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Ok so I'm a little who is... Not so little if you know what I mean.. I'm scared I'll never be with a daddy because of my size. Thoughts?

My first thought is NOOO. I’m definitely on the chubby side and I have never really had problems with that because I don’t get into relationships with people that are not body-positive. I have seen littles of all sizes, and I mean ALL. I can’t express enough that your size does not matter. Your partner matters. I also am a firm believer that you should not settle. If you are with someone and they seem to be iffy about your body shape or just not really positive or reinforcing in general, get out. It’s truly poisonous and it isn’t worth anything. Daddy helps me when I decide i want to eat better and work out because it’s something i want, and he wants to help me get what i want. However, he doesn’t push it on me, and he doesn’t help me because he wants me to be skinnier, and he doesn’t push me to diet when it’s not something I currently want for myself. Don’t think about your size as a negative in the dating scene. It’s a part of you and it’s just as beautiful as everything else and you simply need to work on finding someone who recognizes that, and that applies to everyone (not just plus size littles). ♡♡

- peach xx


Andy’s 20th Birthday Party
Even though I was sick I had a great time with my fiancé and one of my best friends!

On me:
body suit- forever 21 +
Pants- forever 22 +
Sweater- Kmart

On theexpressionofthoughts:
Shirt- Gap
Pants- Old navy
Shoes- Marshalls