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Hey, Z! I'm Plunkie. I noticed you said that you're graduating with a BFA in Creative Writing. I'm thinking of pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing, so I was just wondering if you have any inside tips on whether or not it's a good idea or should I just go ahead and just WRITE. Love the blog btw!

Glad you enjoy the blog!

I myself will be applying to MFA programs for the 2013-14 academic year. But I also expect to go into academia, preferably at the university level, so graduate and post-graduate work is kind of a must for me (unless something else comes along in the interim).

But if you’re not planning to teach, well… If you think you’ll benefit from it, you might want to at least apply to some programs. And then if you get a big enough offer from the university and wouldn’t have to take out a lot of loans, go for it. But if you live in a city like Boston or Chicago or London or Austin (or many other cities), you could look for local workshop groups. I’ve found that getting feedback from friends and strangers alike is immensely helpful. If I don’t get into grad school next year, I’ll probably be in Austin for the next year and look for workshop groups there.

Ultimately, it comes down to writing writing submitting writing writing writing submitting… you get the idea. If you’re lucky and you’ve got the money or you get a great offer from a university, I would say go for it. It can only help your writing, ultimately. But I’m also a total dork and love school.

If you don’t, though, I would encourage looking into finding a job at some kind of publishing house or literary magazine, especially an editing position. I have found editing forty or more stories a semester to be incredibly helpful, both as writer and editor.

Hope this is helpful. Best of luck!

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Do you have or know of anyone who has giffed the scene where Cordelia and Wesley are imitating Buffy and Angel? Because that needs to be forever on my dash/page. Also, LOVE your blog!

Here you go! :D

& Thank you so much! <3<3<3

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Thanks so much for the response! I know what you mean, I do love school. I love the collaborative atmosphere that I've had in my creative writing classes. I mean, I am a PoliSci major but my heart lies with creative writing. I know what you mean, I tend to have as many of my family and friends read my work. I live in San Francisco so I'm sure there are workshops and writer's groups. Again, thanks!!

You’re very welcome. Yeah, I’d imagine SF has some opportunities for writers :P

Best of luck!