From top to bottom: “A Snowflake in Spring”, by celerysticks; “r9kElsa is Suffering”, by anonelsa; “You Are”, by Pmrising; and bloopers courtesy of my dog who wanted to spend time with me but not be held or in pictures.

I haven’t actually read “You Are” so if anyone has suggestions for poses, (Actually for any of them) I will take them and try and do them over the summer, which starts in roughly 3 weeks. I don’t have an Anna and I don’t plan on spending any more money on this, only if there is something in the thrift shop or I find something I would wear anyway. So please keep these things in mind.

Whelp. This looks promising.

"With that being said…some of you think the story is going to get a little bit happier from here on out.

It’s not.

Actually, take all those happy, joyous, friendly, rainbow, bullshit feelings and throw them in a fire and burn them. Burn them until they are black with despair. Put the fire out with your tears. And then try to conceal, dont feel, and let it fucking go. Because I’m going to destroy every single one of you.

Enjoy :L”

Someone remind me why I’m reading this fic, again?

  • Lu:How was it?
  • Tal:Full of feels.
  • Lu:How was the alleyway scene?!?!?!
  • Or the chase before it oh my fucking--
  • Tal:My fave part is probably Anna just shoving her way through the fucking subway door. xD
  • Lu:Yeah.
  • Tal:Elsa was prolly gonna just hop on there, and Anna sensed her like a goddamn animal and just ripped the subway a new asshole.
  • Lu:Hahahaha "ripped the subway a new asshole". Oh god, Talbutt, my sides hurt.
  • Talbutt you hurt me bad.
  • I rolled off of my bed.
  • Tal:I'm sorry. xD
  • It DID say the door closed on her when she was halfway standing in it!
  • Those things don't open back up like elevator doors, they just stay closed.
  • So she probably she-hulked out of them, haha.

These are not my drawings, they belong to owmymop and can be found here

These are not based off of my fanfics, they are “r9kElsa is Suffering”, by AnonElsa; “A Snowflake in Spring”, by CelerySticks aka celerysticks4life; and “You Are”, by Pmrising.

I’m also pretty sure none of us own Elsa, including me.

This is my cosplay and I will upload other images later.

Anna smoking another one of those death sticks.

Another one for ANNA WEEK! :) This time, it’s a fan-doodle for livinglamb's (Pmrising in FF.net) You Are. I don’t really remember what Anna was wearing there, but I can’t really draw clothes, so I went for something simple. O.o;;

Not so Fun Fact: I was almost done with this on my tablet when my nose started bleeding. :|

It was 2 am in the morning.

I finished reading “You Are”, by Pmrising.

The last chapter was just….

I had to scroll down line by line, because I didn’t want to spoil anything for myself. I wanted to read it, slowly. Absorb the scenery and detail, line by line. And when I finished it, I had to quietly close my eyes and not-really-but-kinda sob into my pillow.

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Okay… I had  this whole thing typed up, but because I’m tumblr-awkward and I have no idea how this thing works… the whole thing I typed up, well… It kind of just vanished. So, yeah.

Anyway, I still can’t believe I’m even using tumblr. GAH. I don’t even know how to use tumblr. I’m trying. Hopefully, I’m doing it right. Am I doing it right? Please tell me I’m doing it right. *awkwardly looks around*

So… yeah. Why am I here? For one, there’s this incredibly evil, incredibly awesome, incredibly sadistic - oh, did I mention incredibly awesome? - FF.NET writer called Pmrising and she wrote this equally incredibly awesome fanfic called You Are (Warning: Elsanna; Non-Icest; MAY KILL YOU WITH SAD AND PAINFUL FEELS. dl;dr).

Anyway… since she totally ripped out my heart out of my chest and chucked it into a blender and fed the big blobby goop to the rats and they threw it up in the sewers, I decided to revive my almost-non-existent tumblr account and probably give love-hate to this person, @livinglamb (I dunno how to tag people. I only use Facebook and Twitter. :|). Oh, and so that I may also bask in wonderful Elsanna goodness! XD

So… yeah. Now that people know of my social awkwardness and my inability to use tumblr (as well as my goal to bask in wonderful Elsanna goodness - yes, I totally repeated that), I shall go and hopefully figure out join the festivities!