Two of the SWA mods are going to Dallascon on September 19th and we’re putting together a booklet about Sam to give to Jared. We’d love to include entries from the fandom about why you love Sam Winchester, how he’s helped you, or even how Jared has inspired you.

For your entry to be included, simply make a positive post about Sam or Jared on your blog and include the tag sammybooklet (one word) in the first 5 tags of the post. It can be as short as a couple sentences, or as long as 150 words. Due to space constraints, we ask that the word count not be any higher than that. Be sure to sign your post with whatever moniker you’re comfortable with Jared seeing. Please do not send your entry directly to this blog. (ETA: exceptions)

Because we want to finish compiling the booklet soon and have enough time to get it bound and laminated before the con, we will be accepting entries until September 10th. We cannot include anything after that date.

Also, you do not have to be following this blog to submit an entry for the booklet, but you DO have to reblog this post and tag it as #SWA so we know that you have read and understood the guidelines. We hope to take pictures of the finished product and post about giving it to Jared after the con :)

Finally, because this blog recently had it’s 1 year anniversary and we a hit a big follower milestone, we’d like to thank all our awesome mods for their hard work and dedication to making this blog great. And in thanks to all our followers for their support and love, we’ll be selecting the authors of our three favorite Sam-related entries to request a gif set from us, so have your askboxes turned on! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Rose & Ela


Fangirl Challenge // 30 Days of Rizzoli & Isles

Day 1: favorite season
Day 2: favorite episode
Day 3: least favorite episode
Day 4: favorite character
Day 5: least favorite character
Day 6: funniest character
Day 7: funniest moment
Day 8: most heartbreaking moment
Day 9: favorite parent/daughter moment
Day 10: favorite promotional photo
Day 11: favorite promotional video
Day 12: most bad-ass moment
Day 13: most pathetic moment
Day 14: favorite friendship
Day 15: favorite DVD cover
Day 16: favorite Maura Isles outfit
Day 17: favorite Jane Rizzoli outfit
Day 18: favorite minor character
Day 19: favorite poster image
Day 20: favorite headcanon
Day 21: favorite AU
Day 22: a moment where everything changed
Day 23: favorite case
Day 24: favorite “bad guy”
Day 25: favorite quote
Day 26: favorite crime scene
Day 27: favorite Maura Isles moment
Day 28: favorite Jane Rizzoli moment
Day 29: favorite Rizzles moment
Day 30: anything you want