• 12mm pink silicone tunnels
  • 12mm rose quartz stones
  • 12mm tiger stones
  • 12mm stainless steel sparrow tunnels
  • 12mm amethyst stones
  • 12mm labradorite stones
  • 12mm black silicone plugs
  • 12mm purple silicone plugs
  • 12mm black silicone tunnels
  • 12mm blue acrylic glitter plugs
  • 12mm red/black acrylic plugs
  • 12mm blue silicone plugs
  • 12mm orange silicone plugs
  • 12mm green silicone plugs
  • 12mm acrylic hamburger plugs
  • 12mm stainless jewel tunnels
  • 12mm white acrylic plugs
  • 12mm koi fish acrylic plugs
  • 12mm acrylic clear glitter taper
  • 11mm acrylic blue taper
  • 0g stainless talons
  • 0g acrylic red and blue blossom plugs
  • 10mm (00g) black silicone tunnels
  • 10mm (00g) tiger stone plugs
  • 10mm (00g) stainless tunnels
  • 11mm (7/16) stainless tunnels
  • 0g black silicone tunnels
  • 0g black and cherry wood plugs
  • 0g sono wood plugs (brown)
  • 0g sono wood plugs (black)
  • 0g stainless gold tunnels
  • 0g stainless blue tunnels
  • 0g triwood plugs
  • 0g horn and coconut wood plugs
  • 0g cherry and black wood checkered plugs
  • 0g white acrylic plugs
  • 0g obsidian stone plugs
  • 0g stainless tunnels
  • 6g tiger stone plugs
  • 10g acrylic marble plugs
  • 2g opal stone plugs
  • 2g stainless tunnels
  • 0g tapers
  • 1g (7mm) taper (only one)
  • 2g tapers (I have two pair)
  • 4g tapers
  • 8g tapers
  • 10g tapers

So there you have it. I haven’t worn hardly any of them because I always decided to size up once reaching a goal size, and I never stuck around at any of these sizes. I will still clean them all before I send them though. I am thinking 4$ per pair and 2$ shipping, but if you buy multiple pairs I am combining shipping, obviously. The tapers I am selling for 2$ because I just want them gone. I have no need for them and they are taking up space in my plug box. If you think you can barter with me feel free. If you want anything, but don’t have the money right this minute feel free to ask me to hold them. I doubt I will sell them fast, if at all, and don’t mind doing that what so ever. 

If anyone has 5/8th plugs and want to trade I’d do that as well! 

Message me if at either of my blogs if you need anything at all :D

creoso eska


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