Captain America Stars Discuss Why The Ladies Should See The Film


In 2010, you quarreled on the field with Santos’s coach after he stopped you taking a penalty. Did that change you?

It was one of the worst moments of my life because I knew I was wrong. After the match I apologized to the coach. But what shook me most was arriving home and finding my mum crying. She said she watched it on TV and that wasn’t the son she had raised. I cried all night, I didn’t sleep. It made me grow into a man. I think that was my worst moment in football because it involved the whole family. My dad was ill then, in bed, and my mum said he’d always fought for me.


Is anyone else playing LINE Play? I downloaded it when they added the Sailor Moon Crystal stuff, and I’d love more fellow moonie players! I’d also love to trade Sailor Moon items so we could help each other out in completing the collection! I keep getting doubles from the gashapon machine and they’re not exactly cheap ;_; I currently have a second Sailor Moon Rosy Moon Aura (Rare) that I’m looking to trade.

My invite code is: BM-3025-2103! Invite away :)