Hi I know Ive posted this 1000 times and reached out to many of you to help me but since the contest closes tomorrow I wanna try and put myself out there.

My name is Jamie, I’m 21, a biology major and a senior at college. Due to the fact that I live away at school, I have loans of more than 15,000+, plus owe my parents for tuition. Furthermore I’m responsible for paying rent, utilities, food and other necessities. I also have to pay my parents back for this years car insurance, and pay them 500 for a car accident I got in the other summer. Needless to say…im broke. Oh! I also have to take more classes in order to go to graduate school.

I know the odds of every person seeing this and voting are slim to none, and for those of you who do vote and reblog this I am eternally grateful. If theres anything I can do to help you guys in the future, please do not hesitate to ask. I think its beautiful that a bunch of strangers can try to help me see my favorite band. This is the best group I could ever dream of being a part of.

A few years ago I suffered terribly with depression, an eating disorder and suicide. Although I’m not in the place I used to be, those thoughts don’t just disappear. Twenty one pilots has helped me through my recovery. Because of them, I have no cut myself in over a year and a half. I just want to be able to see my favorite band without draining my entire bank account and taking more loans. My work is unable to give me more hours and I’m already taking an 18 credit semester to top everything off. If you see the link circulating on tumblr, please, just take a second to help me out. I can’t express my appreciation enough.

Thanks again for all your continual support

(And literally all you have to do is click the link- thats it!!!)


9.00$ (+ 0.50$ if with bg, + 1.00$ if shaded)


12.00$ (10.00$ if black and white)


14.00$ (+ 1.00$ per person)


EXAMPLES - Here and Here

16.00$+ (Depends on length of pmv and if you want bgs and shading)

You can contact me here, or on dA at!

When your request is confirmed by me, you will then send the money requested to via paypal. I will probably get your request done in 2-3 days, tho it really depends on what the requested art is.


Hello! You guys might’ve remembered a while back, when I opened up commissions on my old account. Well, I’ve decided to open them back up due to a problem that’s come across my family. My mom is asking (though more like ordering) me to get a job, and I really don’t want to get a job at any of the nearby stores due to what must be done. She says from now on I have to earn my own money, and buy my own things. This includes any new tablet nibs, tablet, computer, or my first snake. So I really need people to buy my commissions, because it is difficult enough not being able to buy things without having my mom say that I would need to pay her back somehow.

If you cannot buy, then please signal boost this post!

Things I cannot do:

Human NSFW (I am alright with normal human art or even furry nsfw, but I cannot draw this.)

Pixel Art (Sadly, It’s rare when I can do good pixel art.)

Full blown animations (I do not have a good animation program- excluding flash because I have to color every single frame in sai)

Things I’m willing to try to do:


Furry NSFW

Reference Sheets

Thank you for your time!

Home [Sam Winchester]


Pairing; Sam x reader

Warnings; swearing, minor violence

I was listening to sad and aggressive songs for hours to gear up for writing this, and I’m fucking crying so I hope you guys enjoy it. enjoy my tears.


Sam’s eyes swirled with sheets of need as he stared at Ruby. She smirked, very well knowing he wanted to get this over with so he could get back to you while you were still sleeping. Ruby grabbed the knife from her waistband and cut open her arm. The smell of her blood filled Sam’s senses, and he held back a groan. “She wouldn’t approve of this.” He growled lowly, staring at her bloodied arm.

Ruby nodded, “I know, but who cares about her?” Sam glanced back up at her face, and then his eyes flickered back to her arm. He didn’t say anything, but he was slowly growing weaker- being unable to say no.

He turned from her for a minute, his back facing her. Ruby rolled her eyes, you always stopped him. Sam rubbed his hand over his face, and glared at the ground. You would hate him doing this. You would absolutely despise it. Sam didn’t want to disappoint you- ever. Yet, here he is, determined to finish what he started and get strong so he could defeat Lillith.

Sam made a guttural sound before he swiftly turned to Ruby and took four large strides towards her. His hands gripped her waist as he threw her back on the bed and put her arm out. Ruby grinned as Sam hungrily attached his lips to her arm and began lightly sucking. On occasion, blood would trickle down her arm, but he would lick it off and then go back to the initial wound.

He sucked in the last bit of blood that poured from the cut and then pushed back, pushing his hair out of his face. He knew that around his mouth was red, and he would have to clean that off before he went back to you.

