Vivian Darkbloom - Jenna?

There are theories out there that assumes Alison modeled her “Vivian Darkbloom” persona after Aria but what if it were Jenna instead.

I’ve always thought that Alison and Jenna resembled each other the most out of all the characters. Hair color just being the major difference. They were two Queen Bs that used their sexuality to manipulate people.

Ali was interested in Toby way back when. Jenna was obsessed with him. Maybe there is more here than we have thought.

Remember Jenna already knew Alison when they first met at the costume store. Jenna rejected Ali’s offer to join the group.

Ali looks more like Jenna as a brunette than Aria. Also, Jenna donned the red coat too. We saw that in Emily’s flashback the night she was drugged.

More to Ali/Jenna than we know. And I don’t believe Jenna is all of the sudden playing nice with Ali. That’s a ruse. She’s too conniving and independent to submit to Alison. It’s a plot on her part to get close to her. As they say, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”


So did anyone see that one coming? Alison and Holbrook?

Because I did. Ever since he spoke with her alone in her house all secretively, then it was obvious that Holbrook liked her. And Ali grabbed that one shot of hope and took it. They turned this case against Spencer and made her look extremely guilty while Ali got off free, like always.

But now that the girls have evidence against Alison. Karma’s a bitch ;)


Just because, What are the odds of being drugged and almost murdered by more than one curly haired blonde girl, and them NOT being connected? I hate the idea of them not only being harassed and injured and stalked by everyone involved in the A game, but Nate and Meredith too..that’s some bad luck.

I dont have an exact theory on her, but she could fit anywhere from one of Alis accomplices, one of Ezras, Marions murderer, Black Veil or even another redcoat.

My Wish

This is what I want the last half hour the the FINAL episode ever of pll to be like.

A series of flashbacks of all the A moments but with the faces revealed. Like no dialogue just creepy music in the background and all the scenes that still have us scratching our heads revealed.

Kind of like the end of some horror film where we learn who the killer is and then we see how the killer pulled it all off behind the scenes.

there so have been so many cryptic scenes that I feel it would take a long time. And there have been so may A like people I wanna know WHO did WHAT and WHEN for all the A scenes or every odd scene for that matter.

Could A replacing baby Jesus with a Mona doll be symbolic that we haven’t seen the last of Mona and that she’ll “rise from the dead”? I hope so bc Mona was an amazingly complex character and Janel played her perfectly.

Edit: My other thought is that was just the writers way of paying reverence/homage to Mona’s character because they know how awesome she was. Yet they still choose to put us through this avoidable torture LOL!

Who is the guy in the pink shirt?

Zoom in close. I originally thought Holbrook but another person commented and said it looked like Wren. I have to agree. It does look like Wren too.

So thoughts? Wren or Holbrook. I feel like this person could be KEY.

Alison was missing awhile from the girls at the party. She could have met her beach hottie at the party. Wren or Holbrook?

This person is watching in the background. Kinda like A does.

Wren, is that you???

Christmas theory

Ok so, I watched the last episode of Pretty Little Liars, and I felt like something did not fit. In this Christmas episode we can see a letter Bethany sent to Alison, implying strongly that Ali was the one to attract her to Rosewood the night she got murdered and that she is the one who told her to put the yellow top she wore.


"Dear Alison,

Is it labour day yet? I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have something to look forward to. I’ve been biding my time with art I found a sketchbook in the art box last week, and I’m just a few pages shy of filling it.

I’m counting the days until I can get out of here. Did you tell your friends I am coming? I can’t wait to meet them I just want to feel like a normal person again.

Did I already thank you for the clothes in my last letter? If not, thank you times a million yellow is my favourite color.

Can’t wait to see you xo – Bethany” (great thanks to tumblr user wunderlan-d for the pic and the text)

But I can’t shake off the face of Alison when she discovered in episode 5 that the dead body in her grave was the one of Bethany. And unless she is –A or hiding a huge secret (like murder level) there is no reason she would never mention her to the girls, especially when she wanted them to help her find out who –A is at the very end of season 4. But most of all, it is clear that Bethany hated Alison in the records and files Mona and the girls discovered.

So my theory is that –A wrote and put this letter in this box. And to go further I believe that Mona never left any notes to Hanna, but that –A wrote those themselves. The plan to Ali’s house? Where to look at to find clues? Big –A material. Also what kind of lawyer just drop some envelope on a Christmas night, without checking any ID or making sign any paper anyway?

I also believe that –A went to Alison’s house to check if the girls fell in this trap. Why not harm Spencer or Hanna? Why the knife then? Why staying? I think they just came to be sure that they discovered the letter that incriminate Alison.

And to conclude, this letter is a literal “get out of jail card” for Spencer, which she mention before –A gave them the “glass snowball”, and is the best gift someone could have get her. After all –A wished them “Merry Christmas” at the end of the episode, something you say when you give a gift to someone.

Also do not forget:


Tell me what you think about it!

How "A" Stole Christmas

What caught my attention most: 

When Spencer and Hanna, were snooping around Ali’s house, 

the show made it clear that “A” was there WITH A KNIFE. 

however, when “A” went after Hanna, “A” did not use the knife…. 

"A" simply, knocked her down and when Spencer found her, it looked like Hanna saw something she shouldnt have or was surprised… which leads me to believe Hanna knows "A."


Big Clue: Ezra’s “Friend’s” Cabin

1x01 - Wren/Spencer Conversation

"Wren : Tough day at school.
Spencer : Tough field hockey practice.
Wren : I rowed for oxford.”

Sparia are holding rowing paddles at the cabin when they were scared A was coming in on them.

Ezra’s “friend” is Wren. I am convinced.

fatal finale - i'm done.

This is a rant. So, sorry if you were hoping for something else. This show has frustrated me for the past two seasons and I think I am officially done. Here’s what’s bothering me right now…

The writers have no concept of time. This is the third season that the liars are in their senior year. Emily dug up Ali’s grave in episode 3x01. That was the episode the liars summer vacation ended, and they officially became seniors. And we are supposed to believe it hasn’t even hit December yet in Rosewood? We are really supposed to believe that season 3 Halloween train was just a couple of months prior to this episode (if that). That is literally impossible. I mean think about it, everything with

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