Track of the Day #758

I have already shown my predisposition for using food metaphors when discussing music. In fact I have the whole menu worked out.

Western Art Music (Classical music) is your caviar: considered rather high-class, perhaps even rather exclusive. For many people it is something to enjoy on rare occasions, with the unfamiliar flavours not always palatable to the inexperienced. (Of course these comparisons are not perfect; art music itself is certainly not exclusive!)

Post-rock is your big, heavy steak. Delicious, satisfying and filling, but sometimes so heavy it can’t be eaten for every meal. I find some MONO albums so emotionally exhausting that I can struggle to get through the whole thing in one sitting.

I suppose ambient music is your tisane (herbal tea.) It might not obviously taste of much in small doses, but can have profound soothing effects on you, from warming you up, calming you down, sending you to sleep, or even alternatively making you feel more refreshed than ever.

Good pop music form the deserts of the musical world. Sweet, tasty, and enjoyable… in moderation (like everything else.) An unbalanced diet won’t do you any good. There are plenty of ways in which to make exquisite and original deserts though.
Less original pop music is (somewhat obviously) akin to fast food. Moorish, granted, but probably not full of the nutrients you really need. Eat too much of it and your palate will begin to reject the more exotic flavours available. If you have spent your life listening to three minute long pop songs a Mozart symphony can seem an unappealing prospect.

I have definitely previously compared Skrillex to candyfloss. Completely lacking any actual substance it is just musical sugar and air. I apologise to any hardcore Skrillex (or candyfloss) fans I have offended.

Bringing the gastronomic classification of music to and end (for now!) I would say that the above track is a bag of white sugar. Nothing else, just sugar. (Or sugar and alcohol, like those sweetened vodka drinks you find in clubs, which is exactly where music like this belongs anyway.)
So you may as well just dunk your face in and get that sugar rush you are craving for. I know that I’m hungry for it!

Mashup artist PlusFOUR readily admits themselves that the sound quality isn’t great here, but it doesn’t matter because the mashup itself is wicked. The Youtube comments are nothing but praise and enjoyment, and rightly so. It shows so much skill for an early effort, and I hope they continue onto DJ stardom.
Mixing together efforts by LMFAO, Swedish House Mafia and, yes, Skrillex we are granted something tremendously energetic and incredibly fun. (Click through to the video for more track information.)

Like everybody else, sometimes I do just want a bit of musical sugar, and this is one of my absolute favourites in that category. So go ahead and gorge yourself. Don’t worry, I won’t tell!

Not on Spotify.


Super Bass (PlusFOUR Remix) - Nicki Minaj, deadmau5, and Skrillex

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