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I’m sorry for ruining everything.

Also, the ugly crossing out of the text was intentional hahaha

and the colorings were inconsistent for the last two panels because i did it on a different day and i decided to experiment with colors lmao

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Could you write one where Clarke finds out about Abby and Raven? I love thinking about her reaction.

this got a little out of hand. it was supposed to be all funny. it’s a little serious.
abby/raven, abby & clarke (and octavia/lincoln); 4k words; t; set about five months after the finale.

Clarke is smart. Brilliant, really. And curious, and observant, and just a bit obsessive. It means she’s good at figuring things out, made her a good leader when the hundred first landed. (It’s also the reason she was in the position to be on the dropship in the first place, but that’s neither here nor there.)

So it’s a little embarrassing for her to admit just how long it takes her to figure out what’s going on.

(And why she really, really wishes she could unlearn it.)

exhibit a.

It’s the beginning of summer and Clarke has been back from her little post-Mount Weather sabbatical for a few weeks. The days are getting longer and hotter and so she’s spread out on the floor of Raven’s room, smiling at the feel of the cool metal surface against her skin.

“I am certain I speak for the rest of our people when I say thank you for getting us air conditioning,” she moans.

“I live to serve,” Raven says dryly, and drops her tool box down by the end of the bed.

Clarke looks over at it ready to berate her for being so loud—the large metal case having fallen a tad too close to her ears, Raven—when she catches sight of something peeking out beneath the bed.

“Yeah? Well you clearly don’t live to pick up your socks,” she teases, and points to it sticking out.

“What is it with you Griffin ladies and anal retentiveness,” she mutters, and makes no move to pick up the sock. Clarke’s brows furrow at the weird smile on Raven’s face, but she scoots herself over until she can reach the sock and tug it free.

Only, it’s not a sock. “Uh, Raven?” She holds up the leg warmer—the very familiar leg warmer—and raises her brows.

“What?” she asks, and when she looks down at Clarke beside the bed her face falls a little, lips parting slightly. “Oh. Uh. Thanks.” She reaches down and pulls it from Clarke’s hand before tossing it in her bag beside the door. “Your mom loaned me those the other day when I was working with the air conditioning. Gets pretty cold, you know?” Raven turns back, and slips her hands in her back pockets. “So, we gonna grab some dinner?”

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Wherein bb!Cloud is a bamf who’s more friendly with the lethal local wildlife than his neighbours.

Nibelheim is the place that left a boy injured to the point of immobility on a monster infested mountain because they jumped to conclusions about why another kid went up there and was also hurt. I mean if that’s an example of how he’s treated then no wonder this kid develops anger and self-worth issues