no more- showtunes sung by women who are done putting up with bullshit and have zero fucks to give

on monday - 35mm: a musical exhbition // enough - in the heights // over the moon - rent // dogfight - dogfight // bring it on - bring it on: the musical // you want to lose your only friend? - chess // i want the good times back - the little mermaid // fool - xanadu // could i leave you? - follies // the ladies who lunch - company // no more- see what i wanna see // climbing uphill - the last five years // this is not love- lizzie // lovesick - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // astonishing - little women: the musical //shine like the sun - 9 to 5: the musical // defying gravity - wicked //


Writing Playlist!

I’m working on a massive writing playlist and I need suggestions for music! I’m looking for song that match certain scenes, moods, characters, and genres.

If you have suggestions for songs, you can send them to me any way you want. Please include what you think the song would be fitting for, such as for a villain, a death scene, a mystery novel, betrayal, etc.

question mark for easy replies?

cute playlist idea = a to z playlist, one song title for each letter of the alphabet. try not to repeat artists & see if you can get a decent playlist goin’


ブルックリン最終出口 - THE NOVEMBERS
Snow white - BUCK-TICK
雨音はショパンの調べ - 櫻井 敦司
Space Oddity - Atsushi Sakurai
Akage No KellyThee Michelle Gun Elephant
Honey Vanity - Közi
抱きしめたい (live) - 櫻井 敦司
新月 - Atsushi Sakurai
Sadness ~I know the reason for her sadness~ - Malice Mizer
Cosmic Night - VANIRU
Drop - Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Glamorous Sky - Hyde
Promenade - Közi
見えないものを見ようとする誤解すべて誤解だ - BUCK-TICK

 And Those Who Did Not

 A bit of an epic playlist for the Battle of the Five Armies, what is worth fighting for, and how sometimes we lose the ones we love right before our eyes.

Place For Us - Mikky Ekko // Gone - James Newton Howard // Virgin - Manchester Orchestra // Monument - Royksopp & Robyn // Iron - Within Temptation // Magnetic - Jessie J // Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier // Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine // Glory and Gore - Lorde // House on a Hill - The Pretty Reckless // Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine // In My Remains - Linkin Park // My Last Breath - Evanescence // Devil May Cry - The Weeknd

I am more powerful than you understand, but trapped in a mortal flesh prison.

[listen here]

  • I’m God // Clams Casino
  • Body // Mother Mother
  • The Last Of Us Theme // Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Temple Grandin Too // Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Meet Ilia // Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST
  • Genesis // Grimes
  • Angel Of Small Death; The Codeine Scene // Hozier
  • Monster // Imagine Dragons
  • Awake O Sleeper // The Brother’s Bright
  • Swallowed In Sin // Those Poor Bastards
  • Princess Zelda Theme // Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time OST
  • Losing My Religion // Tori Amos
  • Leave My Body // Florence and the Machine
  • Alone // XXYYXX
  • Double Helix (Instrumental) // Death Grips
  • Plague // Crystal Castles 

Groupie Girl by flying-glove: A playlist for all of you who wish you had been groupies in the 1960s.

i. Let’s Spend The Night Together The Rolling Stones// ii. Wham Bam Thank You Mam Small Faces// iii. Foxey Lady The Jimi Hendrix Experience// iv. Time of the Season The Zombies// v. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) The Beatles// vi. Summer ‘68 Pink Floyd// vii. Cinnamon Girl Neil Young & Crazy Horse// viii. Rock Me Steppenwolf// ix. Hello, I Love You The Doors// x. One Night Stand Small Faces// xi. Stay Pink Floyd// xii. Rock and Roll The Velvet Underground


midnight city. ; a playlist for those late nights you spend messing around with your friends.

"Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life."


Warrior Queen [listen on 8tracks]:

Protectors of the Earth - Two Steps From Hell, The Courage Within - Armen Hambar, Immortals - Audiomachine, Waking Up - M83, Archangel - Two Steps From Hell, Sky Fight - Trevor Morriss, Zephyrus - Jo Blakenburg, Freedom Fighters - Two Steps From Hell, Anthem of the World - Armen Hambar, Cornered - Greg Edmonson, Building a Bridge - Joseph LoDuca, Spartacus - Joseph LoDuca, The Chosen Ones - Future World Music, Pacific Rim - Ramin Djawadi, Different Sword - Joseph LoDuca, Death Mix - Audiomachine, Brothers Fight - Patrick Doyle, Just a Memory - Ramin Djawadi, Iron Man Battle - Brian Tyler, The Dark Knight Rises - Hans Zimmer

I am currently writing this week’s Mythology Mondays, which is the Naming of Athens, as voted for by at least 10 people. Maybe even 11. Not quite 12, anyway.

Firstly, it’s very important to me that you know that I’ve created a ‘Trash Talk’ playlist just to accompany this myth, which includes such classics as ‘Hollaback Girl’.

Secondly, it’s equally important to me that you know that you too can vote on weekly myth retellings over on the Facebook page, so you can go and look at that if you’re so inclined. You have almost nothing to lose by doing so; I’m a benevolent sort of god and I hardly ever impregnate my followers in the guise of a swan, apart from that one time.