30 Hours in VanCity

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so I did this maybe kinda cool thing that I thought you guys might like? I spent 30 hours in Vancouver, trying to do as much as I could in so little time. I took video clips and voilà. 

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*Richard listens attentively, waiting to hear about what others have to say about him*

No, really the picture itself is kinda irrelevant, I just like to have it there. Most of the images in the post, however, come from Google.

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Day 18: A Favourite Quote about Him

you guys wouldn’t believe if I tell you how much time I have spent trying to find a particular quote…

Anyway reading today’s question, I’ve realised something; though I have heard nothing but praises by almost everyone, who is fortunate enough to work with him, that I can think of , and yet I don’t have the slightest idea of what exactly those praises might turn on to be. Naturally, I did a bit of a research.

For me personally, I’m more interested about what his fellow co-workers, be it actors/actress or anyone else who is involved in the production of a film, the crew, than what the critics or media thought of him. So, I’m leaning more towards that.

But before I start getting all serious about his humbleness and devotion to the role, how about we talk about this particular quote first?

“ I have the privilege of seeing Richard Armitage dance. And it was actually a great fun, because he looks just like a dad” - John Bell at the 2015 Comic Con before he graciously gave us the demonstration of Richard’s “moves.”

(x) or you can access to the video footage here x

I think the Hobbit Trilogy gives us an opportunity to hear what others think of dear Richard, perhaps because they had to spend a great deal of time together, not just the shooting but all the boot-camp and living near one another.  KatharineD did this awesome compilation about quotes on Richard Armitage found here x which I would  like to borrow some of them that I’ve found particularly endearing for me:

“Its strange, because in real life he’s so quiet, and he’s very unassuming and shy, and yet you put him in those boots and that coat and give him a sword, and he immediately assumes an incredible authority … He always walked like Thorin on set, and when he’s Richard, he walks in a completely different way.” -  Peter Jackson in New York Daily News  ,11th December 2012 

 “Richard is an incredible actor. Every day he gives you something new. You can write a line, and he can transform it and take it far beyond what you thought it was going to be. He worked really hard to get to the heart of his character, to understand what motivates Thorin and how he feels. I think he achieves it beautifully.” -  Phlippa Boyens ( guylty’s comment on the same topic)

“Richard Armitage is a lovely guy. Some weeks ago I mailed him a question and two minutes later he mailed back and said: ‘Sorry, I can’t answer at the moment but I’ll come back to you as fast as I can.” –  Adam Brown, Hobbit Con.

There also a page where German fans kinda collect the things people said about Richard, which is quite brilliant. Here x.

Fruity Like Adobo Isn’t  also posted something nice Peter and Martin had to say about Richard, (x) which I think deserve to be mentioned in this post, here. 

Peter Jackson on choosing Richard Armitage:

“We auditioned the role of Thorin and saw many, many actors and Richard really managed to capture for us the very important sense of nobility because he is essentially playing a king, but also the conflict as to whether or not he has the ability to lead these dwarves on this very difficult quest, a small number to fight a dragon, to reclaim a homeland, it’s a very noble thing he’s trying to do but he doesn’t really have the resources. Also, with the character, there’s a sense of honour, the quiet honour that Richard carries which I think is absolutely superb. As an actor, Richard is one of those very rare actors in which he uses stillness and he uses quiet to draw your eye. There can be a lot of things happening on the screen, there can be many characters on the screen, and yet Thorin in his stillness draws your attention. It’s a very, very rare skill and he’s somebody when he’s on screen your eyes go to, you want to watch.”

Martin Freeman on working with Richard Armitage:

“It was very easy, working with Richard. What Peter just said about what he brings as Thorin is partly what he brings as a person which is that he has quiet determination. He respects himself and others, he respects others when working but he holds onto this strong core of himself, actually. He’s about the least arrogant person you can wish to meet, very self-deprecating, and he’s always up for what you’re going to bring to the scene.

“I went to the gym with him once, and there was a few of us there, and we had to do these circuits around the gym with this insane, psychopath of a gym trainer, and I was busy dying about half way round. And I nearly did pass out, I genuinely nearly did, it was only a sports drink that stopped me from rolling on the floor. And Richard had sort of quietly completed the entire circuit with only slightly breaking a sweat; he sort of admitted he found it hard but what I really admired about that was that he wasn’t being macho, he wasn’t being butch, but he just quietly got on with it. And that’s kind of how he treated the 18 months on the job, really. All the trials and tribulations that inevitably come, which is the day-to-day making of a film, it’s tiring, you miss home, et cetera, but he was very stoical about it, which again is a great thing for Thorin. So there was a good marriage of Richard and Thorin there, and I enjoyed working with him very much. What I always think about Richard is that he is essentially a decent person, and I can offer someone no higher praise than that. He’s a good human being. I like being around him.”

