oMG i want a plot like eye candy were muse a has a killer following them around and targeting the people they care about so they go under police protection and muse b is assigned to look after them and make sure they are safe. and like muse b pretends not to care about muse a but is super protective and worried about them all the time. and muse a could possible have a boyfriend already and muse b is super jealous but never says anything bc they are a tough cop. and omg pls

what i really want is a domestic plot. like two teenagers in love who haven’t honestly been together that long but they have known each other since they were kids and just know so much about each other already. and maybe for whatever reason, one of them has their own place and their boyfriend/girlfriend is always around and maybe one is super studious and the other just keeps kissing their neck to get their attention and just cuddles and movies and arguing about who should do the dishes (bc lbr, they may not really be living together but they are really) and whispers of ‘dont go’ when the other has to leave and go home. just i need fluff.

alternatively, i really want a mumu with loads of connections in our little made up town and it doesn’t even have to be all romantic ships, like i would love platonic or family connections and we could have all kinds of pairings (m/f, m/m AND f/f because it doesn’t have to be all sexual/romantic) idk but if you’re interested in either of these then pls like this/message me! hell, we could even make the domestic couple a part of our mumu ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

give me a yeah, you’re dating my best friend but i fuck you better thread

and a my parents hate you so im going to sneak you in at night for quiet sexy time thread

or a wow sexual tension is totally there but were both chicken shit thread

also give me a you’re really innocent and i find that hot as fuck so let me taint you thread

CHRISTMAS PLOTS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
{part of: ❄ twenty-five days of elle}

  • "i didn’t mean to knock you over with my terrible ice skating skills but you have the prettiest eyes and suddenly i’m not sorry at all" au
  • "we kissed spontaneously in times square during the new year’s countdown but also hey you’re hot" au
  • "my tree caught on fire and my house isn’t safe and you’re a hot firefighter who invites me for christmas with your family" au
  • "my friend dragged me to this christmas party but now i’m under the mistletoe and you’re really attractive but also hey a great kisser" au
  • "i can’t believe the only job i could get was as a christmas elf in a mall but you’re my coworker and also have a cute laugh and hate christmas too let’s bond" au
  • "we’re both stuck in an airport on christmas let’s make this the best fucking christmas of our lives" au
  • "i want to learn to snowboard/ski but i never expected my snowboard/ski instructor to be so hot" au
  • "it’s black friday and we’re both waiting at 5 am for this store to open so what’s your story" au
  • "we did secret santa at the office and i got your name and have had a huge crush on you for months and now i’m going to get you the perfect gift" au

  •  sex hotline au where muse a is a phone sex operator and muse b is an awkward freshman in college who wants a taste before stepping out into the real world. what’s meant to be a five minute phone call turns into an hour long fest, featuring several mind-blowing orgasms and learning more about each other than professionally appropriate. muse b gets a part time job just to pay for their possibly harmful sex addiction (or just addiction to muse a's voice) and the two converse regularly for months. one day, muse b hears an oh-so-familiar voice ordering coffee in the line in front of them.
  • cliché best friend’s older brother plot where muse a is infatuated with their best friend’s older brother muse b, who they see occasionally when they’re over to study or for a sleepover. when muse a is a freshman and at their first high school party, they have their first kiss who’s later discovered to be muse b. muse b rejects muse a as soon as they’re confronted, which leaves muse a heartbroken until muse b goes off to college. three years later muse a gets accepted to the same college as muse b, and they see each other once again.
  • classical musician au? like muse a is a highly acclaimed classical musician (piano/violin/etc) who’s lost sight of their love for music, where their entire life revolves around their profession and being technically flawless but bland. muse b is a busker barely making rent every month, and when muse a hears muse b playing outside a coffee shop one day they’re completely captivated by muse b’s music. it’s a love for music they haven’t felt in ages, which is why muse a makes a quick move to get to know this struggling street musician.
  • private school au where it’s the holidays and muse a and muse b are the only two students staying at school during the break. it’s quite awkward as they’ve never so much as talked before, but their secret admiring glances at each other haven’t gone unnoticed by other students. their first conversation results in a snowball fight and they spend the entire break glued at the hip.
  • celebrity plot where muse a and muse b are both successful musicians with humongous fan-bases. muse a tweets an insult about muse b's favorite movie and muse b decides to take a jab at muse a's music. what starts as a fun feud gets blown up by the fans, to the point where there's blogs and accounts dedicated to the two of them getting together.
  • radio host au where muse a is the familiar voice of reason on the university’s popular radio station. muse b admires from afar, from the ace music choices to the heartfelt advice that muse a always seems to have for their listeners. muse b is harshly dumped by their girlfriend/boyfriend one night, and decides to call in to their favorite radio station to whine. the conversation lasts longer than the allotted time for a single caller. on air flirting is a legitimate thing, right?
  • hospital au where muse a is a volunteer at the local hospital because they like to help out, reading children stories and helping them color. muse b is spoiled and bratty with a set of famous parents, and after getting arrested for their reckless behavior muse b's parents order them to help out with the hospital in order to improve their reputation. at first muse b walks around like they own the place because of their parent’s significant donations to the hospital, but muse a refuses to give in to muse b's absurd demands. muse b learns sympathy and muse a learns that people really can change.

