We started out with a full tank.  By full, I mean 6 or 7 fish in a 26 gallon tank.  One by one, they all died off.  Except for the catfish.


I thought we lost the others due to getting 2 plecostamus-it took two before we realized how much they dirty a tank.  (Note to self:  NEVER take advice from the Petsmart girl.)

And so I’ve thought for the past few months.

Until today.  When I found “Kat”s diary:

Day 1:  Digging the new place.  A lot of cool new friends, although some of the Danios are annoying.  Still, there’s plenty of room and places to hide if they get out of hand.  I think I’m gonna like it here.

Day 5:  Well, lost the first new friend today.  Poor tetra went belly up.  I wonder if the humans will replace it.

Day 14:  The humans replaced it, alright.  This pleco’s just a baby, but boy, does he go to work cleaning!  Phew, I needed the help.  And a new friend.

Day 21:  Lost all but me and the other catfish.  The humans found the pleco first, then the others.  The humans saw the white flecks and naturally got out the water treatment for ich.  I tell ya, it’s a good thing I’m a catfish.

Day 28:  Humans restocked the tank today.  Another pleco, a little bigger one this time, some more tetras.  It’s nice to have…companions again.

Day 37:  The new batch is gone already.  Even the other cat that survived the first wave couldn’t escape this time.  I hope they restock the tank, soon.  Once again they blamed it on the new pleco.  Once again they treated for ich.  Once again, I wait for new victims.

Day 52:  They haven’t restocked the tank yet.  I think they’re onto me…