To Wilden


This is a note to Wilden from A. Not to the girls, (the girls didn’t go to a BBQ)

This means that A sent this to Wilden. What I think that it was A telling him to go to the lodge to burn it.

So that would make Melissa correct that he started the fire. Also, that he was being blackmailed by A that he was too stupid to come up with things on his own. That was also the night he died. I wonder if he was killed because he saw Ali that night. I mean supposedly a blond was seen when he was shot. People assume it was CeeCee. No one is going to think it is Ali because she is dead to the world. I think Ali killed him because maybe he saw her and threatened her or she just killed him because he saw her.

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3/21/13 convo PLL hints and clues *must read

 Maya went to true north after Pam found pot in her bag. I think it was her way of telling Toby come find me.

21 Mar       Oh!!! I get it now!! Wow! My mind has just been blown!  

21 Mar       I could be wrong it just really stood out to me that they focused on it.   

21 Mar       I don’t think you’re wrong. I was wondering why they would show the compass on the back of the lighter. Now it all makes sense.  

21 Mar       I’m glad you agree cause I’ve read a lot if theories that say differently and the 3 other people I talked to said no. But it makes sense.   

21 Mar       And the fact that true north was the ONLY one that stood out is weird. It’s obviously a clue. Otherwise Toby wouldn’t have flipped it over  

21 Mar       Right I guess we will find out where or who it lead him to. The best part of this episode was all the parallels to the pilot. That was great  

21 Mar       Like what?!?  

21 Mar       Spencer says the line about hope breeding eternal misery and the Ezra and aria scene when the break up and in the classroom. And some others Also from other episode was Jenna meetin up with shana in woods and the spencer and Toby sex scene and the fire (the Jenna thing) those were The big ones but there were other small lines. I watched the pilot right before this episode lol.   

21 Mar        need to rewatch both. I noticed that the classroom scene was a parallel!   

21 Mar       I thought it was cute that Ezra and aria’s ending was the same as their beginning. Either that was the writers way of saying its a new   

Beginning for them or that they have come full circle and that’s it. I’m wanting to be be that’s it.  

21 Mar       You don’t want them to be together?  

21 Mar       I just think she focused more on him. Then the game. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned by ignore it and it will go away theory to you. Anywho,I think now she can focus on solving things and step up.   

21 Mar       No you haven’t!   

Yes she can focus on solving issues.. And seeing past him. And maybe seeing if he is involved  

21 Mar       Well my ignore it &it will go away theory is. In a flashback of Ali & aria Mona is following them & Ali says ignore it and it will go away.   

Aria always wants to ignore A and more on and never a wants to go to the police. I think because she ignores A she doesn’t get as harassed   

 Because let’s face it she really hasn’t had too many problems with A except for when the group is on to A 

21 Mar       You’re right. She hasn’t. A harasses Emily the worst I feel like…  

21 Mar       Yeah and if A is the one “killing” people she makes sure it’s someone Emily loves. Besides Ian and garret.   

21 Mar       Yes I know. If Melissa is involved though, I don’t know why Ian would have been killed  

21 Mar       Unless there are 2 teams. Taking each other out.   

21 Mar       That would make it interesting. Any ideas how wilden is involved  

21 Mar       He would be on Melissa and Jenna’s side but idk. I refuse for him to be beach hottie consider they mentioned a beach hottie in season 1   

21 Mar       I wan beach hottie to be Ezra. But Wilden is bad news.   

21 Mar       I haven’t even thought Ezra to be the beach hottie  

21 Mar       I want him to be because it could connect him to Ali cuz he was at funeral but didn’t know her or that her and aria were friends. Odd.   

21 Mar       That is odd. They had to have some sort if connection. Why did he say he was there?  

21 Mar       To pay respects. People don’t do that to people they don’t know.   

21 Mar       Oh. It’s still weird.  

21 Mar       Very. Plus he seems sketchy. And hid a lot of his life from aria but always insisted he tell her everything.   

21 Mar       Did you see this on PLL theories??? -What can you tease about what the

girls saw in that trunk in the last scene? Goldstick: It’s a game-changer for our girls and Hanna is the one who will suffer for it the most. She pushed that car in there with

Aria’s help, but Hanna is the resident lobster next season because A is going to chill, kill and grill her.


3/30/13 PLL convo contains interesting Theories *must read

Please enjoy this back and forth conservation of 2 PLL addicts. Go to my blog to see more!


30 Mar      Just thought of this what if they hand being pulled out of the ground was actually Jenna. Ali did say she would bury her if she came back

30 Mar       OMG! Because they didn’t show Jenna the rest of that episode!!! I think Caleb is in the Car!!!


30 Mar       Yeah. Sad:( Maybe Ali put her bracelet on Jenna as to say told you and maybe it was Melissa who pulled her out. But I don’t know who could have been The actual body buried there. I think even though they say they aren’t goin with twin theory I think they are.


