So I finished supernatural season 1 wow so car accident huh well on to season 2

I need to stop reading spoilers of other seasons!!

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so it's my turn to vent. i've liked this guy for a few months (and it was really obvious) and we talked all the time and have good chemistry. then we didn't talk for nearly 2 weeks, and i log onto fb and see he's in a relationship with some girl...what's a girl to do? - AR

Oh dear. Well first thing is to take yourself away for 10 minutes and have some alone time, whether that time is spent having an epic cry or punching the living shit out of an inaminate object(dont harm living things unless its a spider). Then you re-gather yourself and begin taking rational steps forward.

If you wish to, and as long as it isnt harmful, continue a line of communication with this fella, but always be rational and if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed then just stop, make an excuse to leave and don’t let it get out of control. I will never advise you try the romantic 3-point play and try and steal him as that move in this situation is wrong and immoral.

Over time you will begin to lose the intense feelings you had and they will not be as noticeable, this however does not mean you are off the hook. If you find subtle reminders of his existence set you off, remove them, and carry on rationally. If when talking with him the topic of his gf comes up(and it will, because murphy and his law will enjoy taking the opportunity to fuck you up) then, and I cannot stress this enough, stay calm, humour him with simple answers for 5 mins max and then change the subject to something as far away as possible and move on.

Im sorry that there is no way to magically go “sorry you cant be with her you have to be with this girl” but I will say that Mr Anon Right is on his way, and he’s coming as fast as he can

At their fittest, I guess? I actually don’t know what I wanted out of this.

Hey you guys!

Considering I’ve been collecting manga for awhile there’s actually some of them I don’t want and I’m willing to give them away and I’ll probably sell them for really cheap instead of paying the usual price of 9.99-13.99. Manga is expensive but it depends on what the series is because I have popular series such as Attack on Titan and Hetalia and Madoka Magica and others but I’m only willing to give a few away considering I still like it. I’m really considering selling the attack on titan manga and possibly hetalia. I payed a lot of money for the hetalia ones. I will even sell them in bundles since some of the manga that I have are a series or I have like five of them. I will update this post on what I have because I have to go through it. So if you’re interested stay posted with me. I might even give some away free because I’m just trying to get rid of it but just remember I have to sort through them so I’ll keep you guys updated. 

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Guys I’m exhausted.


I almost fell asleep 3 times in the last 5 minutes.

Plus I have work tomorrow bright and early which is great.

Anyways, that means I can’t answer your question because I don’t want your important questions being answered by soeone who can’t keep their eyes open for even a whole minute.

So look out for my masterpost this Sunday, and if it’s not there, I’,m probably saving it for later or the next sleepover saturday.

I hope you understand.

Have a good rest of your night sweeties <3