So there I was, sleeping peacefully. When suddenly I am awakened by a weird noise. So in my sleepy state I was all “Hmmm what a weird sound, OK back to sleep”, but then it sounded like somebody was trying to breathe really hard, so then I thought: “OMG MY DOG IS DYING!!!” And then I realised “HOLY CRAP ITS MY DAD” so I jump out of bed and almost squish Wido in the process. BUT don’t worry! My dad is fine he was just chocking epically on phlegm. But I got quite a fright.

And then =D the next day! We left for Natal! MY COUSIN GOT MARRIED!! It was such a beautiful ceremony and the bride looked beautiful and my cousin looked very dashing indeed. The food was AMAZEBALLS. And the cake changed my aunts life, she was going crazy for it LOL and the photographer …
So at the wedding there was this 5 person choir and they kept popping up EVERYWHERE singing! LOL! And then one of the guys in it kept staring at me, and they were all friends with my other cousin, so he introduced us and when he introduced me the guy was like “Oh yes, we know aaaaaaaaalllllllll about you”. Kinda freaky, not gonna lie. But turns out he’s gay … so I was kinda confused.

We only got home at 3 in the morning and now I have to study for an exam … yay
Bless your face ;)

ToR pick up at PLegM today. Good to be back! Kahit mga 15mins lang. ✌️ (at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila)