Habs fan to do list, now that we made the playoffs:

1) Cut back on drinking, just in case a player needs a kidney
2) Get a Tomas Pleknec trampstamp
3) Conver to the religion of Carey Price
4) Send fruit basket to the parents of the players thanking them for the job well done
5) Eat a poutine
6) Start kickstarter to raise money and pay refs to like Gallagher
7) Photoshop the team with the cup
8)Clean your room (there will be no time whe the playoffs start)


Well…. 6-5 Final So to say it was close is an understatement. We ended up down 5-3 half way through the third. Yet managed to score 2 quick goals in just over 2:00 mins. With just 45 secs left they chipped the puck our pinching defenseman. He took off on a break away… Unfortunately it was their best player and beat our goalie up high. So that ends this season. Did pick up two assists tonight but not enough to put us over the top. Couple weeks til start of next season. Slackers in our other league didn’t get the money in on time so only one team for the spring session. Maybe better since I might find some other way to spend my free time… 😊