plot twist


 I am not done reading the book… (I have a hundred pages to go) but I can’t move on without having to share my feels. LIKE THE PLOT TWIST. I NEVER SAW IT COMING LIKE WTHELL. All this time, I thought I was shipping the wrong couple… again. ALL THIS FRIGGIN TIME. The moment I came to the part of the twist, I literally slapped my face and kept saying “Oh my god.” “Why didn’t I see this coming” I sighed, groaned, cursed and the like. My mom was like “What the hell is happening to you” but then I didn’t bother to explain because I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t understand the feeling I’m experiencing right now. I just wanted this to get out of my chest because oh my freaking Gods, I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT. I DIDN’T SEE ANY SIGNS OF IT. Stupid plot twist. haha 

 And if you’re curious of what book I’m talking about, it’s called The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. It’s not bad book, in fact, it is such a good read. I was just furious of myself for not being able to see that friggin twist. ALL HAIL TO THE AUTHOR. 

 (and yes, my dear followers. I have a nerdy bookish side that not everyone gets to witness) 


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