30 Mar       I hope not. Ugh!!


30 Mar       I know the whole Ali being “alive” thing is odd. I read a theory where people think because of Ali being tortured and threatened that she

Went into witness protection. It’s not uncommon for the police to fake a death if someone who goes into witness protection.


30 Mar       That would also make sense. And her parents are just playing along?


30 Mar       I would if it was my daughter it kinda strange how they moved from the home their missing teenager lived in before she was found. And they Left her things it her room.

30 Mar       Hmmm.. Wonder if that’s what it is then!!! I’m just ready for next season!!  

30 Mar       Me too. There is just so many questions did you hear about the spin off? Not sure if I can be excited for it.


30 Mar       I saw that they were doing one, but I don’t really get it.


30 Mar       I hope it isn’t related to the pll story I don’t want to have to follow both to understand the other you know.


30 Mar       That would really suck. When does it come out?


30 Mar       They will have an episode after the pll Halloween episode. So I’m guessing during the pll off season is when it would be on that would work

3/22 & 25/13 PLL convo hints clues ideas *must read!

Disclaimer: These were an episode by episode conversation. Many theories go back to season 1 and have since been answered! But these late night convos contain a lot of interesting ideas. Take a look at them all. More to Come!!


22 Mar            Kill Hanna? Omg!! Maybe Ashley is in the trunk. I don’t like that at all.

22 Mar       That’s what I was thinking. Or Lucas.  

22 Mar       Im not sure about Lucas. Although that would be a warning for Mona also.   

22 Mar       Yes it would be.  

22 Mar    Look up the movie Alice sweet Alice. Then look up the mask CeCe wore in the web series it hints towards the movie as does other things. And the plot of the book Lolita and let your mind ponder. I’m starting to think Caleb is in the trunk. He was focused on a lot in the previously on part of the show. Those contain clues. Yet Caleb Wasn’t in the episode. Also Hanna is gonna be the target. They killed maya of season 2 finale maybe kill of Caleb in this one. Plus in the Clips Caleb is injured. Idk. Could be.


3/20/13 convo (pll hints and clues) must read



20 Mar       I just watched it this morning! Like I said I’m not a fan of the twin theory but that’s what it is looking like its turning out  

20 Mar       Yeah. I feel that way too. I have read things about season 4 and from what I’ve read it is going to answer more questions then it makes.   

20 Mar       That’s good! Where’d you read that at? When does season 4 start??  

20 Mar           June 11 and …

Hope that link works also I have just been reading twitter there are article link there.   

20 Mar       So he admitted that Melissa, Jenna, and Shauna are involved somehow???  

20 Mar       Yeah I was thinking maybe there are 2 a teams that don’t know each other but are both ran by red coat. They are all her puppets.   

20 Mar       That’s what I assumed while watching today. What do you think is in the trunk??  

20 Mar       At first I thought Ashley. Then after reading that I have no idea. Could be a body could be anything. Ahhhh so crazy. Lol  

20 Mar       What if it’s Ali’s dead body?! I thought about Ashley too. Or maybe Maya??  

20 Mar       could be Ali’s body which leads them questions who they saw. I like that the man pointed out not All the girls saw her & it causes problems  

20 Mar       He dropped a lot of hints in that interview, but that just left me with more questions!!

20 Mar

I was thinking about the compass that had n w in bold. I looked up what true north meant. And that’s it. Plus the girl in the woods looked

 Like maya or Jenna. I’m thinkin maybe maya is alive. Remember the night Emily was drugged someone was holding her hands in the diner   

 And wrote on the place mat I’m sorry I left you. Just a thought it wouldn’t be the first or second person to be confirmed dead that wasn’t.   

20 Mar       What clue is true north? I do remember that about Emily in the diner. Hmm. I bet maya isn’t dead either!!

3/13/13 PLL Convo (must read lots of ideas)


13 Mar

What are your thoughts in the last couple episodes and the upcoming preview?

13 Mar

I don’t think Toby is dead. I was really freaked out when A took Malcolm, but what Aria hasn’t done is ask Malcolm questions as to who A was

13 Mar

And what A looked like. I think that she will realize that she needs to ask him those kinds of questions and that is how the girls will find

13 Mar

Out that spencer is on the A team. I think that Cece is red coat. I am not a fan of the twin theory, so I don’t want to think its Ali’s twin

13 Mar

But maybe Allison herself because she wasn’t actually dead. I read on a tumblr site that Jenna returns in the finale. Makes me wonder if

13 Mar

Toby will also be reappearing? I don’t know if Mona is trying to harm the girls, or help them. Spencer is only trying to dig deeper. She has

13 Mar

To have a major plan if she agreed to join the A team, though. I hope that Hannah can get Caleb’s dads situation all worked out.

