Stop complaing please!

Hello fandom.

This is a rant but I have to do this.

I am seeing people complaining for the lack of Beckett’s presence in the next episode. People saying that Beckett’s character is getting destroyed, misused or underused in this season giving more space to Castle. Gee guys! Have you watched the episode yet? Me neither!!! So how can we judge? Next episode is about Castle Vs Tyson(3XK) obviously he will get more screentime, obviously he wants to save the love of his life before it is too late. They want to give us more mistery about where Beckett is, for half of this episode, so what? I am a Beckett fan too, but I want to see Castle fighting for her, finding her. And Beckett will fight too. I am sure of it. Please do not complain before seeing the episode. We don’t know, we may like it more than we think. I have read great reviews about it, and fans who have not seeing it complain for nothing! 

And by the way: Beckett is been always there in this season. Always with Castle, in the last episode she supported him, now it is his turn. Come on, lets enjoy this show instead of saying things beforehand