Finally. A good night’s sleep —-

& then her moment of peace is over
        because someone was watching her and
        that wasn’t just a feeling

                                                         ”No…” she mumbled.

Ok, So, I really needed to draw some more OFF stuff, so second go at drawing OFF, this time with Enoch!!

I don’t think I’ve said how much I love this guy yet… Well I do, like, I really do. I know I said I was only lining the sketch, well i’m a big liar and ended up shading it and adding some colour in the bg, oh well, it was still done very quick, in fact i think it only took me around 30-50 minutes? I dunno i wasn’t really timing ;P

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This Is Gospel pt. 2 (cover) - Panic! At The Disco

I originally covered TIG here and it got over 10.5k views on youtube and a lot of comments. I took some of the criticism and advice given to me, used a better piano, and covered it again. So heres This Is Gospel 2.0. I’d really appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad, and spreading this would be bomb