Sneaky GM/DM tricks

On the heels of Deo’s post, sometimes at my table I will pause the action. I’ll ask a player who in the middle of a do-or-die planning session to hold their thought. Then I’ll loudly roll a die behind my screen, look at it puzzlingly and then at a different player for a second or two with the same puzzled face, and then ask the original player to continue.

Usually the rolls mean nothing.

- Mo!

About a year ago I made a post that said the same thing except it being about boys. I was thinking, and I decided to make one about girls too. I mean, a lot of girls aren’t perfect either and hurt a lot of people just like some boys do, in fact I’ve had many nice guy friends who have been played by girls and crushed by girls, guys are not the only ones who can be players. And to those girls, I hope your future sons don’t run into someone like you in the future.


conversation between Jo & Jordan, probably.