so.. the guy that had me wear my small plug all day had me do a bit more.. while we were both up tonight.  He was teasing me verbally and then had me put my large plug in my tight ass.  He decided I should have bands on my nipples.. then he had me pull like really hard on my nipples.  They really hurt.  After he let me stop pulling my nipples he had me push on my plug to fuck my ass with it.  That felt really really good. Then he let me take out the plug and fuck my ass with my fingers.  I didn’t want to stop doing that but he had me put the plug back..

Oh I almost forgot! He had me beg for his cum! I like cum *giggles* that wasn’t hard. and also when I was cheeky and he had me guess which plug he wanted me to put in, I said the small one, he made me spank myself like 5 times.  and now I have to call him sir

i can’t play with my cunt until tomorrow, and only if he’s listening and from now on, unless it’s being used, I have to have my ass plugged up