will someone please give me an ‘exes who still live together because money is tight and it just gets really complicated’

headcannons include:

muse a crying in the shower and muse b hears them and cooks them dinner

oops we accidentally kissed and now you’re not talking to me

muse b brings home another girl/boy and they seem like a massive asshole (but really, they’re insanely nice and muse a is just jealous)

muse a brings home another girl/boy and ends up sleeping with muse b instead

and many more pls someone give me this

Notorious playboy who only ever has one night stands and meets a pretty girl and really just wants to get into her pants, but she refuses because of everything she’s heard about him, and she’s too smart to deal with his shit and wants a legitimate, stable relationship. He gives in an asks her on a real date just so he can have an excuse to sleep with her afterwards, but she doesn’t do that on the first date, and he just gets annoyed by the challenge and keeps asking her on dates because he’s determined to get her into bed, but he ends up falling in love with her for real.

i just need a “hey, i know you’re dating my brother but he’s an asshole and just playing with you but me, i’m in love with you since 3rd grade" plot?

a “your parent’s running against mine in this upcoming election but we hooked up at a party a couple months ago and this just got a lot more complicated than it should have been” 1x1 please

AU plots based on One Direction’s album, “FOUR” 

  1. Steal My Girl - In which Muse A falls in love with Muse B who’s probably the most popular person in their school. Muse B reciprocates Muse A’s feelings and they started going out. Muse B has everything that someone could ever wish for. Beauty, brains, good heart, basically everything. So it’s not a secret that people would do anything to get the two of them to break up. 
  2. Ready To Run - Muse A is a celebrity to who has everything, except privacy. The media makes up false images about Muse A, and Muse A can never seem to escape it. But as Muse B comes along and makes Muse A realize that what he/she is doing is not what he/she wants to do anymore, they both run away. Away from the rumors, away from the haunting lies, and to a new life where Muse A finally gets the freedom she deserves. 
  3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Muse A and Muse B are ex-lovers. But their relationship didn’t go the direction they wanted for it to go. So Muse A decides that he/she wants to break up with Muse B. It left Muse B with nothing but a broken heart. After some time, Muse A realizes that he/she still loves Muse B, so she looks for Muse B in the hopes of finding his/her past lover and fixing his/her broken heart. 
  4. 18 - In which Muse A and B are are best friends since they both could walk. And as the time went by, Muse A falls in love with Muse B. Muse B didn’t know about the feelings Muse A had harbored for him/her. Now, both adults, Muse A is still in love with Muse B, and doesn’t quite know how to tell him/her. But Muse A takes a chance and tell Muse B, anyway. After all, Muse A wants the love Muse B can make him/her feel when they were eighteen. 
  5. Girl Almighty - Muse A is the innocent one who spends his/her time studying or being a good person in general. While Muse B is the reckless type. The one who pulls a lot of pranks and gets detention almost every day. It wasn’t long before Muse A finally feels something for his/her friend. He/she would gladly brush off everyone’s comments about how he/she shouldn’t fall in love with Muse B. Cause in spite of their differences, there is no one Muse A would rather love than Muse B. And Muse A would even get down on his/her knees for Muse B. 
  6. Fool’s Gold - Muse A had always been the type to help someone without anything in return. And Muse B takes that to his/her advantage, using Muse A to make his/her ex jealous. Muse A willingly agrees, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt him/her anyway. But what Muse A never expected is the fact that he/she would fall for Muse B in the whole process. He/she knows that Muse B would never feel the same way, but Muse A doesn’t regret falling for Muse B, even if Muse B is still in love with his/her ex lover. 
  7. Night Changes - Muse B is a reckless girl/boy who always gets his/her best friend, Muse A, intro trouble. They would go out and drive around town in the middle of the night. Muse B is broken and shattered beyond repair, Muse B had lost his/her innocence far too young after a tragedy happened in his/her family. Muse B often relies on Muse A to help retain his/her sanity. Muse B would often tell her doubts to Muse A, and Muse A would gladly listen to his/her friend’s worries. And Muse A fell for Muse B without even knowing. While they would always drive around town, one night, Muse B made Muse A that whatever they have wouldn’t change. And that is how Muse B unknowingly broke Muse A’s heart. 
