I just finished Lilo and Stitch and was reminded how awesome Agent Pleakely is. I mean, he dresses like a Sass Queen, isn’t afraid to tell people off, and literally carried Lilo out of the house to save her when Jumba’s gun was going to explode. No one will ever convince me he is anything less than amazing.

Pleakely's Optometrist Appointment
  • Pleakely, a skinny one-eyed alien is seated in an optometrist's office, awaiting further instructions.
  • Optometrist:Okay, there, Mr. Pleackley, now place your hand over your eye...
  • Pleakely does as instructed.
  • Pleakley:What good does a hand over my eye do? I can't see anything!
★ Update ★

You know, when it comes to Agent Pleakley, and even Jumba from Lilo and Stitch for that matter, there really isn’t that much out there to post about, especially compared to other Disney characters or movies.

This is a very focused blog dedicated to a character that is not at the peak of relevancy, but hey, we love him anyway. So forgive me if I run dry at times. I am always keeping an eye out for fun/interesting things to post about for Pleakley!

I hope you’ll all continue to enjoy this blog, even if at times I am short on posts. Thank you!

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