Another commission done! Took longer than expected due to work but it’s finally complete <3 a custom dragon OC - a ghost dragon of sorts. The hands are free floating so I put them on wires. Over shot the length again but I think it was worth it <3 It’s 33 inches from nose to the tip of the tail



little thing that I was commissioned to make (by someone who wishes to remain anonymous) for worldhero, a plush of her character Ludevec.

please excuse the random placement of the pins, I was at work and as I usually do, I used whatever I’m working on as a pincushion. totally didn’t think about moving them when taking the picture,  woops. ^^;

since I took these (before work and during my lunch break) I went ahead and sewed on that cowlick, but that’s about it. I think he’s coming along nicely c:

hope you like, hero!

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