  8. No Control - In which Muse A and Muse B meets at a party hosted by their mutual friend. The two met each other and hit it off almost instantly with each other. After a drunken night, Muse A and Muse B wakes up in a bedroom, limbs tangled, shirts halfway up their torsos. The two were confused about what happened the night before, but they started dating anyway. And in the midst of their dating, Muse B makes Muse A feels some type of way where Muse A feels like losing his/her control. Muse B is aware that Muse A loses his/her control whenever he/she is around. And Muse B continues using that to his/her advantage throughout their relationship, often teasing Muse A in delight. And one day, Muse A just finally gives in and it ended up in another night with tangled limbs and mixed breaths. 
  9. Fireproof - In which Muse A and Muse B have been dating for years to the point where they know each other about everything. It drives Muse A crazy to think that Muse B could be taken away from him/her before he/she could pop the question. So Muse A finally goes to a jewelry shop, buys a ring, and hopes for the best. 
  10. Spaces - Muse A Muse B are dysfunctional lovers who would often get into fights over the simplest things. They used to be the happiest pair of lovers to ever walk this Earth, but when they moved in with each other, they see their differences and they would often fight or keep secrets from one another. They grow far apart every single day. But what’s more painful is the fact that they both know that they’re growing apart. The only lingering thought in their head is, “Who’s going to be the first to say goodbye.” 
  11. Stockholm Syndrome -  In which Muse A and Muse are are dysfunctional lovers. Muse A would often feel trapped due to Muse B’s schemes and thoughts that would often drag Muse A into trouble. Muse A gets hurt emotionally on a daily basis with the amount of arguments he/she has with Muse B. And Muse A feels like there’s no way out. But Muse A doesn’t want to let go. She would rather face all the risks and the emotional pain in their relationship rather than going back to her world of being alone. Muse A wants to feel trapped with Muse B. She wants the feeling. In spite of all their differences, there is no one Muse A would love more than Muse B.
  12. Clouds - Muse A and Muse B are a teenage couple who just reached the peak of their relationship. Muse B tells Muse A that he/she doesn’t want to keep things complicated, and that he/she doesn’t want the changes. Muse B tells the other that love is never ever simple and that it always changes. This leads Muse B to break up with Muse A. But after a while, Muse B finally caves in and gives Muse A a second chance, agreeing to take all the risks with them. Now, it is only up to the both of them if they would finally make it work with all the changes, or make the same mistakes. 
  13. Change Your Ticket - Muse B is a friend of Muse A who spent the holidays with Muse A. Muse A spent most of his/her time showing Muse B around their town. Obviously, Muse A is in love with Muse B. Muse B’s feelings, however, are unclear. During the holidays, Muse B and Muse A had the time of their lives. But when Muse B is about to leave, Muse A asks Muse B if he/she could stay a couple more days with him/her in the hopes of finally asking Muse B to be with him/her. The answer is up to Muse B. 
  14. Illusion - In which Muse A is in love with Muse B who is never really a fan of love in the first place. Muse B only thinks of love as an illusion used to deceive people. But Muse A is keen on making Muse B fall in love with them, no matter how hard it is to finally get Muse B to say that he/she believes in love. 
  15. Once In A Lifetime - Muse A and Muse B are ex-lovers who once had the unconditional love. But Muse B leaves Muse A without telling the reason why. And even after months of Muse B leaving, Muse A still feels the same. Muse A still feels Muse B’s presence with him/her. So Muse A decides to look for Muse B and find the answers as to why he/she left. 
  16. Act My Age - Muse A has had a little girl/boy crush on Muse B since they were kids. Muse B had always been aware of Muse A’s crush on him/her, but he/she never really minded, or acknowledged Muse A’s presence at all. Now, both in high school Muse B is already the popular girl whilst Muse A is just an average boy. But despite of all the growing up they had to do, Muse A still feels the same for Muse B. He/she still has the little crush on Muse B. But now, although Muse A is a little bit childish and immature, he/she is ready to confess his/her feelings for Muse B and fight for his/her feelings.

Yeah, I made this because I was bored, lol. So odds are these would suck. But I hope you like it anyway.

i rly want a plot where a girl becomes really close with a super famous band member and fans start to suspect that she’s a groupie but in reality, all she ever does w/ him behind closed doors is have incredibly deep, philosophical convos and eventually he starts to fall in love w/ her and he makes it really obvious and they’re always flirting over twitter and posting pictures with each other on instagram and all of his fans ship it tbh 

Give me a vampire couple that’s been on and off again for like hundreds of years. Like they fight like crazy and break up and not see each other again for a long time but then come back together like nothing has changed and are all over each other in love. They won’t admit it but they’ll love each other forever no matter what, even if they’re not always together.