~ during the Japanese press conference of The Hobbit, as transcribed by Yuko Kato. 

This one is taking me forever to find the quote, I remember reading about it here on Tubmlr just a few days (or weeks ago) but I came back and couldn’t find it anywhere. I think this quote illustrates perfectly about how ‘professional’ and caring for others he is.

“Richard and I just understand each other quite well. He allows me to say what I think about my performance and his performance without getting angry about it, and the other way around. I often will ask him if there’s something he can suggest to help me out, or if he can give me a reason. If I’m finding something difficult, I can ask him why he thinks that might be. We have a very good friendship as well. We laugh a lot together. And, he’s just very professional. He really, really prepares his work, and he’s very generous. He’s prepared to help you as well. He does whatever he needs to do, to make things easier for you, which is just wonderful, really.” - Lucy Griffith on working with Richard in Robin Hood (x)

How about we end this post with the quote from the critics? I particular adore  Phil Willmott’s review of the Crucible, especially on John Proctor.

“Proctor is a star part that requires a exceptionally powerful leading man. From the moment Armitage looms out of the twilight, tall and craggily handsome, tortured and blunt, wary but calculating it’s as if a force of nature has been released on to the stage. You can almost smell the soil under his fingernails; he exudes a brooding sexuality that is all about graft, sweat and emotional suppression. His encounters with his wife are heart-rending in their disconnection, his scenes with his young, sometime mistress crackle with a fearsome erotic charge. As the do-gooders set out to break his spirit and destroy his reputation you can see the shards of agony etched into his every feature.I don’t expect to see a finer performance this year.” (x)

You know, for someone who hated math in school as much as I did, I’m sure doing a hell of a lot of it these days.

And I’m not sure if the fact that I’m doing it for throwaway lines in a Star Trek fanfic makes it better or worse.

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Kuroha and konoha twin assassins having some sexy time with shinshin

(( rosama625 this was the thing I was talking about))

((since im already doing kagepro drabbles))

((i might as well :D))

((obvious nsfw with whore!shin so))

“If you value your life, you should stay quiet.”

“The funny part is, I don’t.”

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Time to Go (the promise pt 6)

A/N: I’m so so so sorry this took so long to put out, but please tell me if you guys are even still reading this

Part 5


   You nearly made it through the whole list over the past three weeks, going to Disneyland, and even convincing Cas to play laser tag with you guys. It went by in a blur, and you tried desperately to slow it down. It felt like every morning you woke up, and in a blink it was all over. You attempted to hide your panic from the boys, but it was hard when you spent so much time with them, it felt like you were wearing a mask half the time. You were only getting worse, and although you knew this would happen, it didn’t make it any easier.

   You were supposed to go to the zoo one morning, after nearly three weeks in California. You hardly slept anymore, but sometimes pretended to when Sam got up so that he wouldn’t worry. He was currently taking a shower, and Dean was out getting breakfast.

   He arrived shortly with coffee and a paper bag when Sam got out of the bathroom. “Hey (y/n)! Guess who got your favorite?” Dean said with a smile, pulling out a donut. He looked at you with a grin like a child. “This is your favorite, right? Chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Not the chocolate sprinkles, the rainbow ones, I remembered”

   You smiled, trying to hide the exhaustion from your eyes. “Yeah, Dean-o, that’s my favorite”

   You all sat at the small motel table and Dean passed you the food, Sam obviously forgoing the fried dough for a piece of fruit. You had no appetite whatsoever, but you kept picturing the pride in Dean’s eyes as he gave it to you, so you forced yourself to take a bite. It was apparently the wrong decision, and your stomach had other ideas as you immediately felt your stomach turn, and bile rise in your throat. You ran to the bathroom in record time, heaving over the porcelain bowl, as you felt Dean’s hand pull your hair back from your face. It was over quickly, but it seemed this was the last straw for you.

   You left the bathroom, pushing Dean away from you. You felt all the anger and fear rise up in you at once, and your hand reached out for the nearest object, which happened to be the alarm clock, and threw it as hard as you could against the wall, shattering it, and stunning the two brothers into a heavy silence.

“Dammit!” you screamed. “God fucking dammit!”

   Dean knew better than to ask what was going on, but Sam questioned you. “What’s wrong, (y/n)?”

