this morning i came up with a bagginshield scenario where thorin and bilbo are sitting on a hill in hobbiton watching gandalf’s fireworks on bilbo’s 53rd birthday (so it’s been a year or so since eVERYONE SURVIVED AT BOTFA), and thorin is just sitting there staring at bilbo, listening to how he recalls meeting gandalf for the first time as a child, how it led to everything- what a twist of fate it was. how he wouldn’t have it any other way. they watch in amazement as the events of their journey are played out in blinding color and light in the night sky. thorin sees how much bilbo likes the fireworks, how it makes him smile and laugh. eventually bilbo realizes that thorin’s been looking at him for like, ever, and asks ‘what is it?’ so thorin just freezes, cause like this is the big moment, y’know? he makes up his mind, and says, ‘forgive me, but if i do not do this now, i fear i may never have the courage to again’ and with that, before bilbo can ask what he means, thorin leans in and kisses him, gently and tenderly. when he pulls away, bilbo is staring at him wide-eyed, and thorin believes he has just made a very big mistake. ‘i am sorry,’ he stutters. bilbo squints and furrows his brows in confusion. ‘thorin-’ thorin scrambles for something to say.    ’with a word i will forget it ever happened,’ he says with shame, and looks at the ground. ‘thorin-’ bilbo begins again. thorin does not want to meet his gaze but does so. ‘that was…amazing,’ he breathes, expression softening. thorin goes blank in astonishment. ‘you mean to say…’ 

'i mean to say,' bilbo finishes, 'that i had been waiting for that for a year.'

Alright, who slipped drugs into their drinks?? Richard was it you? Jeremy!! Put your glasses back on!!

Haha anyways, I was listening to the song Lollipop by MIKA and I thought, “This would be fun to doodle.” And knowing me, you know I’ve been having an art spree with these lovely dorks. And so I also thought “They would never do this randomly, they don’t act this way ever.” So something happened to them to cause them to do this, something messed with their minds. Anyone have a better explanation than mine for why this is happening?? Please…

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Another one with Red as Ressler's father in law, please :)

Your wish is my command, anon :)

Cooper sends him to get more information about the case from Red, which is a very stupid move. Even if Red tells him something (and he’s not sure he’s going to do it) he’s probably going to hide it under layers of teasing, because that’s what he does. But anyway, Liz and Aram (the second best choice to get intel from Red, he seems to have a soft spot for the guy) were busy so Ressler has to do it.

The guy at the pastry shop (a gigantic muscleman) looks at him unamused.

"I’m here to see Reddington," Ressler says with his best FBI pose (without flashing his badge, of course, he’s not stupid).

"I don’t know who that is," the guy behind the counter answers without blinking. "Would you like a cupcake to go?"

Ressler frowns his eyebrows annoyed. He really doesn’t have time for this crap.

"Listen, pal,” he tries again. “I know what is going on behind that door, and I don’t care. I just need to speak with Reddington.”

"And as I said before," muscleman replies, leaning against the counter. "Would you like a cupcake to go?"

By now Ressler is pretty sure the guy is holding a gun under the counter, ready to shoot him at any second.


He knows what he has to do to get in, but he doesn’t want to do it. If he does that his life is going to be over, forever. There is no turning back from this, it’s a point of no return.The teasing will never finish. He has been avoiding it for so long, so long, he can’t believe he’s going to have to do it now.

He’s going to open the doors of his personal hell, this case better be worthy.

"Tell Red that his son-in-law is here to see him,” he says with a strong voice and his hands on his hips.

He’s going to regret this. He’s sure of it.

Muscleman studies him for a second, trying to figure out if what he’s saying is true, and then gets the brown phone on the counter. Well, at least is working. Ressler can only pick up some words like “son-in-law” and “tall, blond and angry” before the guy hangs up the phone and turns to look at him.

"Mr Reddington is waiting for you."

Ressler nods as a thank you and gets inside the room. Red is there, sitting at a round table with four other men and smoking a cigar.

"Oh, do you guys know Donald?" Red says, turning to look at him with a mischievous smile. "My son-in-law.

He’s never going to live this down.

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You're literally perpetuating racism because you posting a ton of black people is only telling yourself that you along with every other white person is superior. Why not post white AND black people?

OH MY GOD wait this doesn’t even make sense…I’m reblogging pictures of black folks, and that somehow tells u that I think white people are superior?? I’m literally tagging them “black girls are magic” 

also, i post black and white people all the time?? today is specifically for supporting black visibility because black people are held to unfair eurocentric beauty standards, and today we’re celebrating them breaking away from that, honestly what could be more beautiful??

so yeah. I’m just gonna keep on posing pictures of gorgeous black people. feel free to unfollow.

