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I know a lot of you have been feeling rather ‘antsy’ lately, so I’m wondering if introducing a calendar of sorts here on the main that would map out upcoming events (and plot drops, challenges and prompts, anon nights, chatzy meetups, etc) would be something you all would be interested in? It would never be guaranteed 100% accurate because timelines change almost daily on a roleplay (based on people’s activity AND availability) but it would be a way for you all to have something to ‘look forward to’, instead of sitting around and just waiting. Let me know!


Favorite Video Game Characters (Part 3/?)Sniper Wolf (Metal Gear Solid)

"I was born on a battlefield. Raised on a battlefield. Gunfire, sirens and screams… they were my lullabies.  Hunted like dogs, day after day, driven from our ragged shelters.  That was my life. Each morning, I’d wake up and find a few more of my family or friends dead beside me. I’d stare at the morning sun and pray to make it through the day. The governments of the world turned a blind eye to our misery. But then… he appeared. My hero.  Saladin.  He took me away from all that.

"I became a sniper.  Hidden, watching everything through a rifle scope.  Now I could see war.  Not from the inside, but from the outside, as an observer.  I watched the brutality, the stupidity of mankind through the scope of my rife.  I joined this group of revolutionaries to take my revenge on the world.  But, I have shamed myself and my people.  I am no longer the wolf I was born to be.  In the name of vengeance, I sold my body and my soul.  Now, I am nothing more than a dog.


Aaron + Charlie (feat. Nano!Horn) | 2.15

"Come on, we’ll get you to wake up from this rats maze-"


So i was walking back from a shoot  and a these guys started to talk to me. I never know what to do in these situations so i just like smile and keep walking but this time i stopped and we were talking for a while.

Th guy sitting down, that’s Frank. Hes from Belgium i think that what he said, he had a strong accent and he wass quite drunk so it was hard to  understand him. He can speak french and was sad to find out that i do not.

I didn’t catch the other two guys names but they got mine. The middle guy didn’t say much he just stood there smiling. The last guy he had me in hysterics. He was the one who asked my name.  

I told him that it is Georgia and immediately he was like

"Georgia?..darling don’t make me sing… Georgia…I’m gonna sing!"

Before he had a chance to sing fully he noticed my Camera and started waving his beer around “Take a picture: Life’”

and obviously i took the picture and they told me to post it on the internet with the title ‘Life’

And that’s what i did

Also the dog was so sweet he had previously sat next to me while we were talking.

Basically It just made my day a lot funnier,I’m smiling now and i guess that not all the guys that try to talk to you are idiots and worth ignoring.

i forgot i have a full day tomorrow too, this is not nice i need a day off in between days where i have to be around a lot of people so i can like, recharge my social batteries and stuff but my whole week is slammed- i have class from 8.30-5.00 on tuesday, 9.00-4.00 on wednesday, thursday is chill 1.00-4.00, and friday is the internship trial from 8.00-2.00, i mean, im already so mentally and physically tired from today like how’m i gonna make it out alive 

Being a fan of this band has made me feel: Angry, annoyed, ashamed, anxious, bored, frustrated, miserable, jealous, paranoid and sad…it really makes you wonder why stay? Thing is that leaving seems impossible and I think that whoever their shitty team consists of, is aware of the fact that we all know that those five are talented enough to remain successful and that we will all stick around for something to be revealed…

Sooo you know that vivid dream I posted a few days ago? So I recently ran out of my medication and I have to wait for my mom to send me more and I looked up some info about it…and apparently vivid dreams are a symptom of withdrawal. ayyyy

I follow a couple of loz blogs and they keep posting tp gifs, specifically ones of Ganondorf getting stabbed or pulling the sword he got stabbed w/ out from him and … I know its low res but seeing that stuff still makes me uncomfortable. 

anonymous asked:

It's the 1 in 4 stats, it's feeling like shit for being a man. They don't mean to do it, but some of the stuff does it. Plus other volunteers, they're good people, but I heard about the patriarchy today. I'm not going to argue with people over this stuff, not there, not really anywhere to be honest. As for people to talk to about this stuff, no I don't have anyone. I spend pretty much every day thinking about killing myself. Like I said though, I don't act, it's not something to worry about.

Yeah, that 1 in 4 stat really won’t die, and I can see why you wouldn’t want to bring it up there, even I would be hesitant about doing so.  I want to change people minds about it but a rape crisis line would definitely be a rocky place to start.  

It is good that you don’t act on these things, there’s no doubt about that, but still talking to someone can help with the persistence of toxic thoughts.  If you’d like, you can talk to me.  Just come off anon and let me know you’d like the conversation kept privet. 

Got an email back; I didn’t get invited back for a work trial //didn’t get further down the process for getting the job.

On the plus side, I did at least fight off some of the 79 other people who applied for the one job and I got to an interview. I’ve also paid for the Shriss bunny so it’ll be winging its way through the post to me soon. Meat pig skull 2 was bought last night, so will be packaging them up to post off to their new home :) And it’s a nice and bright and sunny day today, perfect for taking photos. Will have to ask around and see if I can get to a local nature spot or something

Ugh, adulting is hard. So there’s this program where librarians and educators (plus some other people who work for the public) are eligible for student loan forgiveness after ten years. Nifty, right? Well, it’s more complicated than I had thought, and although I have been repaying my student loans for 4-5 years, none of those counted as “qualifying payments.” -.-

I applied for the program a few months ago, and finally got around to applying for a different type of payment plan, one that WILL have qualifying payments, and SHOULD mean that I’ll have my loans forgiven 10 years from now. While this program is awesome and hopefully will work out for me, and I’m lucky to be eligible at all, hunting down all this information myself has been difficult and full of bureaucratic tangles. 

Again, adulting is hard. 

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I also tried an English breakfast while in the UK and … nope. My body isn’t built to eat that kind of food that early in the morning. I need to write a few drafts, see if I have enough material and a clear editorial line before starting a new blog.

I tried the lite version which was just eggs, bacon, tomatoes and something else I don’t remember and I didn’t eat for the entire day, and the guy next to me was having the version with that plus black pudding, beans, mushrooms and some other meat. Idk how these people don’t die because of their cholesterol being that high if they eat that more than once each week…

I definitely had time for a Pitch Perfect phase and this isn’t it but here I am