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Hello everyone!! Just an update to tell everyone I’m not dead! School has been really exhausting and stressful lately…I haven’t even had enough time to play my Majora’s Mask or Bravely Default…;;

Anyways! I’ve had a few people tell me there’s been people getting some hate on here…? What the hell guys? We’re a family, remember that. Even if some of us are on hiatus. Pls remember to get along with each other and love each other. Or else someone’s getting a stern talking to from Papa Toudou. We’re all friends here, yis?

But yis, I just wanted to make an update to say I’m still here, just on an official hiatus - u- . Hopefully I will be a lot more active in the next couple of days/weeks. I’ll also try to remember to turn skype on if anyone wants my name on there that doesn’t already <3 

Until then, get along everyone!!! No hate anons! That’s low. No arguments! Just hugs and biking hell <3


I’ve learned…that it doesn’t matter what the story is, some things never change…sometimes I fall in battle. Sometimes I die hugely, bravely, saving the city from something that would destroy it. Sometimes it’s a small, ironic, unnoticed death— I die rescuing a child from a fire, or tackling a frightened pickpocket.
              The end of the story of  B a t m a n  is, he’s dead.
Because, in the end, t h e   B a t m a n  d i e s.
W h a t        e l s e       a m       I       g o i n g      t o      d o?  
Retire and play golf? It doesn’t work that way. I t  c a n ’ t.

I fight until I drop.
And I will drop.
But until then,
I  f i g h t.