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so since its a special day for trans people, I wanted to ask you something... I hope this isn't insulting, but I'm really trying to figure all these terms out. if you don't identify as either gender, is that nonbinary or trans or both or what???

“Binary” = cis girl or cis boy, everything else (nonbinary, demi, genderfluid, bi/trigender etc) falls under the umbrella term of trans. Or such is my understanding of it?

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Could you stop talking about school or at least readmore it? It's rude to trigger the rest of us who have anxiety/issues because of it.





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This is a bit off topic, but would exactly would count as culturally appropriative language? If I end up submitting later on I want to be very careful not to use it.

Ren says:

So far I’ve seen “weeaboo” (more racist than culturally appropriative, I suppose) and “spirit animal” - those are the ones that have made me uncomfy.

Instead of saying “weeaboo”, you can say you like anime, and instead of saying “spirit animal” (since it’s a specific & sacred concept for Native folks) try “patronus”, “my fav”, “familiar”…yanno. Something along those lines.

i’ve been thinking of recording a Q&A video, so if you’d like please send me some questions that i could answer in the video?

(you’d help me too since i consider this as an exposure exercise. even though i converse in english daily with my boyfriend, i’m still really scared and self conscious about it which i’m trying to get over especially because i’ll be going to the US in a month eek!! so besides being a darling you’d be a big help too!♥)

i guess this is like my  ~~official coming out~~ or some shit so

i’ve never really cared much for being a dude. a lot of the assumptions my family and cishetero patriarchial society in general place upon me for looking male just fucking disgust me and stress me the hell out. i can’t deal with it, and i’ve never cared for masculinity as a whole anyway (esp. bcuz of how toxic it is)

at the same time, i’ve never really been uncomfortable with my body? well, not like gender dysphoria uncomfortable. i’ve definitely have felt restrained by what society says it’s ok for men to wear and stuff but i never felt so terrible about my gender either. i’m just now feeling tired of it

As for what i identify as now it’s all so confusing and i’m not really sure? demiboy? agender? genderfluid male/agender? i don’t really know, but i know for a fact that right now i’m not entirely comfortable being a cis man.

(they/them or he/his)

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Honestly I could care less about gerards gender he doesn't need to be labeled and I love him no matter what the fuck he or other people call him. Why is this even an argument? Lol

i think what bothers me about it is the fact that he has clearly stated how he sees himself, yet people choose to ignore him, which i find really disrespectful. 

of course my respect for him wouldn’t change if he decided to indentify in any other way, but its incredibly rude to insist he is non binary when he has stated otherwise. this wouldn’t happen with any other person. 

Headcanon prompts
  • ♔ : Pride - Would your muse fall before taking a hit to their ego?
  • ♕: Nightmare - Describe a nightmare and how your muse would cope with it?
  • ♖: Anger - Is your muse prone to lash out and lose their temper?
  • ♗: Belief - Do you believe in good and evil, or in some kind of middle ground between them?
  • ♘: Heroic - Is there anyone your muse would endanger themselves for?
  • ♙: Used -  Describe how your muse been manipulated by or has manipulated someone in the past?
  • ♤: Pain - How well can your muse deal with emotional or physical pain?
  • ♧: Vanity - Who does your muse see when they look in the mirror?
  • ♡: Peaceful - What can calm your muse down?
  • ♢: Reflection - Does your muse have any inner demons they are unable to cope with?

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What are some tumblr users you find attractive? In that I'd-be-down-if-you-wanted-to-make-out way

Oh shit ahah im pretty sure most these people know it but 

are the three main ones but I’d also be down with 
fluffylittlephan probably?? idk if that’s weird im sorry if it is friend ily
rymdprins ??? im not mutuals with them but yes
and also probably erurimcflurry and 5-foot-a-bitch

tonight gonna probably be the same as last night but i’m not gonna post about it cuz i appreciate how y’all look out for me sometimes and ‘care’ about me or whatever but a lot of times your words do not help at all. You all try to be encouraging and it just fuck me up even more because i feel like something’s wrong with me because i be the person you all try to encourage me to be. I appreciate it but it just doesn’t help me.

telling me stuff like “any woman would be lucky to have you” doesn’t help because if that was the case then i wouldn’t be single. Saying ”you’re smart, funny, great personality, blah blah” doesn’t help because evidently it aint enough for no one to want to fuck with me. Saying “you’re not worthless” doesn’t help because none of you know me and you may think i talk about my personal life and my hopes for love and fears and failures a lot on here but i really only talk about a small bit of it. Most i keep to myself because there’s no point in telling people about it. You can’t help me. 

Y’all cool for wanting to help but you don’t. I’m still cold. I look to my left and see nobody. I look to my right and see the same. Thank you for trying tho.

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this may sound weird but do you ever just get really into something you would never have expected to even have interest in because i am in charlie and the chocolate factory hell and getting feelings over the naughty children destruction time

this is probably one of, if not the best, anon asks i have ever gotten in the history of being on this website and i want everyone to read and cherish it. whoever sent this has my deepest gratitude. but yes i can also relate to that Feel, my friend, i can’t remember specifically what it was but i have gotten way too into some weird things and been disappointed when i unsurprisingly haven’t found much fanart or fics for it

“””””””naughty children destruction time””””””””