So I’ve been thinking about this whole day and I decided Ineed to write it down. Specially for me to put the pieces together but also foreveryone who shares my theory.


·         He’s a man (Or at least I hope so. )

·         He’s a son of Jessica Dilaurentis, Jason’s twin( or Jason)

I really think that the person who Mrs. D was protecting when he/she hit Ali with that rock was Charles. Jessica’s son. This could also be Bethany but I don’t see much sense in this right now. But why would Andrea posted on twitter this photo.

 Update (New idea):

Ok so if Jason, Ali, Bethany and Charles are siblings what if Bethany and Charles knew each other and spent time together. Maybe they were both in Radley, escaped that night and hit Ali because it’s obvious that Bethany hated Ali for some reason. And Mrs. D saw them and burried  Ali to protect them because it was probably all her fault in the first place.

·         I believe that he’s as old as Melissa, Jason Ian because he made liars recreate  the prom they had. The prom was seven years ago so maybe it was his prom too or he was just there and something happened to him.. Marlene also gave us a little clue the day before finale. She said DETERMENT PROM.


There really is a clue we can use from season 4:

·           So if this was a clue maybe this really was Charles by himself. The mime really shows in one moment shows how sad he can be. Maybe that’s a hint too because from what we saw I honesly think that he has some sort of mental disorder. Caused in childhood or maybe when he was at high school.  and angain that DETERMENT PROM.

 „Charles, we have something for you.You should be standing up here Charles. That’S what you want isn’t it? THIS IS YOUR PROM CHARLES. You should be crowned the king.‘‘

This really was the moment when they got him. It all comes to the DETERMENT PROM. So if Charles had a horrible prom (borken heart, loneliness, humiliation) or he didn’t have it at all, this could explain a lot why he wanted that prom not for the girl but for himself and that all he wanted was to feel special and popular as a king. Ali’s king. I’m really thinking that he is obsessed with Ali because why would he forced Mona to pretend to be Ali. He didn’t want to control Mona. He wanted Ali to be his. So he make his Ali. CREEPY I know but it sounds so A for me.

So I really don’t know why is he doing this, but I really believe he’s a sick (if I can say it that way). So in the end it could be a sad story and maybe we’ll feel sorry for him. I woudn’t be surprised. Even when we know he’a a man/boy, he apparently loves dolls and girl’s stuff. This could be Lucas as far as I know. He might have been in love with Ali even when she hated him. I mean even that age could fit. What if he can’t go to school when other kids like Jason or Melissa. He could went later than his age group. And then we know that Lucas had home school (or how do you say that in english).

And why do I think it could be Lucas?

I have this theory since I’ve read this and it could be still right. Marlene uses a lot “Uber A‘‘ what is german. The only person who has german origin based on the name is Lucas. And what did Mona’s voice said in the Dollhouse?  „Welcome, Willkommen….‘‘ This really is the theory that got me.

I don’t know if you can see it as I do. When you forget the fact that he’s Dilaurentis it is Lucas most likely (Jason’s twin ? ) but I don’t  exclude Jason either.

Star Signs According to PLL Finale Reaction
  • Aries:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Taurus:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Gemini:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Cancer:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Leo:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Virgo:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Libra:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Scorpio:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Sagittarius:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Capricorn:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Aquarius:Who the fuck is Charles?
  • Pisces:Who the fuck is Charles?
Pretty Little Theory

So I think Andrew is A and here’s why.

It has been officially revealed that Charles is A. Now you might be wondering, who the hell is Charles? Well firstly, -A is obviously someone we’ve known and seen and has been around, but wasn’t in the season 1 episode 1 pilot. Guess who else wasn’t? Andrew.

Tonight’s episode showed two little blonde boys, significantly different in age, one was slightly older, I’m assuming that’s Jason. The youngest one kissed Ali’s head. How does -A sign off his messages? Oh yeah, kisses -A.
Also, how many blonde boys do we know? Oh yes, only Andrew.

What’s Andrew’s last name? Campbell. What’s the barn that Charles is doing his snooping? Campbell’s farm. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Also Andrew wrote on his resume that he’s good at finding paths, well that would come in handy when your lair is in the middle of nowhere.

A is for “Andrew”


“Wanna say Good Night to your sister? and give her a little kiss? “

“What a good boy you are!”

The biggest clue! I can’t believe I missed it. Harrisburg! All of the pieces fit! Matt Buckler, the A-Train and More!

Sorry this isn’t the best picture, but I snapped it real quick while re-watching last week’s episode. Notice that the card says Matt Buckler and that his youth group is in Harrisburg. I thought, “Now where have I seen that name before?”

Dr.Matt Buckler (probably a senior) is the First Vice President at Radley! It doesn’t stop there.

Remember the ghost train webisode? A is looking over a map. The train route is…

1. Philly

2.The Darkwoods

3. The Hills of Horror

4. The Bottomless Lake

5. Tunnel of Torment

6. Deadman’s Bend

7. Harrisburg-underneath Harrisburg is a sign which says, “All survivors exit here.

We know that in season one the girls began searching for A in Philli. The Darkwoods obviously references the Lost Woods Resorts, or AKA Mona’s Lair. The Hills of Horror was when Mona tried to take Spencer to the top of Lookout Point or Blue Mountain. The Bottomless Lake refers to the Lake House with Nate. The Tunnel of Torment was in Ravenswood. Remember it was a wind tunnel. Deadman’s Bend can refer to either Shana or Mona’s death. The survivors will exit to Harrisburg. Yay folks! This means the A-train is coming into the station.