   Angry tears pooled in your eyes. “What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is that I’m fucking dying Sam! What’s wrong is that I can’t eat a single bite of my favorite food! What’s wrong is that my boyfriend does a nice thing for me, and I waste it! I’m never going to eat an actual meal again! Hell, in a week I’m never going to breathe again!” you yelled at your best friend, regretting it after one look at his saddened face. You crumpled to the ground as all the emotions and thoughts you were trying to push away came rushing to the surface.

   You voice lowered to almost a whisper. “Jesus, I have a week”. You looked up at the brothers through blurred vision. “A week. One week and then I’m gone. I’m not going to have another birthday. I’m not going to be there for either one of yours” 

   You turned to Dean, and a sad smile lifted one corner of your mouth. “I was going to plan a party for you. Everyone was going to be there, I guess now it’s everybody except me” 

   The two brothers came to sit down with you on the floor, uninterrupting. They knew you needed to let this out. Dean took your hand as you continued, only breaking down further. “I’m not even going down in a hunt! There’s no heroic death, no quick ending. For God’s sake my own body is turning against me! I’m never going to see how you two end up, if you ever quit hunting, if you ever have kids. If you have a family I’ll only ever be a name to them! I’m not going to pig out on Halloween candy with you, Dean. I’m not going to help you make a Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not going to have another Christmas!” 

   This thought pushed you even further into agony. Christmas had always been your favorite holiday, mainly because you now had a family to celebrate it with. It always made you feel at home, included, like for one day nothing bad would happen. Your eyes widened when you thought of their Christmas without you. They wouldn’t decorate the bunker, or get a tree, or even exchange gifts! You were always the one who did all of that, dragging them along with you, although they later admitted that they liked spending Christmas with you. 

“I won’t ever put ornaments on the tree again” your voice was faint now, speaking more to yourself than them. “I’ll never make Sam lift me up to put the star on the tree. Never get to drink hot chocolate as we pass around gifts, or drink too much eggnog with Dean. It’s over. It’s all over. One week left. How many more smiles? How many more laughs, until it’s gone? I promised I’d be there for you, Dean! I promised!” your words cut off in a sob, and then it became uncontrollable. You cried with everything you had in you, and Dean took you in his arms, rubbing your back as you let it out. He picked you up in his arms and placed you in the bed, and for once you were able to sleep, exhausted by your outburst. Dean and Sam spoke for a while, and when you woke up, all of your things were packed, and they looked serious. You looked to them, and conjured up a weak smile

“What, did someone die?” you tried to break the tension.

“We’re all going back to the bunker, (y/n)” Sam said softly.

   Your expression changed from teasing to panic. “What? No. No, we’re not going back yet. I still have things to do! We were supposed to go to the zoo today, I can’t afford to waste any time, if you haven’t noticed!”

   Dean gave you a hard look as he sighed. “That’s the thing, (y/n), we have noticed. You’re not doing well, we’ve got to go back”

   Dean was unwavering in his decision. Sam was a sucker for your puppy eyes, and usually Dean was too, but when it came to what was best for you, he would do whatever it takes. You refused to talk to them as a few tears slid down your cheeks, and you threw your things in the car, sitting in stubborn silence in the back seat.


A/N: I promise (ha, pun not intended) that the next part will be out much sooner! Also tell me what you think <3

Part 7

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now i kinda want to know how rowena adjusted to technological advance during the past 300 years x)

I liked that she’s using a big shiny flatscreen phone. :D Ruthie, please confirm that Rowena probably nicks all the best stuff from all the people she casually murders in her day-to-day business.

I like to think that Rowena hasn’t spent much time locked up before, and has always outwitted everyone so far, so generally has had the luxury of enjoying the last 300 years properly and rolling with the times. I’d love to say Sam is genuinely the first to get one over her (she got the upper hand with Crowley too quickly to call it anything but a temporary setback. :P)

*is living the Rowena appreciation life*


Fun Times At Supanova

So my friends and I went to the Supanova convention yesterday and it’s fair to say we had a great time. :P
I spent so much money and saw some INCREDIBLE cosplay, it was a lot of fun but my legs had definitely had enough by the time I got home!
Also please ignore how awkward I look in the photos with Jack and Juuzou ‘cause I was freaking awkward.

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hii this is a little prompt I thought of but what are your thoughts on a Rapper/Idol!Nico and Singer/Idol!Will doing a collab concert/song? I love your art soo much please keep doing your best!

