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break fic: Star Wars/(one of the crime dramas). I don't care if it's L&O or CSI, but some Jedi, including a non-human one (Plo, Aayla, Fisto, Ahsoka, whoever) if possible, have basically dropped into their laps, and are ~obviously~ not from Earth. But both sides need the other to help solve a crime/track down a fugitive/etc. Clones optional, a face-palming Obi-Wan is a bonus.

Just Another Case

The day - and the case - are getting weird enough that Rossi would very much like to just have a good glass of scotch. And it promises not to get any less weird.

Word Count: 359
Characters: David Rossi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Spencer Reid, some background clones and Plo

The day is getting weirder by the minute, and Rossi is very nearly ready to find a stiff drink. It isn’t that the case is particularly gory or distressing, beyond the high body count, though that’s stressful enough on its own. It’s not even that they have strange witnesses or relatives or potential UNSUBs - well, so far they can’t pin down much of a profile on the UNSUB, and no one who’s witnessed any of the murders can agree on any of the details.

No, it’s the group that he’d love to dismiss as cosplayers in very good Star Wars clone trooper and Jedi costumes. That aren’t. Because he’d caught a glimpse of an actual, lit lightsaber, and the alien - Reid and Garcia are going to keep him awake gabbing about it on the plane home - is certainly not a human in makeup and prosthetics unless someone has gotten their hands on the original costumes from the movies and haven’t enshrined them.

"And you’re certain our UNSUB is some shapeshifting spree killer from Arrakis?" Rossi looks over the small group again, raising an eyebrow at the Jedi who seems to be in charge of the group.

"Aargonar, actually." Obi-Wan is barely hiding a smirk, and Rossi resists the urge to answer with one of his own. He’d always liked the snarky, arrogant bastard in the movies, especially the newer ones. "A Clawdite assassin, though we’re still not quite certain who they were hired to kill, since this clearly isn’t a planet involved in the current conflict."

"The UNSUB wouldn’t be from Arrakis - they’re too wasteful of resources to be a Fremin. They’d have been far more likely to come from Geidi Prime, if they were from that particular universe in the first place." Reid smiles cheerfully when Rossi gives him a long look.

"Of course they would." Rossi sighs, shaking his head a moment. "So, why are you chasing this shapeshifting assassin, again?" He pauses, glancing at the rest. "And why don’t you introduce your friends, while you’re at it."

Obi-Wan chuckles, and tilts his head, before launching into the explanation and introductions Rossi had asked for.

The case itself is going to take both teams to get solved, and the paperwork will be entertaining, particularly the part where they have to convince the FBI they really were chasing an alien assassin with assistance from two Jedi and the clone troopers under the command of those Jedi.

I’m not actually certain who the non-human Jedi with Obi-Wan is, though I really want it to be Plo.

Obi-Wan and company don’t leave until the reports are filed, though a lot of that involves talking with Reid and Garcia. When they leave, it’s with a tablet holding every Dune book, and the Dune film adaptations, as well as every scrap of Star Wars material, official canon and not, with certain parts of it highlighted. Like Revenge of the Sith, because Garcia has clone feels, and Rossi has a soft spot for Obi-Wan, and because none of them want to think about Plo being killed because they didn’t give him warning.

How things crossed paths, I’m not sure, but wormholes/Force Storms are a possibility, which raises the question of who decided to send the assassin to Earth, or was it a mistake, and either way, did the Jedi notice another Force-user nearby? Or is it just the Force fucking with them all?


He wonders if his General came because they were comrades, or because the intel in Wolffe’s head was much too important to fall in enemy hands…but there is something in the way Plo calls him son
After being captured by Separatists and losing an eye to the Sith, Wolffe struggles to come to terms with the worth of a clone.