The Pinball Wizard Arcade, Video Games (Part 4): Nintendo

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Donkey Kong

The classic itself. I never actually liked this game, but the cabinet art is neat, and I still felt compelled to at least play to this part:


Seeing this machine reminded me that, aside from Donkey Kong, a lot of people aren’t aware that Nintendo made arcade games. I actually prefer the console version with the slightly different viewpoint, as the wireframe guy just seems weird in a boxing ring.


I find the idea of playing NES games on an arcade machine interesting. The selection here is pretty solid, but I can play most of these titles easily enough at home, and the others just aren’t that fun.

Nintendo Super System

Similar to the PlayChoice-10, except for the SNES. Some pretty solid choices, but I was put-off by the weird faux-gamepads. Also, judging depth in Super Tennis is harder than it looks.

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Castlevania Miscellaneous: Playchoice and Vs.

Speaking of remakes and re-releases, Castlevania has had more than its fair share of obscure platform ports. I won’t be giving most of these games a full on review as they tend to fall in one of three categories:

  1. There’s not enough changes from the original game to actually make a playthrough a worthy time investment.
  2. The game’s are so obscure and hard to find that playing it is next to impossible (this covers mostly cell phone games from 5 or so years ago).
  3. The port is of such piss poor quality, that playing it is more of a joke than actual fruitful endeavor.

So for these games, I won’t be sticking them in my normal chronological review list, but I’ll throw in a post detailing them in groups for those curious. Once again my list is self researched as I’m just unable to find a definitive list of releases anywhere, so if you see something I missed, by all means, let me know. Today, we’ll be talking about the arcade ports of Castlevania 1, VS. and Playchoice 10.

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My first Playchoice 10

Last year I fancied an arcade machine. I have no idea why, I think its just progression of the hobby, you start small and go bigger! So I was searching on ebay and nothing took my fancy, I had no idea what I was looking for. So I searched ‘Nintendo Arcade’ and saw a Nintendo Playerschoice 10 for sale. I did a quick search and I was introduced to the Playchoice 10, and that’s when it all started.

For those who aren’t sure what a Playchoice 10 is, this is a short description from Wikipedia:

PlayChoice-10 is an arcade machine which can consist of as many as 10 different games previously available only on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home console. The games for this system are in the modular form of circuit boards which are plugged into one of the ten open slots on the PlayChoice-10’s motherboard.

The Playchoice 10 had 54 games available. Which I will get onto in a bit more detail on later posts.

So I contacted the seller and asked about the machine, he told me he has another machine and this one needs to go. So we came to a deal and he delivered it to me. Here is the machine:

The cabs in good condition, it plays fine. The sides are yellowed and have started to crack around the edges, but its my first one, I dont care! Players Choice was a spin off from Playchoice. Brent Leisure and Electrocoin had the licence to produce Playchoice 10 arcade machines in the UK. Players Choice was an exclusive development by Brent Leisure.

I own three Playchoice machines and one Megatech. In 18 months I have acquired four machines! I will tell you about the other machines another time.