13 Mar

As for the missing person’s case.. I think we will find out that it was someone the girls were suspicious of once again.. Like maybe a Lucas

13 Mar

Or maybe even Jason. I think Jason has to be involved in some way.

13 Mar

I agree with a lot of what you say. I however think Cece isn’t red coat. I mean I just don’t want her to be. I think aria does ask Malcolm

13 Mar

Does she?

13 Mar

Which leads them to spencer. As for spencer being on the a team I feel as though even if she is doing it with good intentions I don’t think

13 Mar

She will be able to get out easy

13 Mar

I mean to say aria will ask Malcolm she hasn’t yet

13 Mar

I think Jason is the dead body also the “John doe” looked a lot like the private investigator. 

13 Mar

What private investigator?

13 Mar

The one spencer hired to follow Toby to the lair. Maybe the a team killed him for finding out secrets.

13 Mar

Oh! I didn’t even think of that!!

13 Mar

I feel like it we won’t know for sure though. I think next week is going to be crazy and leave us going crazy for 3 months.

13 Mar

That’s how they usually leave us!!


Feb PLL Conversations with Megan

15 Feb

After rewatching the seasons & reading things online. I’m gonna stick to my gut that Ezra could be bad. However I believe the main A is Aria


15 Feb

CeCe is no doubt involved in something. Maybe there are 2 A teams. If you go back and watch season 1 there are clues to an Ali twin.

15 Feb

In new flashbacks Ali has straight hair which we all know she wore it curly. Let me know what you think.

17 Feb

Hmm… That’s interesting! You think it’s Aria?!

17 Feb

And Ezra. Together.

17 Feb

Wow. I had always assumed that A was Ali’s twin sister who killed Ali… Like in the books. I had never thought about it being Ezra and aria

17 Feb

I feel like when Ali visited the girls, it was CeCe pretending to be her.H

17 Feb

anna was on painkillersEmily was passed out from the car fumes, and aria from the tea they could have hallucinated and thought it was Ali

18 Feb

Spencer was also are drugs when she saw her. That is a good theory.

18 Feb

I just don’t know what to think! What makes you think Ezra and aria?

19 Feb

There are just so many things. Also, A is big into literature as are they. A lot of the hints have been subtle but they have been there all

19 Feb

Along. Also if you go back and watch the first secret Aria bumps into Ezra at Hollis (before they met) meaning he was in Rosewood when Ali

19 Feb

Went missing he could have had a thing with her (Vivian) look up the book Lolita. Could be a clue. And he went to funeral but didn’t know

19 Feb

I need to watch the first season all over again!

19 Feb

Her and the girls got a text that was a Tom Sawyer reference. A never really does anything bad to them…

19 Feb

Lol you do. The clues are also on the chalkboard

19 Feb

Well.. Remember when they thought there were two A’s? One was protecting them and the other was harming them?

19 Feb

Yeah I’ve thought that too. But I have no idea how to break that down.

19 Feb

I can’t break it down either. Where do u search for info?

19 Feb

Tumblr and  also YouTube has great videos

19 Feb

Wow I’ve never been on pltheories… Just wasted an hour on it!

19 Feb

Lol it can make you lose track of time

26 Feb

Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

27 Feb

I don’t think Toby is dead… Yet. Also, Emily is so stupid and I am so ready for Aria and Ezra to break unless they are A team involved

27 Feb

There is no point to them. I think the body could have been Wilden even though that’s too obvious or Jason. I think Mona was pushing spencer

27 Feb

To Radley to discover something. I think Mona may actually be helping them at this point.

27 Feb

That would make sense.. Mona did lead them to Maya’s website. I do not believe that the body was

27 Feb

Toby, but I just don’t believe that that person was actually dead either. Spencer didn’t even get close enough to the body to see if it was

27 Feb

Dead. I know it’s not Jason’s body because he would have had a wound in that spot from the fire. I find Jason suspicious for some reason.

27 Feb

Do you know where Jenna went?

27 Feb

Do you think someone was in the trunk of the police car?

27 Feb

I was really afraid Ashley was in trunk so glad she wasn’t but yes I think someone was/is. Jenna has been gone a while not sure. I think

27 Feb

Jason is in rosewood still. 


In season three part two (3B) one of the pretty little liars will find out that Toby is A

it is not spencer who finds out however the girl that finds out might tell her…

i think that it could be Hanna that finds out because if you watch the promo you see Hanna in a room full of maniquins with A and she falls but finds something on the ground (possibly something leading to toby)

it could also be Aria because she does get a visit from Alison and shes looks as though she is holding a doll…. but Aria says wait as if she wants to ask her something maybe Alison droped one to many hints…


in the end I think it could be any of the girls but i feel as of right now that hanna will be the one to figure it out…