To fight ableism, I pledge to call the cops on anyone who parks or stalls in a handicap space without a handicap permit or license plate. It’s illegal, immoral, and not okay under any circumstances, not even “I’ll only be here for a minute” or “I’m just waiting for my friend (who is able-bodied).” No. You deserve to learn your lesson and to pay the price.

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The Crucifucks-Democracy Spawns Bad Taste

You make things miserable everyday. 
You make me sick with the things you say.
You stand for the anthem at the old ball game,
And your Pledge of Allegiance is so fucking lame.

This kind of freedom is perfect for you
As long as you can get away with what you do,
But everything you do is in such bad taste, 
And it’s your fault the media is such a waste.

Be a good American-fuck off! 
Be a good American-go to war!
Be a God-fearing citizen-kill someone,
Or kill yourself-‘cause you’re such a fucking bore. 

You nearly drove me crazy in your asshole schools,
Grooming us all to be fucking fools. 
Working for the government as zombie tools, 
But we won’t be satisfied ‘til we trash your rules.

Put a gun in my back, and I’ll do what you say,
But I’ll burn down your house if I get away. 
Throw me in jail, and I’ll spit in your face
'Cause anarchy is gonna take your fucking place. 

Be a good American-fuck off! 
Be a good American-go to war!
Be a God-fearing citizen-kill someone,
Or kill yourself!

I just want to say that it’s amazing to see Grace and Chester stand up and inform people about a wonderful cause. Seeing them be so passionate about the topic is amazing and in some way is helping out a lot. These two are truly amazing and great role models.

Go to to find out more information about this wonderful campaign and take the pledge.

Just two days after Scotland voted No to independence, some Scots are already worried about the U.K. government reneging on campaign promises.

55% of Scottish voters decided that Scotland should remain in the U.K., in some cases thanks to a pledge by Britain’s top three political leaders. This letter promised that if Scots voted No to independence, the U.K. government would give more powers to the existing Scottish parliament.

So far, more than 44,000 people have signed an online petition for English politicians to stick to what they offered in the event of a No vote. But within hours of the referendum result being announced, Conservative members of parliament were already rebelling against this promise.


ICNG: Sticky situation

Daniel Nadez can never catch a break! Caught in between his Fiancé, Michelle Palmer, and his partner on the job, Naomi Anderson, he is sure to have his hands full!

Michelle is 29

Daniel is 28

Naomi is 27

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A week or two after 9/11, I got sent to the principal's office.

That was my first time. 9th grade.

Because I “disrupted class” by not standing for the pledge of allegiance.

All I knew was that my dad was going to Iraq and that it was possible that he wouldn’t return.

At that point in time, I had no allegiance.

My disruption was, “Pledge these nuts.”

63 Texas Republicans Put It In Writing: Marriage Equality “Could Lead to the Recognition of” Pedophilia & Incest

Last Monday, Texas Republicans proved once again that they have little grasp of reality when it comes to the consequences of marriage equality.Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage was struck down in February, but U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia suspended the decision pending an appeal from the state. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has pledged to reinstate the ban, and 63 Republican lawmakers who are part of the Texas Conservative Coalition want to show their support.

So they did — by signing an amicus brief asserting that marriage equality could lead to pedophilia, incest and polygamy.

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How to recover from an affair? Start with an apology


By Amy Dickinson

September 20, 2014

Dear Amy: My husband of 34 years had an affair with a co-worker, lasting for a year. He has had at least one other affair that I know of. With the aid of a therapist, I confronted him, and he said the whole affair was a terrible idea, and that he wanted our marriage to stay together. He agreed to cut communication with the woman. She moved away.

A year later, after working hard (on my end) to try to repair the marriage, I found out that the two of them had been having long weekly phone calls that my husband had gone to great lengths to conceal. I said that if he felt compelled to continue the calls, I would leave the marriage.

Fast forward another year. The calls continued in spite of repeated pledges by my husband that they were not occurring. I confronted the scarlet woman and told her to cut it out, or I’d spill the beans to her husband.

She did.

Here’s the problem: My husband has never apologized for his actions. He says if he is warm and loving, that should be enough for me, and I should get over these events.

My husband is pleasant enough but is hardly warm and loving. He continues to have multiple phone numbers and multiple e-mails in his name. I’m not accusing him of romancing women, but I feel insecure. If I try to bring up our relationship, my husband refuses to talk because he says all I do is tell him that he is a horrible person (that is not true). He refuses to talk with a therapist.

Any hope here? — Saddened

Dear Saddened: I do have hope — mainly for you. Your marriage? Not so much. Your husband seems determined to deny you the healing and intimacy you desire. Catching him, catching him again and being proactive in driving off his mistress is pretty exhausting. You are expending all of the effort to keep your marriage going. He is passively letting you.

"Pleasant enough" isn’t a very high standard in a spouse. "Pleasant enough" is the ultimate standard you set for your dental hygienist, not your husband.

You need to value yourself more. An apology is not the MOST your husband can give to you; it is the very LEAST he can offer. And he is not even willing to do that. Reread your letter to me. Continue with your therapy. And then do what you want to do.

ItsOnUs - Grace Helbig

"The message if the campaign is that its on all of us as a community to prevent sexual harassment. its on us as adults to teach children mostly males that their masculinity is not these old very wrong standards to boys use to be taught there dangerous and girls use to be taught their dangerous. Were all human beings is what we need to be taught and a certain level of respect among humans as humans is the only thing that matters. There is absolutely no time, place, or reason for why a man should ever raise his hand or harass a women or a man for that matter.”       - Grace Helbig (X SaturDIARY)

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SPN10 Countdown Challenge (8/23): 
Day Eight: Rock and a Hard Place
Use of colour

"They used to beg to stay pure for me. And now I have to drag them kicking and screaming. And they’re not even real virgins. They’re born-again."

Almost everyone in that episode wears blue at some point. Except Jody. She doesn’t claim to be a born-again virgin, she just enjoys church for what it is to her. Sam’s case is an interesting one; in contrast to Dean he wears a blue jacket over a different coloured shirt. He might signed the Purity pledge but he sees himself in no way different than before. So why the jacket if blue symbolises purity? That is right, because Gadreel posesses Sam. As Anna said back in 04x10 grace is “pure creation” after all. 

Dean wears his shirt under the jacket similar to Suzy’s top under her sweater. They both see themselves as born-again virgins and fail to keep that promise they made to themselves and get caught by Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth.

Vesta doesn’t take virgins. She takes people who claim to be “pure” when they’re not. She punished the ones who impose that vow to themselves and fail. The ones that broke their promise to themselves again.

One could say it applies to Dean because of what happened between him and Suzy in this episode - but one could also interpret that Vesta took him because he thinks he failed his self-imposed burden of keeping Sam save once again by letting an angel posess him when it was the only way to keep him alive.