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Harry Potter lady appreciation post tbh

Lily in her 80s nightmare wedding dress (plus rockin out w Sirius on her wedding night bc hell yeah), trying to push lady character silhouettes, and some extra Tonks (with an age AU Remadora)

I’m just gonna start from an end here.

Being told you’re pretty, makes you feel nice. Why wouldn’t you want that? Honestly. I don’t know I’m pretty. I am not told every day in my life. People don’t come up to me and tell me I’m pretty. That never happens. It doesn’t count to have your mum tell you. It’s not the same. 

If we want to talk about insecurity, then I will just tell you that I was bullied in school, and have the confidence of a slug at a beauty pageant. When/if I feel good about myself, I need to be vocal about it. Because it doesn’t actually happen as often as it might seem to you. If I am to learn to love myself, I should be able to be vocal about when I’m feeling pretty. 

Am I vain? Not more than anyone else. But this is also my blog. My own. I can put anything up on it that I please. 

I am not regal. I’m not perfect. I will never claim to be, because nobody is perfect. Least of all me. I am a flawed human being. 

But if I have a moment of “wow I look nice” that I want to put on my personal blog, I should be able to do it without having to explain my reasons to do so. 

anonymous asked:

top 10 castle eps?

oh boy, this is gonna be so hard. in no particular order:

  • to love and die in L.A.
  • cops and robbers
  • always
  • knockout
  • kill shot
  • reckoning
  • in the belly of the beast
  • veritas
  • the time of our lives
  • nikki heat

Studying on a sunday (while being in the middle of a move) can be stressful fun! Here are all the things that are currently on my desk:

  • my laptop
  • notes from class and a notebook I’m transcribing them into (sometimes rewriting your notes is better that reading them out loud while studying!)
  • a lamp and a ton of pencils and pens
  • a lot of post it notes because sometimes while writing notes I write some questions or extra notes down, like things I should look up later when I’m done with the chapter + some notes on the wall so when I look up in boredom I still see them and remember them! :)
  • my glasses (which I really should wear more often)
  • some formulae I’m allowed to use on my exam on wednesday (TIP: if you have a sheet you can use during your exam, use it also while you study! familiarize yourself with it, it will save you a lot of time on your exam.)
  • my picture with Misha (simply because it’s my favorite picture ever and it makes me really happy! :) )
  • a cup of coffee (harry potter fandom where you at?)
  • lastly, a red berries scented candle for the mood.

I have a lot of excercises to go through, let’s do this! 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a question. First of all, I love top!Jensen (I can't read top!Jared at all). But you know that post with the j2 t-shirt and how it says JensenxJared? Why did you put in the tags that it means Jensen is a top? I'm just confused why it shows he's a top and excited if it means Jensen is canonically the top! :)


Okay, so. I’m REALLY weird. And in my head, the person’s name that is first is the top. I’ve been that way since, like, I was 12 (because I’ve literally read gay fanfiction since I was 12), so generally when a fic says ‘Jared/Jensen, in my head Jared is topping so I avoid it, unless they specify that Jensen tops in the summary or tags.

And even though the website says, I really feel like it solidifies that Jensen tops because the shirt itself says Jensen x Jared. Because thousands of shirts are going to be printed with Jensen x Jared on the inside. (If they change it when they actually print all the shirts, I will cry).

Like, I feel like Jensen is always the top because Jared is this adorable happy, smiley cupcake sunflower and just smiles at everyone and waives off insults and rude things Misha says sometimes, while Jensen is the one that gets upset on Jared’s behalf, or jealous about Jared and others (ie: Jared with Stephen, or Misha bending Jared over to sign the lower back of the shirt Jared was wearing, etc). So, there’s that.

And like, I don’t know, I feel like it puts a claiming on Jared. Because the fabric will have ‘Jensen x Jared’ printed on it, signifying Jensen’s claim on Jared. So I feel like Jared – precious, smiley dork – would have convinced Jensen, “to be fair, please can the webpage say my name first???? And Jensen caved just because Jared is precious.

This got away from me. I’m sorry I’m weird.

TLDR; Jensen x Jared means Jensen tops Jared in Kiri’s mind because his name is first and IS OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE PRINTED ON THOUSANDS OF TSHIRTS.

my dog isn’t friendly, please stop

people trying to pet brutus a lot nowadays and i’m just in my head like
‘sorry officer, but they didn’t ask first’

it took me like a year for me to fully trust him and be able to lay on him and play with him without worrying about it, i really don’t think you appreciate the severity of this

also this crazy dude tried to follow me across the street mumbling something about my dog and i was scared shitless

so much for my thinking that the dog will ward people off

to my readers

don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update don’t comment asking me to update DON’T COMMENT ASKING ME TO UPDATE i will hurt you if you do

i need to calm down and stop feeling so paranoid… tomorrow is supposed to be a good day for me! im going shopping at a new store and there should be some cool clothes! and im going to a gem store and i really…. i want to be happy right now but im so anxious and im having a hard time breathing can.. someone please send me asks to cheer me up i. .. would really really appreciate it!!