My boyfriend told me he wanted to do couple photos. So of course I swooned.

Next weekend he’s playing at a prohibition themed party, so he thought we should dress on theme for that to promote it. He helped pick out my outfit too. Don’t you love him?

Dress: Forever 21 Plus (about a year old tho) size 2x
Fur vest: Target size xxl
Shoes: Target (a few years old)
Headband: Forever 21 online

I wanted to pair these photos with a relationship post. I’ve gotten some questions about sex and dating and such so why not? 

I met my boyfriend on OKCupid a year ago. He messaged me the cutest message EVER (it involved chicken fingers) and we met each other the same night. We’ve been pretty crazy about each other since then. He is an amazing musician and he shows me so much love and respect and support.

I think one of the reasons why our relationship works so well is that, on my part, I’ve taken the things I’ve learned from past relationships and struggles and identify the things I need to work on. One thing I haven’t gotten down yet is leaving him alone hahaha I’m sorry Aaron, I just really like you. :p

The major thing I learned was not to put the stability of my emotions in another person. He is always there for me when I need him, but if he’s not able to be there immediately I am not going to freak out. A good partner should support and help in any way they can, but you must let the other person work out their problems. If he needs to be alone, I will let him know I’m there, but let him work it out. And it goes both ways. 

I think another major thing in a successful relationship is showing your appreciation for what the other does. I do a lot of stuff for my man and even if he doesn’t want what I’m offering to cook that night, he still lets me know that he appreciates my offer. That’s really important to me. I do things for him because I love him and he’s important to me. Neither of us is putting in more work than the other. We both are honest and show our love in many ways. 

He is everything to me: my best friend, lover, supporter, partner, encourager, and biggest fan. Never settle for someone who doesn’t rub your butt all the time and tell you you’re remarkable. Someone who appreciates your accomplishments and efforts. A person who fills you up with happiness and makes you smile when you’re down. Never let anyone take advantage of your time, money, body, or kindness. 

Also P.S. - To all the girls who are overweight and think they can’t get a hottie: look what I got. ;) 


We went to the punkin patch! 

I’m sure the lil kids and moms were like “ma why they squatin by a punkin” but whatevaaaaa we cute.

My shirt is from Forever 21 Plus from last winter. One of my first purchases in plus size! Jeans are F21 as well - supa comfy. Boots are Target, of course. 

We also picked up some apple cider donuts and cinnamon pecans. Then we headed to Chipotle and cuddled up in bed with our food while we watched battle rap and BET cyphers. 

Good day. :)

Why yes, we are the cutest couple you’ve ever seen! ☺️💖