Remember when Spencer and Em went to the horse stables in Harrisburg? They went to the stable where Mrs. Di kept her horse named Custard. What color is custard? Yellow, just like the shirt Bethany and Ali were wearing that night and the two dresses Mrs. Di bought for Ali and Bethany supposedly.

What’s more is where the PLL lover boys are hanging out.

Remember when Toby decided to go to the police academy? It was in Harrisburg! He told Spencer that he was going to the police academy when she was discussing going to the stable.

Wren worked in Harrisburg. 

Em told Aria that Mr. Fitz was spending the weekend in Harrisburg. What has he been investigating there?

Jake sent Aria a gift from a shipping company in Harrisburg. He bought it while he was in a competition. Shortly afterwards A left him a gift.

A bloody foot. A put knives in his punching bag.

Here is a picture of date. I knew that Paige’s date was a dude. (See my previous post, but I didn’t know who.) Now, I am convinced that it is Jake. The two have the same nose, the same smile. Paige told Em that her date didn’t fit. Well, that is an understatement.

Did you notice the dude-esque looking doll in Mona’s room? It is wearing a pink dress. Meaning that it is a dude! Who else was wearing a pink dress? Paige’s date!

Em’s mom was working at the police station. When she had to appear before the police board, she had to go to Harrisburg. Which means that if Holbrook was in trouble that he went to Harrisburg for a hearing too!

If the police academy is in Harrisburg then that means that both Wilden and Garret were at one time in Harrisburg.

In the last episode, we see a van carrying the girls to a prison. Could the Harrisburg youth van transport the girls?

Here is one of the photos that Wren was coloring in. 

Here is the promo photo from the dollhouse tomorrow.

I think that it is safe to say that they will go to Harrisburg! Marlene said that we would have all of the clues after the finale to piece the puzzle together. It turns out that Tanner is right. It does all lead back to Radley. AND TO HARRISBURG! This was A’s game plan all along. If only I had remembered about the A-Train to begin with. It is an outline of A’s plan.

This photo was in Ezra’s cabin. This means that he knows Bethany or had Eddie Lamb get her one of his pictures. Do I think that he is A? No, but he definitely knows more than letting on. Someone is taunting him with the Paul Varjak name. That is why he went to Harrisburg. Caleb said, “Maybe on your horsey farm.” Ezra had horses. Remember in the Christmas episode when Holbrook was harassing Aria? He said, “Tell Ezra that he has good taste.” I thought that he was talking about the dress, but he was talking about Ali. Ezra still has a thing for Ali.

Is Andrew A? No. He doesn’t really care for Mona and is smart enough to figure out that she is alive. I think that he will wind up coming to the liars rescue. 

Remember the tape with Bethany talking on it. She said, “She is not the only one with a plan.” She wasn’t talking about Ali. She was talking about Mona. Did Bethany create her own plan.

As far as the Hanna is A theory. No, she isn’t A. She knew what Mona was planning. That was why she was so upset when Mona disappeared. That is why she isn’t fighting in jail and protecting Mike. After Lesli testified, she said something like, “She’s just upset about Mona.” Hanna has given up. Maybe she is secretly hoping Mona will turn up and get them out of jail.

I think that A is somehow related to Toby. Toby’s mom loved snow globes. A put the girls’ picture in a snow globe. She went for a stint in Radley. Somehow, Toby knows more about A than he is letting on.

And so we are back in Radley and back in Harrisburg. Cannot wait to find out more. The clues followed the time line all along. Hopefully, more clues will be revealed tomorrow. 

Please, please, please do not steal any of this without giving me credit. I need the followers and worked very hard putting all of this together.

Yall do see the way Charles is built? He is so petite now kill the theories that this is Andrew, Ezra ( when Ezra was helping search for the girls so he didn’t have time to go back and forth ) or any of the dudes before. And I don’t think y’all understand Andrew is the liars AGE, Charles is Melissa Wren Jason AGE. The only thing that makes sense is that Charles is Bethany.


Okay, first of all, the finale tonight was INCREDIBLE. Seriously. It wasn’t one of those episodes where nothing happens until the last five minutes. It was packed full of amazing scenes and several key reveals.

1. Ali told the Hasting parents about A and they are now officially on the case and working with the police.

2. A’s “lair” where he watches the girls in the Dollhouse was discovered by the police, and is at “The Campbell Farm” where Mrs. Hastings apparently used to take the girls to go apple picking. (Andrew Campbell connection???)

And perhaps the biggest reveal of all…

3. CHARLES (DILAURENTIS) IS A. Spencer finds A’s memorabilia room in the Dollhouse and inside is a lot of personal things, like framed photos of two little blonde boys and families and stuff. There’s also a projector, and when Spencer turns it on, a video plays….

Here’s a still from the video!!

You can’t tell in this shot, but they are at the Campbell farm apple picking, and Mrs. D is holding baby Ali, and she says that Ali is the boys’ sister. SO JASON HAS A TWIN. THE TWIN IS CHARLES. CHARLES IS A.

Obviously, something bad happened to Charles. There has to be a good reason why he’s been away this whole time and why his family acted like he didn’t exist.

Now, there’s a possibility that Ali doesn’t know he exists. Remember, we don’t know when Charles “left” the family. She could’ve still been a baby!

But Jason HAS to know that he has a twin brother. They coexisted!! 

He has some explaining to do.