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The best people in the world

  • elementaryjohn: Thaís is the Fred to my George and this means everything. You know when you can’t live without a friend because she has done so much for you, because she means a lot to you and because she brings to you so many good memories that live without her would simply be unfeasible? So that’s Thaís for me.
  • whenshesparks: Paula is literally the best. Best person in this world, the best gift I ever got in my life, the best way to make me smile and the best person I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. I love her so much and I thank every day for having the opportunity to hugged her personally.
  • peetabites: Tifs will always be the best part of me here. I think if it were not for her, I would have given up on Tumblr so long ago, ‘cause before I met her, here was nothing for me too. Here was just a place where I came and stayed a while, with nothing to do. And then, almost a year ago, she started talking to me and became my first and biggest friendship here. I just have a lot to thank her.
  • pmellark: Carol is someone who will never understand how much I like her, how much I appreciate her talent and how much she is creative, wonderful and special. I already got tired of wondering how she has the creativity that she has, and how she fails to realize that not only what she does, but whatever she is, is perfect.
  • sheisbrighter: Isabela is brighter lol But I’m not kidding. Her URL it’s so compatible with what she is, how she shines. Talking with her is always a pleasure and a joy, and see that she likes me as much as I like her is fantastic. Sometimes I honestly think that her shine will make me dizzy, because, really, it is not little.
  • ovarieskillers: Laura is my best friend since I understood what is a best friend. Honestly, I don’t believe in this story of a soul mate, but if I believed I could tell that she is mine. It may not be my blood sister, but she is like a sister to me. Maybe she’s the only person outside my family who I would put my life in her hands. Because I trust her and know she will never disappoint me. We’ve been through so many things together that I don’t think I could live my life without her.

These blogs always fill my dash with wonderful things. The urls are not listed in any specific order, I love them all. Follow them. :) 

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sherlockitude-deactivated201402 asked:

I love that your blog is mainly Sherlock, but I also adore when you post other things you're interested in. I just wish I could pay you to blog all day long and we'd have more of those flawless reblogs/ramblings/graphics. I'm not telling you to not live your life, though. It's also good to know you're working and enjoying uni. (You are, aren't you?) Idk what my point is. I'm only trying to say that I love your blog and you're awesome. Yeah. Bye. /goes away awkwardly/

~unintelligible whimpering. I think I just fainted from the loveliness of this message. My gosh, I can’t even. eek. Thank you so much, sweetie :) You are far too kind and ajfhskdfj. /hugs. I don’t even know what to say other than thank you, thank you. dkfjhskd. ~smiling like a loon.

thefallofgallifrey replied to your post: print screen of your most visited sites? (:

-Adult content notice-

hotstuffrenner replied to your post: print screen of your most visited sites? (:

I love how it just says ‘adult content notice’ like wow google chrome

docktorwho replied to your post: print screen of your most visited sites? (:

“adult content notice” lolololol

pmellark replied to your post: print screen of your most visited sites? (:

adult content notice

i don’t know what that is or how that got there.

they were just kissing is all.

that’s all they were doing i swear.

just kissing.

that’s all.

sherlockitude-deactivated201402 asked:

Sometimes I cry because I don't have a heart on your sidebar. I'm not even kidding. But please don't feel obligated to add it, ok? I was just... saying.

Okay pay attention to what I say: I hate doing these things. What I mean is that I hate having to ”choose” some people to put somewhere, or talk about. I always give up halfway because I feel that I’ll forget someone I love or that I care, then I go into despair and throw everything into the air.
But of my hearts, is not that I love you less. I love you, I really do. And I should have put you a long time ago in my sidebar, with my other lovely friends, but it’s like I said, I give up halfway. I have several friends that I want to put somewhere special, but I'm afraid to change things and further worsen the situation.
I’ll put you in there soon, Chr, but I just need a little time to get find all the blogs of people I love and I organize myself a little :’( I’m so sorry for being a horrible friend to you, and I don’t want you cry about it or because something I did, okay? 

I love you, and I love you with all me heart.

sherlockitude-deactivated201402 asked:

Why don't you write a fanfic of Sherlock/Victor?

ajhsjajshs my gosh, because you have way too much faith in me and my writing and because I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished a fic I’ve started or written anything that isn’t somewhere between magical realism and a children’s story.

More or less because, ideally, I would like for it to actually be good.