exo love me right teaser
  • expectation:a bunch of tiny dummies & a few giant ones running on the field in exaggeratedly huge football uniforms. they're drowning in them. pls free them
  • reality:modern french avant-garde cinema aesthetic. twilight-saga like coloring. tvs and radios scattered on the ground in the forest. jongin is playing golf with a baseball bat. everyone's sad because they're not loved right
Some good things about season 10:

There was a musical about Supernatural at an all girls school

The girls who played Dean and Cas were dating

They sang Carry On Wayward Son lullaby to Sam and Dean

Jody and Donna met and were adorable

Claire Novak
Claire didn’t trust Castiel at first. She thought he was a monster for killing her real dad.

But then Castiel became like a dad to Claire. She even gave him a hug and asked Dean to watch out for him!

Castiel went shopping with Dean at Hot Topical. He bought a grumpy cat for Claire’s birthday. She acted like she didn’t like it…but she kept it.

Claire and Dean played mini golf

Claire went to stay with Jody and Alex (Jody adopting all the wayward teenage girls <3 )

Jimmy and Amelia Novak reunited in heaven

Charlie and Castiel met. Cas smiled. They hugged. They were besties. THEY ARE STILL BESTIES *cries*

So so…basically all the side characters. And Cas. They were great.

jognin u cant play golf with a baseball bat. joonmyeon didnt bring u to socialize with his country club companions for u to just disregard those golf lessons like this. i understand teenagers like to rebel against their parents, but how could u after all hes done 4 u?

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niall is so lucky! i want to chill with louis and 5h tf is niall doing that i ain't.

tbh i dont even know all he does is tweet about derby and play golf


Well I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is coming soon to Nintendo consoles.

I don’t know why they’re keeping this series going to be honest. Does it really sell that well, because I haven’t really heard that many people geeking out about it.

And yes people, the Nintendo 3DS version will include Golf. We’re getting “Sonic Golf” of all things (Sonic playing golf, that just doesn’t sound right).

Oh well, it’s bound to be better than Rise of Lyric at least (though that isn’t saying much).

Thankful for friends who take pretty pictures with me in them. And thankful for new friends to play disc golf with, even if I do really stink at it. 🙈😂


also from Adam Ellis’s vine account, this time joel.