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FIX: With regards to the whole P.T being taken down on the 29th thing, if you havent got a ps4 or have a psn account you can make one via the Playstation website and download P.T to your download list which in turn will be left there for you to download in the future when you get a ps4 ( if you get one ). Also If your friend has a ps4 or someone you know maybe ask them to sign in for you and you can also download it that way too…. I hope this helps.

Retro Gaming: Joysticks & Controllers by  Yves-José Malgorn a Freelance Graphic Designer.

22 famous retrogaming joystcks and controllers,  from video game consoles : Atari Jaguar, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, Magnavox, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo N64, Nintendo Super Famicom, Nintendo Wii, Panasonic 3DO, Sega Master System, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, SNK Neo Geo, Sony Playstation, TurboGrafx-16, Microsoft xbox 360.


Gaming Nostalgia: Classic Commercials

Featuring Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Dragoon & Silent Hill.

I’ve dug up a few classic PSone, a PS2 & Gamecube commercials from some of my all time favorite games growing up. Enjoy!

EDIT: I’ve added in a few Gamecube & PS2 videos. Sorry about that.

I was planning on making a franchise video with one from each game, but then I changed my mind. I thought I added in all PS1 games, but I managed to sneak in a few from other consoles. Maybe next time this wont be so sloppy.


Rocket League is an impressive multiplayer-focused physics-based vehicle sports game, featuring fast paced arena based gameplay where you use rocket powered cars to play football (or soc-car).

It’s the spiritual successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a popular release on the PS3.  Rocket League ramps up the excitement and fun with shiny new visuals, better net code, car customisation, and faster gameplay.  

It’s a good looking game,  in which players take control of a variety of rocket powered cars, soaring through the air and preform saves, fun tricks, and score goals against rival teams.  Whether you call it soc-car or car ball, It looks set to be a fun mix of balls and acrobatic motorsports.

Sign Up for the Beta (Playstation 4)

Some LSD: Dream Emulator Tumblrs

I’ve found (and have already reblogged from) some more LSD: Dream Emulator-related Tumblrs recently, so I thought I’d just link to them in one big post. I haven’t gotten all of them on the Related Blogs page yet, but I’ll do that once I can get to my computer and am not stuck with my phone.

And then I found some old blogs that were active forever ago and that I somehow missed when they were actually posting content.

  • lsd-game-universe: screenshots
  • lsd-game: A Japanese blog that, from what I can tell after running it through Google Translate, is/was trying to compile as much information and analyses about LSD: Dream Emulator as possible.

Just as a reminder, if you have an LSD: Dream Emulator-specific blog (or any other LSD: DE content you might have), you can always submit the link to it here.