Adult Eren for the grown up fangirls ;3 No, I’m lying :B This is for natiwati bc her Eremika fanfiction “Not Over Yet” is beautiful and this how I think Mikasa sees him in the latest chapter. Sorry there’s no Mikasa! But you’re seeing through her eyes, her eyes full of love (I hope, I tried).

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hiiiii can you tell us more about yourself? Your name, interests, dreams, and how you heard about uniq in the first place?

HELLO man someone actually asked haha

So I tried to be a bit mysterious for a while and kinda failed bc quite a few already figured my name is Hanh (MY FRIENDS CANT SHUT UP HUh)

I am very interested in kpop and design, drawing, instruments, as well as social issues!

I dream of becoming a graphic designer and someone you can rely on, someone who can make positive impacts on other people’s life. and also I wanna be fucking 2m tall or sth but i think that is not going to happen soon-

i came across UNIQ when someone reblogged Wenhan’s teaser image (with the sweater on his head) and that was so my style and later I watched everything and they were really cute and silly and whoops here I am! ♥ (a good decision tho!)

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Hi girl!! What are your plans on 5 de mayo??

Well, my first exam is on may 13th so I’ll probably be studying and dying.. or you could be referring to that stupid celebration people in United States have because they believe they are celebrating mexican culture when instead you are making a joke out of yourself and our culture while you drink tequila and eat fake tacos? nah son, in Mexico we barely celebrate 5 de mayo, it was a minor battle in our history (well, kind of big because we won but anyways) it has nothing to do with our culture, and honestly people that “celebrates” it looks beyond ridiculous wearing ponchos (tho, pls send me one, ponchos will look good when I wanna play dress up, I don’t have any of those on my closet). Please, next time you think you are embracing mexican culture while getting mad drunk on “5 de mayo” don’t forget you are also making a living hell out of the lives of thousands of immigrants that try to cross over USA to make a better living for their families in mexico, while you discriminate them, call them “beaners” or treat them like shit because of our race. 

5 the mayo is shit and so are the people preaching double standards such as celebrating it while bashing on the actual culture and people from Mexico.