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To the anons about Dylan smoking: Now, I am not sure what has been going on about Dylan smoking and all that, but its HIS life. I am not trying to promote smoking, but just because you smoke doesn't mean you are going to die of lung cancer. Most of my aunts and uncles smoke, and have been smoking since they were 18. And they still have no problem with their lungs. Some people get it and some don't. But is it any of your business? Just because he is in the public eye, doesn't mean it is.


thranduil when receiving a death threat

thranduil when his son leaves him

someone got their priorities set straight

do you want to see a movie where you have no idea what is going on for the first forty-five minutes? jupiter ascending is the film for you! other highlights include:

  • a ten minute long spaceship fight with no context or purpose, which destroys a city. “no one will remember” channing tatum growls as they leave the city, as if youtube does not exist
  • "here’s a latke for you, bitch"
  • someone using a menstrual pad as a bandage by slapping the sticky part onto the wound, leaving the actual blood-absorbing part just kind of…waving around
  • actors chewing the scenery so hard i’m surprised beautifully over-constructed bits of space metal aren’t just falling out of their mouths
  • a man trying to shoot thousands of bees in the middle of a cornfield
  • a gun that makes dog noises. it barks. the gun barks. 
  • oedipus complexes so beautifully twisted and terrible that you will spend half the movie mouthing “oh my god” to yourself
  • related to that, the climactic line of the movie is “i’m not your damn mother,” so take that as you will
  • a breathtakingly gorgeous and complex universe used as a background for a romance between woman and a man. granted, the man is a wolf angel. but still.
  • I CREATE LIVES……………….
  • [whispers] and destroy them

corey “diva’s will make there own chances in time” graves, as if the women on the main roster aren’t already trying to make their own chances and are being continuously denied, as if nxt talent has been treated as well on the main roster as they have in developmental, as if wwe higher ups actually care about nxt women, or nxt wrestling in general.

this mentality is absolutely part of the problem because it insinuates that the reason the women on the main roster aren’t getting the time and respect they deserve is because they aren’t trying hard enough, and not because wwe management hates women and blatantly refuses to give them the same opportunties they give male talent.