A wave of guilt swept over him as he thought of you and how hurt you would be. “This is making you stronger for your battle, Sam.” Ruby placed her hand on his shoulder and he glowered down at her. “She is not your home, anymore. You need to forget about her, because this is where you belong, right by my side is your home.”

You had fallen asleep with Sam right beside you. You had been snuggled in his chest, with his arms wrapped around your waist, and he would place a light kiss to the top of your head every once in awhile.

When you woke up without him, you knew where he was immediately. He was with her. With a groan, you pulled on one of Sam’s tees and scooted your back against the headboard.

You waited for an hour before you picked the phone up and dialed Dean’s number. When he answered, he sounded out of breath. “This is a really, really bad time, Y/N.” You nodded to yourself and played with the hem of his tee.

Tears pricked your eyes as you opened your mouth to speak, and a light whine escaped your lips. “Have you seen Sam at all tonight by chance?”

Dean’s voice was alarmed the minute it came through the receiver. “No, why?” Dean knew about Ruby and Sam, so you didn’t have to lie.

With a shaky voice, you exploded into tears, “He left me to go with Ruby, Dean. That bitch took him somewhere so he could drink demon blood.” There was no reply on the other end, but you could hear the lock in the doorknob turning. You cursed under your breath, “I have to go, I’ll see you in the morning.” You hung up the phone and set it back on the nightstand.

Sam opened the door, trying to be as quiet as he could. The room was dark, so he flicked up the light switch. He jumped a little when he saw you sitting at the headboard with tear stained eyes. He laughed, “You scared me, babe.” He set his stuff down and walked over to your side of the bed. His thumb brushed against your cheek, and for a minute, you forgot about where he had just been. “Did you have a bad dream?”

Your eyes flickered open, tears clinging to your lashes. “No.” He nodded and leaned down, capturing your lips with his own. Sam ran his tongue along your bottom lip and parted your mouth.

Gently, he pushed you down on the bed and strayed from your mouth to your neck. Sam pulled away and placed his lips on your shoulder, trailing his way down to your forearm. Tears stung your eyes yet again, “Is that the spot where you drank her blood tonight?”

Sam faltered and pulled away, standing up and clearing his throat. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You shook your head and stood also. “You know very well what I’m talking about, Sam. Don’t think I don’t notice you sneaking out at night to go with her and do God knows what. What does she have that I don’t?”

Sam turned his back to you. “She has the blood. She has what is making me strong.” Sam turned and opened his mouth to continue. But you cut him off.

“I make you strong.”

“No! You make me weak.” Sam yelled, clenching his fists at his sides. You didn’t say anything as you stared at him, and then he knew he had said something wrong. “Love is weakness, Y/N. You are my weak spot.”

Sam stepped closer, and closer until you were chest to chest. “But,” he pushed a strand of hair out of your face, “you are home.”

You smiled weakly as he brushed the tears off of your cheeks and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’ll always be here for you when you are at your worst, baby. Always remember that.” You whispered in his ear.

Sam grinned and pressed you closer, “I’ll always remember it.”

Emergency Commission time~

Okay! So— I have opened emergency commissions. The situation I’m in does not look too great and quite honestly I need a lot more money from commissions but I will take and appreciate what I can get. I am doing sketch commissions (full, knee up, bust, and full chibi) and ink commissions (full, knee up, bust, and full chibi).

The things I can draw are as followed in this short list;

People //I do different styles (i.e. Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Panty & Stocking, etc)
Ponies //for the bronies
Pokemon //and their trainers
Fanart //for the fangirl inside
NSFW //eyebrow wiggle


Inked Full body

Inked Knee Up (kinda)

Inked Bust

Inked Chibi

Full body: sketch $6/ink $10
Knee up: sketch $5/ink $8
Bust: sketch $4/ink $6
Chibi: sketch $4/ink $6
Additional character: sketch $5/ink $8

I accept payment through paypal~ //don’t know anyway else to get moneys through the internet and across the world actually//

**Please include links to references and a description to what you want
**I’ll do a sketch up and show you for your approval. (If this is a sketch commission, then I’ll show you the pose outline)
You pay me via paypal when you’re happy with the draft.

You can message me on tumblr or my dA if you’re interested and/or have questions!

Thank you for your time \(n v n