicated AFFC mess.
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