Love, Tori xoxo


just your local mate who put on make up to look cuter on their selfie
aka mads likes the blackout thing so much that they want to participate


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the only thing that this blackout is accomplishing besides showing off pretty people is pretty much confirming how ugly i am. i am white so all of my acne scars show up more, i have trouble with facial hair, my hair doesn't look nearly as beautiful as any of those people's hair, etc etc. i am not skinny so that plays a big role too. this whole blackout thing is a really big blow to my self esteem more than i usually feel. i am not trying to offend anyone, i just hate myself.

Have you looked in the tag though? There’s a lot of people with the same “flaws” you think make you ugly, there’s lots of others out there like you. There’s people who are black posting selfies right now that have really bad acne, that they have scars or discoloration or marks on their face, I’m sure lots of them struggle with unwanted facial hair, with getting their hair to look right, not everyone in that tag is skinny & they definitely struggle with getting crap for it, I’ve seen so many variations & differences & little traits that make everyone who they are & they’re all beautiful just like you are. None of what you described to me makes you ugly. Not a single thing.

Other people being beautiful & celebrating that doesn’t mean you aren’t & it doesn’t diminish your beauty. But being white, like me, while we can have all those “flaws” we don’t really have to worry about our skin being the wrong color (no matter how much acne or scars or whatever you have going on), our hair type not being the norm (no matter how difficult & unruly it may be), we don’t have to worry about not seeing someone similar to us out there. Today is about people who are black celebrating their beauty & things that make them unique & different & special & absolutely beautiful & stunning, because all throughout the year they don’t get that, they don’t have what we white people have, they grow up thinking somethings wrong with them, that their features are “ugly” when they’re not. I know what you struggle with, I had acne when I was younger, I have annoying facial hair on my chin, my hair is flat & thin, I have a huge forehead, a big nose, thin lips & I’m not super skinny but I’m not ugly & other people being being happy about how they look & showing that off doesn’t change that. Be happy for them, support them, but don’t take it as a blow to your self-esteem or your worth or beauty.

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I don't think people who aren't completely black should take place in the blackout :(

Oh, I definitely think they should. Whites don’t accept them because they have black in them, and some blacks don’t even accept them because they have white in them. I can only imagine how it feels, not knowing where you belong. But ethnicity and race is based off the individual; they decide if they’re white, black, or multiracial. And it’s their choice to participate in blackout. It isn’t up to others to decide what race they are honey

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Not really a submission or request but one night I had a dream that shu was having sex with someone (idk if it was even yui or not It was just someone) and in the middle of it he said Edgar's name and started crying. Idk I felt like this weird ass dream was relevant to the blog

I’m laughing so hard omgg

I have a recurring dream where there’s a room in my house filled with every kind of Shu-related merch under the sun, like pillows shaped like his face and dolls of varying sizes, and Shu comes to my house and finds the room and he’s like “whoa…..” but he doesn’t even care he just lies down on all the pillows and sleeps in a giant pile of Shu-related things.

note to self: start tagging all sansan text posts as “do not reblog” 

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You need to stop buying everything every other studyblr has. Get an opinion

I assume this is related to me getting the fineliners. In that case, let me just say I have already owned 4 fineliners for a while so I know they work for me. I didn’t just go out and spend 15 euros on a bunch of pens without knowing if I like them. I had already tested them before making that decision. If it’s a crime to like something other people do, guilty as charged.

Either way, please don’t tell me I need to ‘get an opinion’. It’s not very nice and I honestly don’t need to justify how I spend my money to anyone but myself. 

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stop posting the same shit over and over coz we get it, youre black people's official ass kisser, so stop


…you’re lying if you say you didn’t sing that in your head, anon ;)

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Oh hush, I'm nowt but a fangirl who likes to write :) Thanks for doing the prompt, I love your little continuations, short and sweet :) If you fancy doing another Cartson ... "So I hear Sousa asked you out for a drink?"

(Of course! I love writing these!)

"He did, but I turned him down."

Jack sighed in relief a little louder than he intended, and Peggy frowned. He wasn’t going to admit it outright, but he was jealous of Sousa. The man had the courage to ask what Jack had been so nervous to do before now.

"You know, I still owe you that bourbon…"

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five

i realized that in the happy human au absolon probably acts like he has sex with everyone he knows. except calum

like he’ll insist he hates everyone but if someone were to ask him if he was in a relationship with this one person he knew he would be like ‘yeah yep totally and we have sex all the time want to hear about it’ totally seriously to mess with the person

or if he’s in a good mood he’ll greet one of his friends by being like Dan avidan and saying something like ‘hey friend next time you make sweet love to me,’

im bad at explaining but basically /absolon is a huge weirdo/