It has come to our attention that the event isn’t progressing whatsoever. We can’t really tell if it’s because we aren’t present enough to push you forward, if many of you are too busy or if it’s just because of lack of interest - anyway, something needs to be done so the group can move forward.

We would ask you to please like/reblog this post if you are still interested in investing some time into the event and we will try to come up with a new game plan involving only those who wish to participate.

Fangirl Challenge // 30 Days of Rizzoli & Isles

Day 1: favorite season
Day 2: favorite episode
Day 3: least favorite episode
Day 4: favorite character
Day 5: least favorite character
Day 6: funniest character
Day 7: funniest moment
Day 8: most heartbreaking moment
Day 9: favorite parent/daughter moment
Day 10: favorite promotional photo
Day 11: favorite promotional video
Day 12: most bad-ass moment
Day 13: most pathetic moment
Day 14: favorite friendship
Day 15: favorite DVD cover
Day 16: favorite Maura Isles outfit
Day 17: favorite Jane Rizzoli outfit
Day 18: favorite minor character
Day 19: favorite poster image
Day 20: favorite headcanon
Day 21: favorite AU
Day 22: a moment where everything changed
Day 23: favorite case
Day 24: favorite “bad guy”
Day 25: favorite quote
Day 26: favorite crime scene
Day 27: favorite Maura Isles moment
Day 28: favorite Jane Rizzoli moment
Day 29: favorite Rizzles moment
Day 30: anything you want


NaruSaku Week/Smut Week?

If there were one NaruSaku Week of the year, around what time would you want it to occur?

We could always wait and plan for next year, making April 3rd, our official holiday, a weeks worth of celebration.

Or, we could get together and create a NaruSaku Week at a different time of the year.

Another important question, would you participate?

There has been so much fandom participation lately, but if we’re going to do an entire week, we have to know if people will stick to it. Would it be easier for a ‘week’ to mean 3 days instead, for example. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Please either reblog or answer the question, likes do not help. We might not be the ones planning it, but it’s nice to know how much activity we should expect and what we should plan for.

hello friends! tonight from 6 PM to midnight, i will be participating in relay for life. i plan to walk for the entire six hours without stopping, and it would mean a lot if anyone could contribute to my fundraising. my relay page is here where you can read about why i’m participating, and donate if you have the money, even if it’s only a dollar :) this is a cause that’s very important to me, and i can’t wait to walk tonight even if it’s going to be ridiculously cold.

I'm thinking of hosting a couples fitness challenge!

I just asked my boyfriend if he’d want to host it with me so I’m just waiting for his response but I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in joining it!

Couples mean any duo so it could be boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, or family members. As long as it’s you and one other person. The purpose is to have an accountability partner that you know so you can support each other.

It wouldn’t start until mid May or the beginning of June because I won’t be back home for another two and a half weeks, but I wanted to get started planning.


I’m really excited. I hope I can get enough people to participate! !