Review: Private Reserve Naples Blue Ink

Review: Private Reserve Naples Blue Ink

I chose my favorite color, Private Reserve Naples Blue, from the August International Shipping Ink Drop collection and decided to go ahead and do a full review. I don’t normally go in for bright blues but this color looked like the bluest oceans. I couldn’t pull my eyes from the swatch so I had to take it out for a spin.

I tested it with my dueling Pilot Preras, one fitted with a Plumix…

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ideolgyofamadman said:

Hello, just wanted to let you know I like your calligraphy. I was also wondering what kind of pens, paper, inks and those sort of things you use or might recommend. Again, your blog rocks!

Thanks ideolgyofamadman :)

As to paper, I put together a long-winded bit on that the other day you might want to check out.

Pens… My workhorses remain Pilot’s Parallels, supplemented by the occasional Pilot Plumix, Italic Nib on a Lamy Safari, and a couple Manuscript pens.  The manuscript tends to not create the best seal around the cartridge I’ve found, so it’s not one for traveling at all.  Pilot and Lamy pens are robust enough to be part of your EDC if you choose, although I haven’t attempted to fly with any of them yet.

Ink:  Unless you’re using dip pens, steer clear of “calligraphy” ink and go for fountain pen ink.  LIquitex’ Acrylic Ink works pretty well in the parallels, although I haven’t tried the couple bottles I’ve got in my Lamy or the Plumix.  Fountain-wise, Private Reserve inks and Noodler’s  inks (with the exception of Baystate Blue) work consistently well.  Really nothing sold by Goulet is bad from the samples I’ve tried, although I have found De Atraemenis to be more prone to feathering overall on pages that Noodler’s trucks through.