Hi, thank you so much! I glad you like it! =D

Actually I can’t really see Nico as a rapper; maybe as a pianist or cellist? NOT-BAO!Nico is my headcanon Nico as far as music goes probably, because of all the time i spent talking to betsib about it haha (which, if you haven’t read the fic, it’s here!). Collabs between them would still be cool though! Like if Nico released an instrumental soundtrack feat. Will for some of the vocals or something =D

My 98′s

Finally, finally, finally got this. Have spent so much time working towards this. Just a couple more weeks til I can truly feel accomplished :D

Since I finally got all skills up to 98 and you can now toggle skillcapes to look like how they did originally, please vote on my poll if you haven’t already HERE 

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Whats your favorite pic of morgan rielly?

just one?!?! nah, imma make a whole post now! you have no idea what you got yourself into!

ok, so there’s bb Mo

Hot Mo

Silly Mo (i know, its a gif)

and any pic with gards

(i repeat, who gave them a baby???)

im also going to shamelessly plug my powerpoint which is full of fab Morgan pics

i spent way too much time thinking about this. please, no one ever ask me something like this again, im too weak!

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What would you say to a suicidal 14 year old who follows you?

I attempted suicide thirteen months ago today. I was being bullied relentlessly. I was anorexic. I was using hardcore drugs. I was flunking out of school. I was going to die. I took a cocktail of four different medications and if an ambulance had come five minutes later, I might not have made it.

Today, I am thirteen months sober. I am currently engaged to my best friend and the love of my life. I am a full-time employee, a high school graduate, a community college student. I have found what I have spent my entire life looking for - happiness.

It gets better.

Please message me off anonymous and talk to me more because I’d really like to help more. I just need you to know that it gets so much better and there is so much more than this. You are so much more.

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So, I started reading Beginners and fell in love with it, then I accidentally read one of your Carmilla fics and spent the rest of my school day binging Carmilla, THEN I took a week to watch Season Two of The 100 because I read your Clexa stuff. So. PLEASE. Have mercy on me. Everything you write makes me so much gayer and sadder. I will read everything you write regardless of fandom from now until the end of time.

I feel like that’s a fun progression clexa is Pain

waytres replied to your post: i don’t often get those intense specia…

is this about the homestuck comic or? please tell me! i love fanboying!!

omg well sort of
if i can be perfectly honest i have spent pretty much all of my time after school today and all of after school yesterday and a good portion of the day before that incapable of doing anything other than feeling really really strong things about homestuck, specifically, the writing in homestuck, the way that it is constructed, i am so overwhelmed by the entire concept of homestuck as a comic i feel like i need a glass of water and a nap

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we love that you are so active and a clintasha shipper, and I just love having your posts on my dash, (you are the reason I am so excited about daredevil tbh) keep being awesome tori and please keep being active!!! <3<3 i missed you!!<3<3

aw babe i’d love too its just that i had like 4 days off and i spent all these time watching dd and crying over the aou press tour and then school on tuesday sigh


While Gemma was out with her mother, her father took Michael out to a local fishing pond.

“It’s gorgeous out here!  Back home I have to drive far out for anything close to this.  Thanks for coming with me, son.”

“No problem at all, sir.  I’m stuck in the lab a lot, so I don’t get to enjoy things like this too often.”

“Please call me, Robert, Mike.  So I know you work in a research lab and you went to university, but that’s about it.  Why not tell me more about yourself?”

“Uh, well, I was born and raised in Bridgeport.  I’m the middle child of three, an older brother and little sister.  My father wasn’t around much, so I spent most of my time with my mother.  She’s a true allstar.  Worked multiple jobs so we could stayed signed up in after school activities.  I think she was afraid we would become a victim of the streets, but I owe everything to her for doing that.”

“She sounds like a remarkable woman.  Do you stay in touch with her?”

“I call her every Saturday.  Hopefully I can take Gemma up there soon to visit her.  Also, I think I have something….”

“Well reel it in, son!  Let’s see what kind of whopper ya got!”

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Ok, but what about the gear that Kenny made specifically for attacking humans? Removing the gear wouldn't be a bad idea, but it could also be cool to think their technology advances in the field of weaponry and stuff like that-- so instead of swords/blades we've got the guns and granades yoooo

Hmm, I really hadn’t thought about that very much! I live the idea of having a very basic type of gun (six-shot revolvers or single-shot pistols) and they use cannons in the canon-verse, so some type of grenade could probably be constructed …

Damn, I really haven’t spent enough time considering the practical military side of this fic! :P But I’m loving all these ideas so far and I’m thinking of how I can work things like this into the fic. So if you have any more ideas/thoughts, please keep them coming!