members of the orange order have been in george square since this afternoon, picking fights with independence supporters who have been doing nothing but holding peaceful rallies for the past few days

i’ve heard unconfirmed reports of large groups of racist unionists going around glasgow beating up anyone who isn’t white, or anyone who is an independence supporter

the city centre is seriously seriously unsafe right now, if you live in glasgow please stay indoors and if you really must go out then please hide any yes badges/flags/stickers etc! please stay safe!!

Okay no. This is terrible. Guys. I really, REALLY need you to raise some awareness on the riots in Scotland. Violence has broken out. Videos have come out of voters kicking and attacking each other. There’s alleged (I use the word alleged as I am not sure) stabbings and an attack with the weapon being the hammer. 

Glasgow City Centre is absolutely rife with violence. Scotland did not vote for violence, riots and absolute shameful acts of hatred in this country. People are being attacked, it’s dangerous and the fact that this isn’t being broadcasted whatsoever baffles me. Not really actually, due to a bias. 

Just, please. Raise awareness. Reblog this. Those in Scotland, stay safe. As much as it is ridiculous to say, yes badges, stickers? Take them off! Saltires, don’t make them visible. Do not engage with any rioters. Just please be safe!

This is only one picture of what’s happening. I won’t even link the videos. It’s disgusting.


Today I got lucky.

I made it through the city centre with a trustworthy person although the police cut off half of the biggest street of the city and got out of a cellar bar that apparently caught fire.

With that said, today has been one of the shittiest days of my entire life, starting from the fact that Scotland didn’t indeed become independent (no matter how hard I drew that cross on the “Yes” box). Truly a miserable mood and the riots and violence (a reported stabbing and multiple assauls in the centre area) do not help. Obviously this is not a fair representation of all those people who voted against the independence.

I would like to advice everyone in Scotland, not just Glasgow, to stay safe and preferably stick with friends if walking around the city centre. I was lucky my manager was going to the same place as I was - the racism and xenophobia amongst the “celebrationists” is staggering and for all my good will I do not pass as anything but a Finn who has lived in Scotland for a while.

If you’re in the Glasgow City Centre tonight, please stay safe! There’s rioting and it’s dangerous out. George Square and Buchanan Street seem to be the worst areas, with fascists burning our flag and doing nazi salutes, setting off flares, and fighting with the police. Also there’s a whole lot of sectarianism, racism and homophobia. Be careful!


Shit’s seriously going down in Scotland, George Square, Glasgow. Smoke bombs and racial abuse being thrown at Yes voters by Unionists. 


I’ve also heard of knife action and unionists actually waiting for the yes voters in order to attack and intimdate them. Insults being thrown around include ‘scottish cunts’, Nazi salutes, the burning of the flag and lots of older, forty year old men threatening to punch young voters, men and women, (around 16 or 17) in the face, as well as verbally abusing them. The atmosphere is toxic. I’ll be posting more photos and updates upon this so spread the word. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING. IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, IN MY OWN COUNTRY, IN MY OWN CITY, IN THE TOWN SQUARE. To those near glasgow and George square, please stay safe. Be sure to take cover in nearby places if you see people coming near who you think may try to harm or intimidate you. Remember, some of these people are armed and are actively looking for a fight. 




To those who don’t live in Scotland and don’t know this is happening, SPREAD THE WORD. Reblog and make this known because high chances are this will either not be reported on or will be blamed on the Yes voters. Don’t let this hate win. Fore more information, follow these links;

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I was already heartbroken this morning about the independence results but what has happened in Glasgow tonight has completely broken the rest of me.

As a yes voter, this has absolutely nothing to do with no voters. I don’t think it’s fair to blame them either. It’s extremists and racists and bigots, using the union as a way to focus their hatred and misled views and make it ‘acceptable’ to have these opinions and act upon them.

When young girls are surrounded by grown men and have flags ripped out of their hands, and kids are out in danger, Nazi salutes are being thrown about and whole sections of town are closed off because of fighting, I am ashamed and dismayed. I’m distraught.

This isn’t the city I love, this isn’t my home, this isn’t how I want other people to see us and this is not us.

Please be safe if you’re in Glasgow tonight. I was meant to be going on a night out and patched it, it’s just not worth the risk. Look after each other.

Stay Safe PH ARMY's & EXO-L's

The winds are getting stronger and the rain has been nonstop since this morning. :’( I hope everybody is still alright? I’m still seeing a lot of fellow Filipinos online…. so I guess we’re all still intact. XD

But please, stay safe and stay dry sweeties! <3

*praying for everyone being affected by the storm..

PS: I recently found out what the storm name is and it’s…. MARIO. XD I’m sorry but I can;t help but think Jin :P



George Square - Glasgow

Everyone please stay away from the George Square/Glasgow City Centre area, if you can.

This is only going to get worse as time goes on but if for whatever reason you DO have to go through there or attend please be safe. There’s violence on both sides but watch out whatever side you’re on. This was not the point of this vote. Violence isn’t solving anything, remember that. All you are doing by hurting each other is hurting the Scottish reputation across the world. The campaigns were so well handled up until this point, please don’t spoil it now.

I’ve heard reports of flag burning from both Yes and No voters and I’m absolutely shocked. If people are truly doing that then they have missed the point of the referendum completely. The Saltire is your countries flag wether your voted for independence or not. It represents your home land and where you come from, why would you burn that? If you burn the Saltire you might as well declare yourself Non-Scottish because that’s what that flag represents. It doesn’t represent independence at all. 

Likewise if you’re burning the Union Jack remember that flag is the face of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It doesn’t just represent Scotland and Westminster, whatever your views are on that. Burning that flag is burning part of the countries who share it’s representation. That flag DOES represent the unity between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Keep flag burning and violence out of this people!

Violence in Glasgow Update 20 September 1:02AM:

Reports from friends in Glasgow say rioting has been contained to City Center area. Ongoing LIVE STREAM seems to have cooled down - much less police activity. Still seeing Tweets about racist abuse and about Buchanan St not being very safe - please be careful if you are in the Glasgow area. More saying violence has moved to Sauchiehall St.


Vine of a woman’s saltire getting ripped away from her

Guardian: Violence as loyalists attack pro-independence supporters

Express: Unionists chanting “Rule Britannia” and Scottish Nationalists demonstrate at George Square (this article makes very little mention of the violence despite being published about twenty minutes ago…)

Telegraph: Three arrested after rival supporters clash in George Square

Possible generator fire outside Herald building

Second source and apparent pic of Herald building burning

REPORTS EVIDENTLY OF A NEARBY ELECTRICAL FIRE. It is (probably) not the Herald building. These are from Twitter user Jamo_Kidd, who apparently works there. Update 1:20am: Tweet from the Sunday Herald itself confirming the fire had no connection.

There are also people Tweeting about the alleged stabbing of a 15yo boy, but this is unconfirmed by any Google News searching I’ve done and ACCORDING TO POLICE (via BBC) THERE HAS BEEN NO STABBING. If you’ve got info, please, please, please add to this post.

hello important announcement comin thru

if you didn’t know, here in scotland we had a chance to go independent. after people voted yesterday and the day before, it came to a 45% yes n a 55% no. this, however has sparked violence in areas all over scotland, so please please please stay safe

i’m still reading stuff on the bbc news website but right now i know a lotta shit is goin down in glasgow. i would just advise you to lock your doors/windows n stay inside til stuff calms down