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This is probably really obnoxious but can you make a complete list of the makeup products you use? Sorry, you're makeup is just unbelievably perfect!

I can post what products I used for the selfie I posted :)

1. MAC Studio fix powder plus foundation
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Dark Brown
3. Urban Decay shadow primer
4. Naked palette (the first one)
5. Maybelline gel liner
6. L’Oreal Butterfly mascara (sidenote: I’ve tried millions of different mascaras, ranging from $5-$70 and this one for like $10 is the best one hands down omg)
7. MAC lipstick in Twig

That’s it :) If I were to list all of my other products it would be too long to decipher lol

oncerbat replied to your post: Ana and her mother.  Leaving for …

She is Lady Tremaine, isn’t she? While it’s never outright stated Cinderella’s her stepsister, it’s heavily implied since Cindy’s stepsister in the Disney movie was Anastasia, plus the Jabberwocky mentions her stepsister later on.

I think it’s heavily implied but never stated.  My guess is she’s Lady Tremaine.  The personality fits and also the threat that Ana can only come back her house if she’s cleaning chamber pots.

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About the anastasia beverly hills contour kit, you can get ones from coastal scents for much cheaper but the same quality if not better, I heard some people had some break outs using anastasia plus it's kinda pricey x

Hey thank you so much i’ll deffo check out their stuff+they ship worldwide so that’s awesome

MUA Spotlight On: Jay Moctezuma

MUA Spotlight On: Jay Moctezuma

I’m more than happy to introduce another male MUA to this series! Everyone meet Jay Moctezuma! Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, Jay has been into makeup ever since he was growing up, watching his 6 sister apply their mascara and lipstick. The outcome and how beautiful they looked really inspired him and created his love for makeup. He’s been doing his own for the past 2 years!



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