Alright, who slipped drugs into their drinks?? Richard was it you? Jeremy!! Put your glasses back on!!

Haha anyways, I was listening to the song Lollipop by MIKA and I thought, “This would be fun to doodle.” And knowing me, you know I’ve been having an art spree with these lovely dorks. And so I also thought “They would never do this randomly, they don’t act this way ever.” So something happened to them to cause them to do this, something messed with their minds. Anyone have a better explanation than mine for why this is happening?? Please…

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You act confident with training positively but until you work with high drive breeds (ie: Malinois, actual German Shepherds, Dutchies) you'll find you're going to need to expand your horizons. Not everything is going to be as easy as a Golden Retriever or a collie puppy. Sorry lol, it irks me.

ur so right i didnt even r e a l i z e until u stepped forth with such fervent intentions of education but now, now i kno n now i will go forth in better myself maybe i, me myself, will obtain the unobtainable wob n like train it to…idk…give it a good foundation n sell it 4 working police doggie or something thats a worthy goal do u have references links seminars u might recommend i mean u clearly kno what ur about i am simply but a bright eyed bushy tailed chipmunk venturing out of the nest to collect my nuts for the first winter pls bestow upon me ur velvet cloak made of seth rogans butt hair that has been passed down the generations so long that its gettin musty n ppl sneeze n their eyes water when they stand to close to u i must kno what u kno i just have to hear more i cannot take living in this darkness while others, like urself, bask so gloriously in the light 

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Friendly reminder that Bilbo was quickly deemed an honorary dwarf

Friendly reminder that Thorin trusted Bilbo over his own kin, placed him in esteem over dwarves he’d known for decades, was so sure he wouldn’t betray him.

Headcanon that when news of Bilbo’s passing to Valinor reached Erebor, Thorin Stonehelm decreed a day of remembrance for the hobbit who helped reclaim their homeland, and legends of a hobbit from the Shire were told to generations of dwarves who regarded him with the same reverance as any dwarf on the quest.

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Your art is amazing but do you know anyone else that draws wincest?

Look at these amazing artists!!

They are all really awesome and you should sooo check their blogs out!!

If you have anyone else that I forgot or do not know yet please tell me! Would be a good thing to keep this list up to date :D

For the amazing people that would like to help me on a school project about depression. I’m doing a huge poster and I’d like to have pictures of people (of any age, race, ethnic group, sex, and sexuality) on the poster holding an index card saying “I suffer from depression” or “I’ve over come depression” or anything thing along those lines. This is the example picture of me that will also be on my project and I would like similar pictures from you guys! I will need your permission to use the picture. I really would like to go through with this to show my class no matter who you are, you can suffer and over come depression. Please and thank you! Just message me and I’ll give you my e-mail to send your picture and first name, age, and gender to!

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Barry teasing winged!Eddie asking him if he's been drinking too much Red Bull

Oh my god

Eddie takes a moment. Reaches for his coffee cup.

"I don’t know Barry, have you been drinking too much cactus juice? Because I hear it makes you a prick."

He fluffs his feathers and sips his coffee.

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hey excuse me, pardon me for asking, - if you cant be bothered to answer or anything thats fine, i'm sure youre very busy! - but do you mind explaining to me what #whiteout is??? um thank you!

no not at all !!! its never a problem anon :>

tomorrow the black folk of tumblr (and twitter i think?) will be posting selfies and tagging them as #blackout to bring awareness to black folks and to generally show how handsome and beautiful and everything in between black folk are!

and of course racist people want to counter that and post selfies of themselves because racist people cant have black people have one day to themselves to show how attractive they are, and of course like EVERY DAY is #whiteout since all we ever see in media and that alike are white people

its highly recommended that white people and non-black people of color DO NOT post selfies on friday the sixth to raise black awareness in the community

also those who want to go in the #blackout tag tomorrow/today be careful because its been confirmed that 4ch////an are raiding the tag and it could be potentially triggering to those, this blog will be reblogging selfies posted in the blackout tag until they hit post limit for thise who want to browse the tag and do the same

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"Getting really tired of teachers saying whatever they want to me and when I try and defend myself, they send me to in school suspension." [[HELLA BAD BOY STUDENT LOKI PLZ ]]

        ➸ ❝ Well, kid, maybe if you’d listen ev’ry now n’then…
                       Look, I get it, we’re jus’ a buncha old folk that don’ get it,
                                 n’I can’t really speak for any ‘a th’other teachers,
                                 but I’m at least tryin’ t’look out for you.
                       I’ll see what I c’n do fer you this time, but don’ expect me
                                 t’always bail you out. ❞

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Could you please say more Quirrelmort headcanons? I really love them!

Could I? Absolutely! Thank you so much.  I love talking about my OTP, and I usually end up figuring out some wonderful fanfic ideas.  Always feel free to ask me headcanons!

  • Voldemort finds out he can get Quirrell to tidy up his side of the closet if he puts some music on.  He doesn’t mind too much because he loves hearing Quirrell sing along, and as long as it motivates him, since eating his pillow didn’t help.
  • Quirrell laughs when Voldemort gets irrationally angry over a television commercial for Snickers because he thinks it’s cute. (Besides, Snickers? Why so much loathing for a candy bar?)  He doesn’t think it’s so cute when Voldemort blows up the TV.  
  • Since Quirrell loves flowers so much, Voldemort tries to make him some for a surprise.  Quirrell comes home from work to find the entire exterior of the house covered in Venomous Tentacula, and Voldemort swears he doesn’t know where it came from.
  • Voldemort tries to fix things when they break, despite Quirrell bringing up that he’s mostly practiced in magic that destroys, not fixes, and it’s not until he’s flooded the bathroom and nearly ruined some of Quirrell’s precious books that Voldemort agrees maybe he should just let the muggle plumbers do their thing.  Quirrell only smiles and chooses not to say I told you so.
  • Voldemort will only stomach books if Quirrell reads to him.  Quirrell makes it as enjoyable as possible, creating different voices for people and even acting out some of it.  He tries not to think about what good practice he’s getting for whenever they finally decide to adopt a certain baby girl. 

I just saw something like this go around on a friend’s blog and it inspired me  \(^▽^@)ノ!

There are so many of you who follow me but I get to interact with only a few of you! So if you wouldn’t mind, I would love to hear a few things about you! 

Do you have pets? What’s your favorite color? Favorite video games? What kind of books do you like to read? What inspires you? What do you want to do for a living? What is your biggest struggle? How is your day? Do you have any questions for me? Etc etc etc! Just…. just let me adore all of the things about you. 

<3 Have an amazing day, friends!