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I'm sorry about all these lame anions who keep harassing you. They should go play UNO or checkers or something. haha

LOL! I am going to publish this for everyone to see so those anons might see it too…shoot, I LOVE UNO ;) Thanks for making my day! You just put a huge smile on my face :)

after the library abandonment mid-life crisis episode of sahil:
  • me:log off she's outside!!
  • sahil:okay thanks guys!
  • me:you're not welcome
  • told me i was welcome...
  • me:NO. YOURE NOT.
  • sahil:i told shuqi to bleach her mustache...
  • me:...what
  • who spiked your kashi
  • sahil:I'm sorry, I thought that was the wind blowing...
  • me:.... D:
  • sahil:I'm just joking, Kellogs.
  • me:omo is that my new nickname?! 8D
  • sahil:Yup! CHEW ON THAT, KELLOGS!
  • me:that was corny. HAHA GET IT CORNY LIKE KELLOGS CORN FLAKES BAAAHAHAHA im so funnay :D
  • sahil:HAHAHAHA go choke on some rasin bran
  • me:-___________- IMMA PUNCH YOU YO FACE!!!
  • sahil:i would punch you back, but i'm against animal abuse.
  • me:...............ヽ(#`Д´)ノ SMACK

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5—A song that reminds you of someone

BIGBANG ft. 2NE1—Lollipop

this is me and playthistwice's #1 kpop jam. always and forever. :) every time i hear this i hear “kunyata messed up ya! girl won hey” hahahaha XD

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I heard Sandara & GD are back together?! Hahaha just kidding

hey!!! are you excited to see me in less than a month!!?!? 8DDDD is maggie going to be in town? honestly i’m not sure if i want to spend a whole day with her, but i think it would be kind of cool to catch up. :) we’re probably (well, i know i am) very different than when i was a sophmore HAHAHA XD but yeah. whats new, pumpkin stew?

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Its because you never talk to me on the phone, because you are super lame. But you're so so so sexy. Just kidding, you're so so so icky. YUCK. VOMITROTIOUS. hahaha JK! I LOVE YOU. Where is shuqi?


are you bipolar sir? hahahaha “I LOVE YOU where is shuqi?”

i rab yu teww :D

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1--Favorite song

this basically the same as kpop challenge since i only listen to asian music XD BUT IM DOIN’ IT FOR MAH MAN SAHILIO!

i don’t ever have one favorite. it’s always at least 5 at a time, and they switch out about every month and a half. XDDDDD

but as of right now—-

1. TEEN TOP—Supa Luv

2. Infinite—Paradise

3. Lee Min Ki— We are Not in Love

4. Jinwoon— Walking Towards Me


this time i was invited to be part of a special edition of the ‘sexy free and single’ music video…it was like an extravagant costume ball theme and basically like the ‘dance/drama ver.’ of the music video. it had a fancy stage where all the backups got together and danced the main chorus, and it was so weird XD

taemin theme was a monarch butterfly….and i think i was strawberries and cream…but we both posed as girls… we were supposed to sit at the long dining tables with the others and then go to the corner out of the camera’s way until the very end where we rushed up the fancy stairs in our long dresses and sang the very last part, but i kept missing my part XD and yeahh…

anyways! i’ll be back on here to update your lives with attractive korean boys soon \O/ today me and tumblr man playthistwice are going to the amusement park ahhhh! :D