playstation 3

My thoughts after having a PS3 for five days
  • I can see why achievements/trophies are such a big deal for people (though I’m still not going to go too far out of my way for them)
  • Uncharted was way more shooting and less platforming than I expected, which was disappointing. Especially since a lot of the shooting sections are padded like a pop warner football helmet. Overall, though, I thought it was a pretty fun adventure, and I was surprised to find some of the characters enjoyable. 
  • I am shocked at how cheap games can be if you’re willing to shop ($5 for Red Dead Redemption and $3 for God of War III? Come on.) I thought my days of getting games for that cheap would be over with the PS3, but I am glad to be proven wrong.
  • The first Modern Warfare game is an incoherent clusterfuck. I think the actual shooting mechanics feel good, when you get to use them, but you as a player are entirely unnecessary. The game just shouts at you to go places and you follow along, but everything you’re shouted at to do gets done automatically by other NPCs, so I don’t really know what purpose the player serves. There’s no context - you jump in and out of different characters and countries, seemingly at random, accomplishing nothing. I don’t get it.
  • Online features like multiplayer and friends and trophies and the like are pretty elegant and seamless, at least to me.
  • Only a few minutes in, God of War III is extremely good-looking, but is otherwise steadfastly (or stubbornly, depending on your perspective) exactly the same as previous installments.

The Last of Us’s excellent DLC, “Left Behind” is getting a standalone release May 12! This means you won’t have to purchase The Last of Us to play it. The standalone version of “Left Behind” will cost $9.99 on both PS3 and PS4. 

We were divided on the original release of The Last of Us. It was Jaylee’s top pick for 2013, while I had a lot of problems with it. We both loved Riley and Ellie’s story in “Left Behind,” though. If you also had reservations about The Last of Us, I hope you’ll check out this new standalone release. -Stacey