Playmodes x James George - BlueBeams (2012)

BlueBeams is a 12 laser lights and quadrophonic sound performance. Performed in Castillo San Jose, from Arrecife city in Lanzarote island, in January 2012. Presented on the VI Bienal de Arte, the project is a DIY open hardware and software project under development and this is the first result of a set of incoming experiments with such an audiovisual instrument. 

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Why You (그대는 왜)
  • Why You (그대는 왜)
  • Playmode (플레이모드)
  • Single "Why You (그대는 왜)"

Artist: Playmode (플레이모드)
Song: Why You (그대는 왜)
Album: Single “Why You (그대는 왜)”

With the weather getting chillier by the day, these types of ballads are the perfect thing to listen to. There’s not much decoration in this song - just the simple yet moving instrumental and raw Playmode.



light sound and laser based geometry


The Brilliant AWESOME Mapping Taüll 1123 ! :D


Mapping Taüll 1123


Playmodes @ Cau d'Orella 2013 @ Discos Paradiso.

Visuals and edit by me.

Visuals fetes per mi. També l'edició del vídeo.

Playmodes » Wargames

Wargames. Mapping decoration on Alba Sotorra’s video art exhibition. | Cal Massó | Reus (Spain) | 2012. Wargames it’s a video installation and documentary project by visual artists Alba Sotorra. Wargames is a reflexion about war in our

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